Why We Love Hot Asian Women

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These days, more Western guys than ever seem to be interested in hot Asian women. Millions of guys are joining Asian dating sites, hoping to meet and fall in love with the beautiful Asian girl of their dreams. Others are taking the plunge and traveling to exotic Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Thailand, to go directly to “the source” and seek out Asian women for love and marriage.

One of the reasons why Western men are so fascinated by Asian women is because they’ve been told that the attraction is mutual — that beautiful Asian women desire foreign boyfriends and husbands. But is this true? Are Asian women naturally interested in Western men, and does this make getting an Asian girlfriend rather easy?

The short answer is that yes, many Asian women would prefer to be dating a Westerner — and I’ll give you some reasons why. Just keep in mind that Asian women don’t necessarily have any of these preferences. They might simply be looking for a loving man to share their life with, regardless of his ethnicity. I have found, however, that most Asian women do have at least one of the following preferences…

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Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

asian datingMany Asian women like Western guys because they’re bigger and more physically masculine. I’m not saying this makes us “superior” to Asian men in any way, but it’s a fact that Western men are, on average, significantly taller, larger and stronger than Asian men. We also have hairy bodies, while Asian men have very little body hair. Western women see these qualities as signs of masculinity and virility. Many Asian women feel the same way once they’ve dated a Western guy; they love the feeling of being held and protected by a strong man (and they love playing with our chest hair, too). Of course, this is also a reason why Western guys love dating Asian women.

Because Asian women tend to be very petite, you certainly don’t need to be over six feet tall and have bulging muscles to feel like a “big man.” Even a regular-sized Western guy feels big when he walks around in Asia (which is yet another reason why we love dating Asian women. They make us feel like MEN!)

Note: In the Philippines, if you’ve got a belly a lot of Asian girls won’t hold it against you. They actually like it! It’s a sign that you’ve got money and can afford to keep yourself well-fed. Filipino guys hanging around on the street will often hike up their tee-shirts and show off their protruding bellies, to show off the fact that they’re “healthy” and well-fed.

hot asian women

Western guys have a “movie star quality.” Hollywood movies are hugely popular in Asia. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are practically as well-known overseas as they are in the United States. If you’re a relatively good-looking white guy, you’ve got a certain built-in appeal because women in Asia associate your “look” with the actors they enjoy watching. (Obviously there are handsome black movie stars as well, but the actors I just mentioned are the ones that are especially popular in Asia.)

By the way, I’ve noticed that Japanese women seem particularly interested in black guys. I think it’s for a few reasons. One, the girls have all heard how “well endowed” black guys are, and are curious about it. Second, many African-American rappers and athletes are heroes to young Japanese people. Just by being black, you are “cool” in their estimation—and if you have a bit of “bad boy” swagger, even better. The girls love it. While there are tons of young Japanese guys strolling around in hip-hop fashions and trying to act “black,” they have to respect the real thing!

I should also note that while black men have a ton of options for women in the Philippines, they will encounter Filipinas who only want to hook up with light-skinned men—because they want to have light-skinned children. This isn’t because they’re prejudiced against black people. It’s because in the Filipino culture, dark skin is an indicator of poverty and low social status. Light skin is symbolic of higher status, wealth and beauty. So, a girl from a low-status family probably won’t care whether you are white or black—but a high-status girl with light skin is probably not going to want dark babies. Of course, there are exceptions. I’m just letting you know how it usually is. This is a reality of dating Asian women.

Western men are less chauvinistic. Some Asian women feel limited by the confines of their culture and by the expectations that Asian men have of them. A modern, educated Asian woman who wants to pursue her own career and interests may not have those opportunities where she comes from. Certainly, not all Asian women in today’s world want to play the role of the stay-at-home wife. If she believes that Western men are more understanding of women who want to be independent and pursue careers, she’s going to want to be with this type of man.

Western guys don’t believe in “arranged” marriages. In many Asian cultures, arranged marriages are still common. Basically, her parents get together with an Asian guy’s parents and they decide that their kids are going to be married for the good of both families. Romance doesn’t enter into it; it’s more like a business decision. But a lot of Asian women are looking for true love and romance, and they’ve seen enough Hollywood movies to know that Western guys are looking for the same type of thing. Keep this in mind when dating Asian women.

