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Learn about the women of Asia and the different Asian countries and cultures.

Dean Answers Questions About Vietnamese Translation

Chris asks… VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION? có m?t l?n m?t cô bé mà không bi?t tình yêu là, cho ??n khi m?t c?u bé ?ã phá v? trái tim what does that mean ? if ti doesnt make sense i was trying to get there was once a little girl who didnt know what love was, till a boy broke her heart…

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Dean Answers Questions About Singapore Sling

Donald asks… What is the definative recipe for a Singapore Sling? I was a bartender, and I know there are many variations on this-which one is the best? Dean answers: This one’s pretty good: Mark asks… how do u make these two drinks. a surfer on acid and a singapore sling…please help? I need the recipe for a drink…

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Did You Know This About Asian Dating Service?

Charles asks… Do you agree with this? ” women are far less open to dating men of other races than vice versa.”? I found 2 websites taht did research and agree women are less open minded about dating men of other races “Overall, women of most races preferred to meet men of their own race. Most Caucasian women wanted…

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Did You Know This About Hot Or Not?

Charles asks… Does he like me or not? Okay so theres a kid in my class soooo hot and i think he like me but im not sure. these are the things he does to me. -always asks to listen to my ipod and asks if ill sing along with him to the song – always stares at me –…

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