Three Quick Tips From The Asian Babe Hunter

Asian babe hunter

Asian Babe Hunter Tip #1

Never “go dutch” with an Asian single woman, especially if it’s the first date. Having been raised in the post-feminist West, you might think that you’re treating her as your equal when you allow her to pay her share—but an Asian girl will just consider you cheap and never go out with you again.

Asian Babe Hunter Tip #2

The more “normal” you are, the easier it will be for you to get Asian nookie. Asian culture didn’t go through the social revolution that America experienced in the 1960s, when men started wearing their hair long and getting in touch with their “feminine side,” women gained equal rights, and young people decided to “do their own thing” instead of following in the footsteps of their parents. Since then, American (and Western) culture has been about the individual; you’re supposed to follow your dreams and think for yourself, right?

These concepts don’t really exist in Asian culture. Asian kids don’t get to decide what they want to be when they grow up; their family makes that decision. As adults, the men are expected to work and provide for their families, while the woman runs the household. You don’t see Asian guys graduating from college and taking a year off to go backpacking and soul-searching. Nor do you see Asian guys quitting the corporate rat-race to “follow their dreams.” As long as they have the respect of their families and peers, they’re happy. While you may think that this type of life sounds stifling, Asians seem to actually be a lot less stressed-out and depressed than your typical American.

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Asian babe hunterSo basically, the more you fit into an Asian woman’s expectations of a “normal guy,” the easier it will be to score with her. I’m not saying that you should be bland and boring. “Normal,” to her, just means that you’re well-groomed, polite, you have a decent job, and you’ve got no major problems or drama in your life. You respect your parents, and you treat her with care and respect. Asian girls don’t go for the “bad boys” the way that American chicks do—and if you ask me, this is a good thing.

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Asian Babe Hunter Tip #3

I love the fact that with Asian beauties, I can be a huge flirt. They’re suckers for romance and compliments. With American girls, you’ve got to hide your attraction. You’d never say to some hot American chick you met at a bar, “wow, you’re so beautiful.” Or,
“you have gorgeous eyes.” She’d think you were a creep or a loser. But Asian girls really love this stuff! I can use an opening line like, “ Excuse me, but you’re very cute and I just want to say hello.” Or I’ll say to the girl, “you have the most beautiful eyes, my name is John.”

Asian girls love mushy, romantic TV shows, movies and love songs. The sappier, the better! All of us guys have a soft romantic side, and with Asian girls, you can really express it—and they’ll absolutely love you for it.

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