They yearn for romance, excitement and adventure. The future can look dull and bleak for an Asian woman who hasn’t managed to land a husband by her mid-twenties. By the age of 25 a single Asian woman is considered “over the hill!” It becomes a lot more difficult for her to find a husband in her own culture if she is divorced, widowed or has a child, since Asian men see these women as “damaged goods.” She fears growing old alone and is probably stuck in a dead-end job.

These women, who aren’t considered “perfect prospects” by Asian men, can be some of the best possibilities for a Western guy. She will be absolutely thrilled to meet a nice, stable foreign man who can offer her happiness, romance and a break from her monotonous routine (work, go home to her parents, sleep). Also, these women are far less likely to play games with you or give you the run-around. If you’re willing to commit to them, they will commit to you fully and passionately. This alone is one of the great benefits of dating Asian women.

She might want to emigrate to a Western country. Virtually every Asian woman who is trying to meet guys online is hoping to find a husband who will take her out of her country. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s only looking for some guy who can get her a Green Card. But, building a new life in another country will definitely high on her list of goals. You should be aware of this if you’re dating Asian women from a third-world country.

Her perceptions of what life is like in the West may be naive, based on what she’s seen on TV and in the movies. (Obviously, we don’t all live in sunny California in a big house with a front lawn.) But if she comes from a poor province in the Philippines or China, she knows that moving anywhere in the West will give her a better lifestyle and a chance to help her family. Or, she may have a college degree or a career—such as nursing—that will earn her much more money in a Western country.

She wants to be a member of Western society. Many Asian women of this generation are addicted to Western-style foods, fashion and pop culture (movies, music, etc). The traditions and attitudes of their own country may seem “stuffy” compared to the independent, free-spirited lifestyle that Westerners seem to have. If she comes from a communist country, she may desire to live in a society that encourages people to think for themselves.

She wants to have kids with Caucasian physical features. This a big motivator for a lot of Asian women. They consider light complexions to be especially beautiful. Filipinas, in particular, often have a strong desire to have a “half-half” baby (meaning, half Caucasian and half Filipino).

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Understanding The Culture Of Asian Women

dating Asian womenAsian cultures have a lot of unique customs which you need to be aware of. Following these customs will earn you points, and help you to avoid making mistakes that will embarrass you—and your sweetheart.

• Before entering her home, or her family’s home, find out whether you should remove your shoes. If there are a bunch of shoes lined up by the front door, then you’ll know that you are expected to remove yours. So make sure you’re wearing a clean pair of socks!

• Don’t hug or kiss the cheeks of her family members when you first meet them. Shake their hands and give a slight bow of your head.

• With Japanese and Korean people, use both hands when handing an object or receiving it.

• In the Philippines, the word “kuya” is a respectful term to use with men. Basically, it means “brother.” You can call any Filipino male “kuya” and it will be treated as a sign of respect. (If a Filipina girl refers to a guy she knows as her “kuya,” then you know she’s not sexually interested in him. It means she regards him only as a friend.) Meanwhile, older women are respectfully referred to as “ate” (pronounced a-tay). This is the term you would use when talking to your girl’s mother or other older relatives.

• With Vietnamese people, when you are greeting individuals in a group, always greet older people or those in authority first.

• When sitting down to eat, it’s disrespectful to pick up your chopsticks before the older people have done so.

• When having Miso soup (a staple of meals in Japan and China), don’t use a spoon to drink it. Drink it straight from the bowl like everyone else—and don’t worry about making slurping noises, because this means you are enjoying it.

• In Thailand, the head is considered to be the most sacred part of the body. It is very rude to touch a person on the top of their head (never pat any Thai person on top of their head—even a child). And they consider the feet to be the least sacred part of the body, which means you should never point your foot at a Thai person. Thais usually sit on the floor with their feet tucked under their bodies behind them.

In general, you should avoid touching Thai people who you aren’t familiar with, since it’s considered an invasion of their personal space. They don’t shake hands; they greet each other with a quick “wai.” This gesture means placing your hands together, as if praying, with your head lowered towards them in a slight bow.

