Hot Vietnamese Girls

Asia is the largest continent in the world, therefore it safe to say that you can meet many women in this part of the globe. Just to fill in some of your curiosities, I’m not just talking about typical girls but rather beautiful and stunning lads that will surely flabbergast you in amazement. Some of these gorgeous women are from Vietnamese, wherein they convey a degree of distinctness from other Asian girls.

Qualities of Vietnamese Girls

Hot Vietnamese girl

The Western culture of smoking and drinking is not a popular routine for dating Vietnamese girls. So, if you are really serious in seeking for approval and affection, you should think twice before acting a hard-core drinker or an avid chain smoker.

Hot Vietnamese girl

They usually mark your words. That is why it is essential for you to be true to your words and besides, what kind of girls finds attraction to a dishonest man.

Hot Vietnamese girl

One trait that is amazing with Vietnamese girls is that, they can be extremely friendly with foreign men or when they visit a foreign country. This can be rooted to their high regard for being respectful. Just make it a point not to confuse this with flirting.

Hot Vietnamese girl

Striking a date with a Vietnamese girl will be much easier if you act like a knight with chivalrous characteristics. They usually fall for such guys.

Hot Vietnamese girl

Don’t expect them to like you on the first encounter. They refuse to believe on attraction during the initial interaction. They strongly believe that a relationship can bloom by prolong dealings and engagement.

Hot Vietnamese girl

It is important not to treat them as inferior to you; you should indulge them with equality. Moreover, do something that isn’t bold but rather simple and yet can be treasured. Vietnamese women can appreciate even the smallest things.

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Hot Vietnamese girl

Ultimately, make them laugh. This principle is almost applicable to all the women in the world. Who doesn’t want a boisterous laugh?

Hottest Vietnamese Women


Hoang Thuy Linh, a very famous 19-year old star in Vietnam, known for her 16-minute scandalous tape with her boyfriend. She is currently studying overseas. It has been known that her friends copied the video from her laptop and uploaded it on the internet.


Minh Tuyet, is a popular Vietnamese-American pop singer. She is known for her provocative and sensual choreography.


Nguyen Thuy Lam, is a Vietnamese actress, singer, model and winner of Miss Vietnam 2008 pageant. She is also the first contestant to represent her country in the 2008 edition of Miss Universe pageant. She landed on the Top 15 finalist.


Maggie Q, is a Vietnamese-American actress, based in the United States. She is also a fashion model and currently stars in TV series, Nikita.


Tila Tequila, is a Vietnamese-American model and TV personality. She is widely known for her appearances on various men’s magazines such as Stuff, Maxim and Penthouse.


Bebe Pham, is Vietnam’s top model. She often appears on popular men’s magazines. Moreover, she is also a commercial model for international brands.


Rebecca Camson, is a popular bikini model in Vietnam. She is known for her appearances on Surf Illustrated.


Nhu Loan, a popular Vietnamese singer. She is also a former model for various designers and international brand. She currently focuses on her singing career.

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