Where to Meet Asian Women

sexy japanese girlYou usually won’t need to go far to find pretty women. In fact, these girls have hangout spots in your town or city that you probably weren’t aware of—or that you never considered as a places to go and pick up women.

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Think “outside the box.” The reality is that most Asian women in your area aren’t partying at the bars and nightclubs. They’re too busy with their jobs or studies, or they live with their families and don’t get the opportunity to go to those types of places. But if you’re willing to get off the couch and spend some time at the locations on this list, I guarantee you will find tons of cute, single Asian women who you would have otherwise never had the opportunity to meet.

Plus, one of the advantages of meeting Asian women in these environments is that their guard isn’t up, the way it would be if they were at a bar or nightclub—where they assume that any guy who approaches them is trying to hit on them.

You may find it a lot easier to use the tactics on how to start a conversation with women in these places, because you’ll seem like a nice, friendly dude who doesn’t have an agenda.

Art Galleries and Festivals. Check your local newspapers and publications for announcements about events featuring Asian artists or crafts. Not only are these good places to meet women, but it’s also an opportunity for you to pick up some items that will improve your home décor. (Just remember not to purchase any items that include sayings in an Asian language, unless you find out exactly what the words mean!)

Asian Supermarkets. These days, most towns and cities in America have significant Asian populations, and there are Asian supermarkets that cater to their dietary needs. I’ve wound up dating several Asian girls that I met in these places. Usually, I’ll grab an item off the shelf and ask a girl for her help in translating the ingredients. I’ll tell her that I’m going to a birthday party for an Asian friend of mine, and I want to try to prepare a dish to bring. (The more clueless I seem about how to cook Asian food, the more amused and helpful the girl will be! Often, these conversations wind up with me inviting her to come and cook her favorite dish at my apartment.)

Asian Nightclubs. I would only advise you to visit these places if you’re comfortable in nightclubs and flirting with girls in these environments. Your “game” will need to fairly sharp. Plus, you may need to contend with Asian guys who aren’t exactly thrilled to see a Westerner hitting on “their” women.

asian girlI have a lot of experience in these situations, and I’ve scooped up hot chicks from under the noses of their punk-ass, wanna-be gangster boyfriends. Part of my method is to always make it a point to befriend guys in the club; not just the women. (Getting a few Asian dudes “on your team” and being an overall fun, social guy makes it a lot easier for you to mack on the girls and avoid getting cock-blocked.)

Again, this requires some advanced skills and a healthy level of confidence—but if this describes you, then Asian nightclubs are certainly an awesome place to have a great time with hot Asian women.

Auto Shows. Young Asian people are into fast, flashy, souped-up cars. (If you’ve seen any of the “Fast And The Furious” movies, you know what I’m talking about.) Plus, these shows often hire super-hot Asian models to show off the vehicles. Definitely worth checking out.

Business/Computer Conventions. A lot of sexy Asian women—especially the ones that are a bit older—are also hard-working, serious businesswomen. They attend these conventions to network and further their careers. These are excellent places to meet women, particularly if you’re looking to meet smart, career-minded ladies.

Casinos. The Chinese, in particular, are very serious about their gambling. If you have casinos in your area they are guaranteed to draw a large number of the local Asian population. The best places to meet girls are in the food court areas (when they’re taking a break from gambling) or at the tables, if you’re willing to wager some money and know how to play the game. Generally, Asian women aren’t going to respond well if you sit down next to them at the table and have no idea what you’re doing. A clueless player sitting next to them can make them feel unlucky. In my case, I know how to play blackjack, so I can always sit down next to an Asian woman and participate in the game with her. As soon as we both win a hand, I’ll give her a high-five and start a friendly conversation with her.

hot asian women

Chinese Cultural Events and Festivals. New Year is the most important celebration for the Chinese. It kicks off in February and runs for 15 days! Check your local newspaper and the Internet for news about special events and celebrations, which often include a street festival if you’ve got a Chinatown district in your area. Don’t miss it!

Garment District. If you live in a large metropolitan area, there are probably a larger number of Asians working in your “garment district” where clothes are made, tailored or dry-cleaned. You’ll find many Asian immigrant women in these areas who are working for low wages. (Hey, remember what I said earlier about “thinking outside the box!”)

When I lived in New York City years ago, I had my dry-cleaning done at a Chinese-owned store near my apartment. Over time, I became friends with the owners—a sweet, elderly Chinese couple. One day I noticed a very cute girl who had started working there. As it turned out, she was a niece they had brought over from China to join the family business—and they were happy to introduce me to her. We wound up going out on a few dates. She was literally “fresh off the boat” and very shy, so it didn’t really go anywhere, but to this day I always do my dry-cleaning at Asian establishments—because they do an excellent job, and also because you never know who you might meet…

Flower Shops. Plants and gardening are very important in the Japanese and Chinese cultures. Scout out any Asian-owned flower shops in your area, and see who you can meet.

Asian Health Food Stores. Asians are big believers in preventive medicine and holistic health. (And in my opinion, they seem to be a lot more successful in this area than Americans—who typically wind up taking a variety of prescription medications, and still being obsese and totally unhealthy.) You can learn a lot by hanging around Asian health food stores. There’s a reason why the typical Western woman, once they reach a certain age, is drastically overweight and has no energy and a bad attitude—while the 60-year-old Chinese lady behind the counter at the health food store is the same weight that she was when she was 25 years old.

Don’t buy into the idea of Western medicine (which is all about taking drugs); check out some Asian health food stores and get to know the owners—and the women who frequent these places.

sexy asian ladyKaraoke Bars. If your town or city has a large Asian population, there are sure to be karaoke bars which employ attractive Asian women. This is part of Asian culture; the men come to these places with their friends and co-workers to relax, and there are women on hand to pour their drinks, light their cigarettes, and provide company. You can meet beautiful Asian girls in these places. Just show up with a good attitude, and sing a few songs.

Typically, the drinks that you buy for the women in these places will cost more. (The girls earn a commission on each drink.) But the good news is, these bars only hire very attractive girls because Asian men are picky about the women they will sit with. (They prefer girls who are light-skinned, taller, and have flawless faces.) So, you spend a little money on drinks and a few songs, get to know a hottie, get her phone number, and take it from there.

Malls. Always a great place to meet Asian women. Asian girls love to shop, which usually involves them buying shoes, clothes and accessories to keep themselves looking stylish and beautiful. Nothing wrong with that! Check out the bonus book on approaching women that comes with this program for some great ways to meet Asian girls at the mall.

Manicurist. A lot of Asian women work as manicurists, and some of them are smoking hot. Book an appointment for a pedicure or manicure at a salon with an Asian sounding name. (By the way, this isn’t “gay” at all. I never got manicures or pedicures until I started living in Asia, because it’s so cheap there. It’s important—and makes you feel good—to have well-groomed fingernails and toenails.)

Teashops or Teahouses. Tea is the beverage of choice for many Asian women. These days, it’s trendy for Westerners to go to these places and have a cup of tea. You should see this as an opportunity to meet Asian women.

Universities. I saved the best for last. In America, our institutions of higher learning are positively flooded with young Asian women! At several campuses that are part of the University of California, more than 50% of the student body is Asian-American. This means a huge number of beautiful, intelligent young hotties that are ripe for the picking.

Visit your local college campuses, stroll the grounds, and find the “student center” where people hang out and take study breaks. You’re sure to find bulletin boards where upcoming events and activities are advertised. Go to any Asian-themed events. And meet Asian women by telling them that you’re considering teaching at the university next semester.

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