Dean Answers Questions About Thailand Hotels

Chris asks…

Looking for cheap but respectable hotels in Thailand, any suggestions?

Probably two of three nights in Bangkok, then out to the islands to sun soak, and catch any other outstanding sights.

Dean answers:

What does cheap mean? Is it 300 baht or is it only 3000 baht (much cheaper than Tokyo, New York or Singapore.) Always give a value to what you think is cheap.

If you are a kid or very young stay in the Khao San Road area with the other kids.

If you are slightly older or mature maybe a hotel in the Sukhumvit Road area or the Pratunam area will do. In the Sukhumvit Road area you can also use the Skytrain. If you are slightly older and interested in shopping the Pratunam area may be an area to check up on.

Do read up on Bangkok and know what area of the city you want a hotel in. A hotel “somewhere” on the outskirts of Bangkok will end up costing more in taxi rides than a better and more expensive hotel in other areas. Even if you are a male or female, older or younger or a couple also affects the suggestions you get!

Same for the “islands” have a definite destination in mind for your hotel and a definite price range!

Sample hotel prices for Khao San Road and Sukhumvit Road.


Use these travel forums for specific questions. For hotels mention a price range and where you need the hotel. Pay particular attention to currency, local transportation in the city and from the airport.


Happy New Year.

James asks…

What is the best Thailand Hotels online booking for 24 hrs. services?

Including hotels,day trip,health ckeckup and golf

Dean answers:

I would say or both have their fingers on the pulse and are very good. Used both of them.

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Ken asks…

Any one who knows about really cheap hotels, plane tickets and girls in Thailand and Indonesia?

I want to know aboiut cheap air tickets, hotels and girls in Thailand and Indonesia.

Dean answers:

If u are flying domestic in Thailand its air Asia,tickets are really cheap sometimes free.if you are travel ling in South Thailand ,then go to hatyai or danuk or betong.the chicks here are cheap.u can have them for usd 40.00 and u get to keep them for 24 hours.hotel will be around usd 10 to 15 per night.3 Indonesia only place u can find cheap girls will be in tanjong balai karimun.their service is the best i have come across.usd 20 for 24 hours booking.hotel will be 15 us per way to travel is take airasia from hatyai head straight to johor baru,Malaysia.from jb take ferry(usd 20) round trip to tanjong balai.the girls here are only 17 year old.try bintan and batam also good,but slightly higher.

Richard asks…

Has anyone used for Thailand hotels?

Just wondering if anyone has used priceline for thailand hotels?? If so…i was planning using trying it the next few months for my Jan. thailand vacation. 3 nights in bangkok and 7 nights in phuket…patong area… If anyone has had any luck..please let me know what hotel you got at was star rating….
thanks in advance

Dean answers:

If I where you I wouldn’t book any hotel from priceline or anywhere. Wait until you get into Thailand. In Bangkok & Phuket there is travel agenicies everywhere. They can book hotels and flights to anywhere in Southeast Asia for alot cheaper than you can get online. I know if this is your first time to Thailand that this can be scary but please trust me when you get there you will see exactly what I’m talking about. Plus most of the time you can bargin with them to get the most out of your money.

Daniel asks…

Which is the high season in thailand,malaysia and singapore when hotels charge a bomb and which i should avoid?

As mentioned earlier, I am on a budget. The rainy season is definitely out.Thanks everybody.

Dean answers:

High season means the hotel prices will be at the highest level; for Thailand that will be roughly from late November to around March. With the prices either escalating closer to Christmas/New Years holidays and gradually falling after the middle of January. From the end of November to the middle of January you may also find that airfares are also higher priced from many Western countries. For Singapore you can probably include the Chinese New Year too. Some places never change their prices all year long. Expensive posh places raise the prices most and cheaper hotels raise their prices least.

You immediately “definitely” rule out visiting Thailand during the rainy season! You may not realize that even during the rainy season and hot season millions of tourists still show up. Just because it is the “rainy season” doesn’t mean that you will not find any sunshine. Often during the rainy season you may have rain in some areas for a couple hours and then sunshine the rest of the day. Sometimes the rain falls during the night when you are sleeping. This is the time when hotels are at the cheapest rates with good deals. Fewer tourists to get in your way too!

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