Tips For Dating Hot Chinese Women

China, the most populous country in the world, is considered by many men to be the home of the most stunning and exotic women in the Asian region.  China’s complex principles and culture when it comes to dating should be understood if you want to have a shot in dating hot Chinese girls.  

Dating in the western area and China is quite distinct.  However, Chinese women who were born deprived and exhibit an aura of low-self esteem are exceedingly vulnerable to consider dating foreign men.

Therefore, a Western man can absolutely make a Chinese woman fall in love with him.  

Dating an Old-Fashioned Chinese Girl
Western way of dating involves sequential dating, as a way to test the waters if the current relationship will work for just a short or longer time.  Conversely, Chinese women are unfamiliar with the western way, their culture depicts a much more subtle and conservative approach to dating.

The western concept of “Playing the field” or the act of doing multiple dating is non-existent in China.  It is unlikely for a Chinese girl to interact with a man if she does not have a strong emotional connection towards him to be her future husband. China’s ancient approach to dating involves a set-up of a group date or a “screening dinner” that usually involves 6-8 people.  A matchmaker will announce the agenda of the gathering and the two interested parties are commonly seated to each other, this is to promote interaction and communication.  Unofficial guest of honors are invited to gauge the potential of each person to be married.  

This includes; financial status, educational, and family background. Unknown guess are invited to make the arrangement conducive for each party in case there is an absence of communal interest.

China’s approach to dating is pretty much structured unlike the western way which is more free-flowing with minimal or no set of limits.  In China, it is very likely that if a traditional Chinese woman agreed to have a first date, it means she is considering you to be her husband.  If she agreed for a second date, then she is already implying that marriage is a possibility.

Subsequently, if the third date comes into place, marriage is then foreseen in the near future.

Dating a Modern Chinese Girl

As I said a while ago, traditional Chinese girls are more complicated and complex to deal with but there is no reason to falter, modern Chinese girls especially those who are studying in international universities are more liberalistic and lenient to flirting. The question is, where can you find them?  Chinese women who are highly interested in meeting Westerners will usually linger on bars, supermarkets and popular Western establishment such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.  As a warning, casual dating is generally non-existent in China.  However, Westernized women who had experienced dating foreign men are more likely to flirt by smiling back and acknowledging conversation. After which, it is appropriate to ask her contact information.

If you’re a guy who isn’t looking for marital companionship, not all Chinese girls are marriage-minded.  Such women include former prostitutes and aging karaoke girls, single-mother and women who are married to men working abroad.  It is typical that a Chinese woman will openly flirt with you if she is suspecting a marital infidelity. Westernized Chinese women are usually situated in major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.  Women in these regions are keenly interested in casual dating and sex.  However, they also apply the western code of selection such as, dating with good-looking young men.

How to Pull off a Date with a Hot Chinese Girl

Chinese women are complicated and complex, they have a different approach in dating.  You should be explicably knowledgeable with the right moves on how to nail that first date with a hot Chinese girl.

1. Respect is very much a cliché but as with any girl, it is highly important especially for Asian girls.  Be polite and exude an aura of gentleman-features.

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2. Acknowledge her fashion.  It is typical for a Chinese girl to put an effort to her clothing, they highly care on how they appear to you.  With the right words of compliment, you are surely in the right place.

3. Lead the conversation.  Chinese girls are usually shy and quiet, it’s rare that they will continue a dialogue on their own.  Ask open-ended and probing questions to encourage the flow of conversation.

4. Don’t be overconfident.  Don’t over-sell your personality, Chinese girls can easily get annoyed and irritated to boastful acts.  Refrain from acting as if you know everything, because you don’t!  Simply be modest and adequately confident.

5. Don’t make the assumption that she will be the first one who will contact you.  As with any date, it’s your job dude!

Tips on How to Date a Chinese Girl for the First Time
If ever you are on your way to date a beautiful Asian girl, remember that this would not be a typical date for you!  Understand the right moves and grooves in creating a lasting impression.

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1. Do not try to be conventional. Stay away from the traditional dating mythos such as dinner and movie. A lot of guys had done that to her, it is time to show your own motion. Do something that will leave her in awe by doing something simple such as coffee or casual dining.  This will exude a calm and relaxing ambiance.

2. Remember, less is more! Avoid the superfluous introductory remarks that make you a boring and boastful person.  Do not try too hard to impress her, leave some mystery in the air.  This will completely throw her off guard as you are significantly different, and it will challenge her to ask for more.

3. Don’t be the ultimate Mr. Nice guy. Exhibit some bits of naughtiness and waywardness, this will ultimately excite her and make her wonder what you just said.  Just be careful not to overdo it to the point that it makes you look like a total jerk.

4. Act different.  Hot girls has a lot of admirers, you need to be viewed as a diverse individual to leave an impression.

5. Widen your admirers. It is typical for a Chinese girl to like you more if she knew that you have lot of admirers. That’s why it is equally important to go out and meet other girls. Consequently, let her know that you are deciding whom to choose. That will leave her in awe!

6. Get to know the family.  Show interest in her family and ultimately demonstrate respect, as this is very important for Chinese, and it will definitely boost your chances.

7. Be a man of honor.  The value of honesty is very much regarded in China.  Avoid lying and giving false misconceptions.  If you are really serious to impress a Chinese girl, you need to prove to her that you can be a man of honor.

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