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Learn about the women of Asia and the different Asian countries and cultures.

Did You Know This About Honey Jokes?

Mark asks… what kind of jokes we can make during a breakfirst honey moon ? Dean answers: Tell them they where awful last night Paul asks… Honey i shrunk the kids french class joke? In the disney film “Honey i shrunk the kids” i do not get the joke when Nick asks Russ where he learned artificial respiration after he…

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Did You Know This About Pattaya Beach?

Steven asks… Pullman Pattaya Aisawan in Wong Amat Beach pattaya or Jomtien beach? we are a married couple going to Thailand for the first time in january.. We dont want the seedy parts of Pattaya so we were thinking of going to one of these two areas,, but not sure which.. they both seem quieter than Pattaya.. we like to…

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Did You Know This About Honey Jones?

Mark asks… In which movie did Indiana Jones say, “It’s not the years, Honey. It’s the mileage.”? Also which scene? I found this quote online and all references pointed to Raiders of the Lost Ark. But I can’t remember the quote and I can’t find it anywhere in the movie! Dean answers: Movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark Scene…

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Dean Answers Questions About Japanese Names

Steven asks… What are some good Japanese names and what are their meanings? I write stories and I need some names, both male and female, for a few characters… So does anyone know some good Japanese names and meanings? Dean answers: Girls’ names: Manami ?? ??= love ? = beauty Akiko ???or ?? ???= bright child ?? = autumn child…

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