Social status among Thais is indicated by the height of your wai and depth of your bow. Inferiors initiate the wai, while superiors return the wai with a smile. As a rule of thumb, you should refrain from giving wais unless it’s someone that obviously deserves it (such as a person much older than you). Don’t be a stereotypical “dumb foreigner” and go around giving wais to waitresses and women you just met. The Thais will smile at you, but behind that smile they’re thinking that you’re a jackass.

• If you’re taking an Asian girl out on a date, be sure to have some first date questions ready to ask her. Don’t expect her to lead the conversation. This will be your job.

Asian Dating Tip: Learn About Feng Shui

Here’s another cool aspect of Asian culture that you should know about, in order to better understand Asian women. Feng Shui, invented thousands of years ago by the Chinese, is the art of arranging objects in a way that supposedly creates a harmonious “energy flow.” The basic idea behind Feng Shui is that the way we feel and act is dictated in large part by the environment which surrounds us. Objects contain either negative or positive energy, and by learning how to properly organize what surrounds us, we can improve our lives and health.

Many Asians believe this is very important for living a healthy and prosperous life, as the proper Feng Shui will avoid or block negative energies which would otherwise be harmful.

Today, Feng Shui has become trendy among some Westerners, who hire special interior decorators to ensure that their homes or offices are arranged in a way that will supposedly improve their health and happiness and maximize their earning potential. Although this may sound to you like a bunch of “New Age” nonsense, many Asian women are familiar with this practice and will note the symbolism of the way certain objects in your home are placed.

Here are some Feng Shui tips which you can work into your home décor. Following these simple rules will not only make Asian women feel more comfortable and compatible with you. The subject of Feng Shui, and your interest in it, also provides a great topic for you to talk to her about—and shows her that you are a person who cares about yourself and maintaining a healthy, harmonious, successful lifestyle.

• First of all, clear out the clutter. It goes without saying that Asian women like a clean, orderly household. Plus, Feng Shui dictates that the Goddesses of Love will not enter a dirty home. (If you bring an Asian girl home to a messy, unorganized house, it’s going to be hard for her to see you as “boyfriend material.”)

• Never keep any dead flowers around the house. This is a sign that you don’t care about relationships. If you want to step up your game, always keep some fresh flowers in a vase in your living room. (Feng Shui or not, this is a classy move.)

• Don’t have any dripping faucets or a leaky toilet. This symbolizes your money and prosperity being drained away.

• Pictures of your family should be placed on your East wall. This means that you respect your elders and relatives and wish long life and happiness for them. (If you’re willing to go all the way with Feng Shui, you literally need to use a compass to figure out where to place things. Aside from that, my advice on this is that you should hang pictures on your walls of friends and family—but they should always show you in a positive, healthy state of mind. Pictures of you engaged in a physical activity are best. No pictures of you drunk, hoisting beers with your buddy at the bar.)

• Buy an aquarium. This means that you want all the bad luck to hit the fish and not the members of your family or your loved ones. Plus, aquariums make an amazing conversational topic—and a reason for you to bring girls back to your place. (You tell the girl you met at the bar, “You’ve got to see this new fish I bought, I call him ‘King Kong’ because he’s way bigger than the other fish…but he’s super shy. It’s really cute actually, he actually swims away and hides when the little tiny fish pick on him….you’ve got to see him…”) This stuff works amazingly well when you need to create a reason to bring a girl back to your pad.

• Light up the southwest corners of your house with red lamps or lava lamps. This is a sign that your heart is open to love.

• Keep a small fountain somewhere in your home. This shows that you are welcoming a greater flow of love and money into your life.

• Also keep a “prosperity frog” by your front door, facing into your home. This is a small three-legged frog made out of brass, jade or some other material with a Chinese coin in its mouth. It’s supposed to bring you good luck, prosperity and longevity.

If your city or town has a “Chinatown” district or an area with many Asian shops and restaurants, it should be easy for you to find these items. They’re inexpensive; most Asian households have them.

The Feng Shui inside your bedroom is particularly important if you want to set the mood for relaxation…and romance. (Some Asian women arrange their bedrooms a certain way to improve their love lives and their chances of getting pregnant!)

