Tips on How You Can Meet Asian Women

meet asian womenYou like their exotic beauty and their unique culture. You like how they are very feminine, with their naturally shy ways making you attracted to them even more. You especially like how they are family-oriented and are not above taking on a traditionally wifely role in a relationship.

Despite the fact that their English skills are not as good as yours or are even nonexistent, all the other pluses make up for this and other shortcomings. You still want to meet Asian women and hopefully get married to one. But where and how to encounter them?


Essentially, there are 2 types of these Oriental ladies. One of them involves those that are born or have been raised in Western countries. These women have no problems with speaking in English and in understanding Western culture. That’s because they follow the ways of their adopted country, being reared in it.

Although they may still retain those beautiful Asian features, a good number of them may already be cut off or disconnected from their Oriental heritage. Some may consider their physical appearance as the only link to their Eastern ancestry and heritage, making them not much different than Caucasian women.

The other one consist of ladies who have been born or raised in any Asian country. They live according to their respective cultures and are not fluent in English. Some may be domesticated while others work as career women. They also tend to be submissive, shy, and conservative. This description, however, is not true for all of them, although most are. Avoid putting these ladies into stereotypes to avoid offending them.

Where You Are

If you want to get to know Asian women in your place or anywhere in the U.S., go to the areas in where they are most likely to be found. One of them is Chinatown. Do you have one in your city? If so, consider jogging or biking through the place at regular intervals. Schedule excursions, lunches, and dinners in that location in order to increase your chances of meeting someone single, available, and Asian.

Another viable venue is the local college or university which has the highest number of enrolees from Asia or having Oriental heritage. You can check out which places they usually hang out in around the area and perhaps make them part of your route or regular watering holes.

You can also research on organizations, clubs, and groups that cater to people of Asian heritage. Consider getting involved with one of these associations, particularly those that deal with issues or activities that you are passionate about. This way, your participation will be more authentic.

If you’re into more daring approaches, learn about states or cities in the U.S. that have the most Asians and consider relocating there.

On Foreign Shores

If you like the more traditional Asian woman, you’ll need to spread your nets a lot wider – global even. Consider visiting Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, China, and South Korea, among others. You may get to make very promising connections on one of your trips. You’re likely to do so if you go on extended vacations, like a month or two.

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Or, if you’re so inclined, consider getting a job that will take you to these countries for extended periods. This way, you get to find more romantic prospects while taking the time to get to know the nation’s culture and way of life more.

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If you’re the kind who believes in looking hard before leaping, use online dating sites to your advantage. There are those that specialize in Asian connections. Just make sure the one you’re signing up at is legitimate and has a good track record. There are sites that are set up by scam artists and do not actually feature women from Asia. Go for those recommended by reliable sources.

You can also go for the good old referral route. You may have friends you know who may have their own set of contacts who are from the Orient. Or they may know a friend who is a friend of a single and gorgeous Asian.

Whichever option you use, see to it that you have researched on the ways of the kind of lady you want. Doing this will help you avoid making stereotypical or offensive references to her culture and people.

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