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Dean Answers Questions About Philippines Map

George asks… Where can I find a digital geological map of the philippines or southeast asia? Geological maps show underground rock formations such as shale etc. Hydrogeological maps will also do Thanks in advance. Dean answers: TRY THE GOVT . MAPPING AGENCY AT FORT BONIFACIO..THE NATIONAL MAPPING RSEARCH INSTITUTE AGENCY=NAMRIA…IM NOT SURE IF THEY HAVE DIGITAL GEOLOGICAL MAP… David asks……

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Dean Answers Questions About Thailand Hotels

Chris asks… Looking for cheap but respectable hotels in Thailand, any suggestions? Probably two of three nights in Bangkok, then out to the islands to sun soak, and catch any other outstanding sights. Dean answers: What does cheap mean? Is it 300 baht or is it only 3000 baht (much cheaper than Tokyo, New York or Singapore.) Always give a…

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Dean Answers Questions About Japanese Translator

David asks… If I want to become a japanese translator what do I need to do? Besides learning the language of course. I’d like to learn Japanese and then use it as a translator while I live in Japan. Dean answers: Learn the culture and customs along with the language….japanese history is extremely interesting and you will be suprised to…

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Did You Know This About Thailand Map?

Steven asks… Where can i find map of Thailand for gps mio c320? Dean answers: Contact Mio company, they have a C320b model with Thai maps, so maybe you could get it from them and load it in your system. William asks… Where is thailand located on the map? Dean answers: Asia, just above Malaysia, right of India and left…

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