Tips For Dating Japanese Girls

Tips And Advice On How To Date Japanese Women

tips for dating japanese girls

A lot of men from different cultures around the world find Japanese girls to be completely fascinating. If you ask each of them what it is that draws them to these beautiful women, you will probably get a wide range of answers. For some men, it is their eyes. Others like their hair or the innocence of their faces. Many men are enchanted by the way Japanese girls carry themselves.

If you are one of these men, you may feel too intimidated by the cultural difference to try dating Japanese girls. There are some things that you can do to overcome this cultural gap. You can try all of these tips or just remember some of them on different dates. Use the tips that apply to the Japanese girl that you are dating.

• Some men make the mistake of observing Japanese women being quiet and demure and assume that they should be similarly discreet. They could not be more wrong. Like all women around the globe, Japanese girls are attracted to confident men. Whatever else you may do during your date, be loud about your intentions without being brash. She will not care about any cultural differences if you seem like a strong, confident man.

• One major cultural difference between the Japanese and Western cultures such as the United States is the care for style. In the states, men often go out in jeans or a T-shirt. Japanese girls are particularly attracted to men who know how to dress well and choose fashionable clothes. If you want to have success with a Japanese woman, you will need to dress well. Do this even if this is not your style.

• These women like confident men but thy also like them to be gentlemen. Do not get carried away with your self-portrayal and mistreat her. Japanese girls like it when a man treats them well.

• Surprise your date by learning some Japanese on your own and trying it out. This can also be a great icebreaker. Too often on first dates, a man and a woman struggle to find something to talk about and avoid uncomfortable silences. Once you have demonstrated a little knowledge about the language, let her teach you a little. This can create all sorts of opportunities for intimacy. If you are good at languages, you can impress her and show off by learning fast.

• Study up on Japanese culture before the date and show off some Japanese etiquette during the date. You do not need to become an expert. Just learn something that you can show off. She will like that you took some time to learn about her culture. Then you can ask her to show you more. As with the language tip, this creates opportunities for the two of you to get close.

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• Do not spend the whole time taking about Japanese culture. After all, it is her culture so she may ultimately get bored by the topic. She may also have had the same conversations with other men. Once she has told you a little, allow her to move the conversation elsewhere.

• Be aware that Japanese girls may not display their discontent during the date. An American girl may not have any reservations about letting her face, actions or words tell you that she is not happy. The Japanese are more reserved than this. You may not know that she was unhappy until she cancels your next date.

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Keep all this in mind on your initial dates with Japanese girls. Like all other women, they will become easier to understand after you know them for a while. Soon you will find that it is just as easy to date them as it is to date other girls.

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