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Here are some tips on turning your bedroom into a “love chamber” that Asian women will hopefully want to spend many nights in…

• Don’t keep a TV, computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom. This supposedly kills the “positive energy.” (Removing these distractions also forces the two of you to focus on each other, which is always a good thing. When you bring her to the bedroom, there shouldn’t be any need for you to watch TV together…it’s time to close the deal.)

• The quality of air in your bedroom should always be clean and fresh. Open your windows regularly, or use an air purifier. Keeping plants in your bedroom is not good feng shui, unless your bedroom is fairly large and the plants are located far from the bed.

• According to the teachings of Feng Shui, light is the most important nutrient and a powerful manifestation of energy. Your home should be well-lit and you should allow as much natural light in through the windows as possible. But when it’s time for romance, you should have your lights on a dimmer so that you can control the brightness. And once you are with her in your bedroom, the best move is to forget the lights and use candles: have two pink or red candles side-by-side on the table next to your bed. Light ‘em, chill with her on your bed, and enjoy what comes next.

• Hang up some imagery or artwork representing lovers. (Tasteful imagery, nothing pornographic!) Other good imagery: anything that includes ducks, doves or swans.

• Use soothing colors. The best feng shui colors for the bedroom are considered the so-called “skin colors,” which range from pale white to rich browns. Choose colors within this range when you select your bedroom décor.

It’s not necessary for you to practice Feng Shui, although you may find that by making some of these adjustments to your home, it will begin to feel like a more peaceful environment. If you’re a messy person by nature, this also gives you a good reason to clean up your pad (and keep it clean), and put some more thoughts into your decor.

Even if you think Feng Shui is a bunch of nonsense, it’s still critical for you to maintain a clean, organized home that women will feel welcome in. But practicing some very basic Feng Shui elements will give you some very cool things to talk about with girls who visit your home, and show them that you’re a guy who cares about health, happiness and success. And that earns you huge points with Asian women!

How to Date Asian Women

dating asian womenDuring your first date, you should always be on your very best behaviour. Do not bring your bad habits with you on your first date! If you are fond of picking your nose, smoking or burping, you have to stop it immediately. Most Asian women are turn off with these kinds of odd behaviour during your first date.

It is a must to talk about interesting subjects such as work or anything that you have in common. On your first date, you should avoid discussing controversial topics such as sex or talking about your ex-girlfriend. Since you are dating someone from different culture, you should not talk down to her about her culture and traditions.

More often you would hear the advice just to be yourself during your first date. But this should not be the case, you should be your best self during the first date. Show that you are really interested in her because a lot of Asian women complain about guys who do not really listen to them. Pay attention to your date and stop looking around for other women.

Asian women love to be treated like a lady in the old-fashioned movies. Most Asian women were raised in conservative environment, women are fragile and delicate and they are supposed to be treated with care. When you go out, make sure that you open the door for her. While walking together, guys should walk outside the pavement to protect her. Of course, guys are expected to pay for her dinner, be a gentleman but do not be a doormat.

Since you are the one who asked her for a date, make sure that you have everything planned. You need to be specific on what are you going to do for the night. Do not just tell her to choose what she wants to do. Asian women have high expectations of the date and they are used to having guys lead them. Make sure that you arrive on time too! Asian women are turned off with guys who show up late for a date. If something untoward happen like you were stuck in traffic jam, call her up to inform her about it.

On your first date, make sure that you meet her either at her work place or at her home. Although she many not feel comfortable about it, this will make her feel special. As much as possible keep the date simple and fun. Do not overly plan your date, because it might turn out that you do not really like her or you are pressuring yourself too much just to impress her.

During the date, you can show her that you are interested in her culture. Avoid saying something about her culture that may offend her. You would truly impress your date by learning few phrases in local language. It will give her the impression that you are very much willing to learn more about her culture and she would appreciate your effort in learning the local language.

Most Asian women are conservative, so do not attempt to end your date with a good night kiss. Do not force her to kiss you. You can read through her body language whether she is up for a good night kiss or not. But just be aware that in most Asian culture, kissing in public is a taboo. She may really want to give you a kiss but she is just not comfortable in doing it in public. So the best thing to do is to give her a kiss as soon as you drop her at her place.

For more tips on dating Asian girls, check out this video:

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