Dean Answers Questions About Japanese Names

Steven asks…

What are some good Japanese names and what are their meanings?

I write stories and I need some names, both male and female, for a few characters… So does anyone know some good Japanese names and meanings?

Dean answers:

Girls’ names:
Manami ??
??= love
? = beauty

Akiko ???or ??
???= bright child
?? = autumn child

2) Boys’ names
Takeshi ??or ??or ??
??= fighter
? = healthy (boy)
?? = strong like bamboo

You can mail me and tell me the idea which you have about the character of your story, and I can give you a good name. I can also ask my wife who is Japanese.

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Joseph asks…

What’s the difference between these two Japanese names?

I’m trying to think of a name for my fan character for an Inuyasha story and I can’t tell the difference between Tsuki kara himura and Tsuki t? hi? Does anyone know what they both mean because I’m still learning about japanese words, phrases and names and I’m having some difficulty.

Dean answers:

Japanese people don’t have middle names, so you might want to change your names a little.

It’s hard to tell you the meanings without knowing the kanji. However, I’ll try my best.

Tsuki means moon or month.

Kara could mean a few things. Husk, emptiness, because…

After some googling, I found some info on the name “Himura”. However, I’m not familiar with the kanji used. One site says that it means “scarlet”. Another said that it means “non-village”.

Tou could mean a few things as well. Tower, sickle, steal, etc (as in, it means etc, not that there are more. But there also are more… >.>).

Hi has a ton of meanings as well. It could mean ice, fire, sun, day, light, or spoon. If it’s the same kanji used in “Himura”, then it’s a shade of red.

So…yeah. Knowing the kanji would really help figure out what the names mean…

Mark asks…

What Are Some Female Japanese Names and Their Meanings?

Please list for me some female Japanese names and their meanings. Also list for me some surnames (last names). Or even some sites where these female Japanese names came be located. Thanks! <

Dean answers:

Amaya – night rain
Hatsumi – firstborn beauty
Kikyo – bellflower
Misaki – beautiful bloom
Emiko – smiling child
Mayumi – true intent beauty
Meghumi -blessing
Natsumi- summer beauty
Sakura – cherry blossom
Shika – gentle deer
Sora – sky
Susumu – progressing
Tomoko – friendly/ wise child
Yuri – lily
Ukiko – snow
Chibusa- little
Sukino – moon


David asks…

what is the meaning of the Japanese names for Koi?

Are all the different japanese names for the varieties of Koi simply to do with the colour? And why are some SOOOO expensive and others relatively cheap?
(I’m just buying some for my new pond and was very curous)

Dean answers:

There are names for the different colors. Here are a few websites with a list: ,

If you want to see diagrams of the fish:

or photos (and articles):

The prices are based on the color/pattern, and the lineage of the fish. So think of these as a certain breed of dog – you can get one from a local “puppy mill” or buy one from a professional breeder using AKC registered parents with championship bloodlines. See the difference?

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George asks…

Does a manga have to be set in japan and or have japanese names for the characters?

I’m drafting a manga and pretty much have everything set, but the character and location names are not all japanese, most are american. And I want to know if they have to be japanese.

Dean answers:

Nope. I’ve read a few mangas that are set in America and have American characters. As long as it’s in a manga-ish style, you’re good to go.

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