Different Tactics on How to Meet Hot Asian Girls

| January 18, 2012

hot asian girlWhen Asian women go out to drink and dance, they’re nearly always in a group. When I used to live in New York, California and Las Vegas, I would frequently go to nightclubs. The biggest barrier between me and the Asian hot girls was the fact that they always seemed to be surrounded by other Asians.

I thought it would seem weird and awkward for me to try to approach the group. If I waited for one or two of the girls to separate from the group and go to the bar or dance floor, and then I approached them, it never went well, either. It seemed like they wanted to retreat back to the safety of their group as soon as possible.

So how do you penetrate a group of Asian females and seduce the one you’ve got your eye on?

Here’s a technique I came up with that is quite effective. (It’s gotten me laid several times in the past month.) I position myself near the group of girls and pretend like I’m talking on the phone. I act like it’s an annoying phone conversation…I roll my eyes, act exasperated, etc…while the girls are noticing me.

hot_asian_girlSo then I “hang up,” turn to the girls, and say, “Let me ask you a question real quick. You girls have Facebook accounts, right?”

They nod yes. (Everyone has a Facebook account.)

Then I say, “Is it OK to have pictures of you and your ex in your Facebook photos? Let’s say you’re dating someone new. Is there a rule that says you’re supposed to delete the pictures of you and your ex?”

This is going to spark a bunch of reactions. The group of Asian girls will start chatting (and maybe arguing) about it. In the Facebook age (a few years ago, it was MySpace.com) this is actually a common dilemma. People represent themselves to their entire social networks with their Facebook accounts. Changing your Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship,” or removing pictures of your ex to replace them with pictures of your current boyfriend/girlfriend, has become a part of modern relationships.

As they debate this, take a seat at their table. Say, “I’m going to sit down for a minute, I need to hear this.” (If you’ve got some cash and you want to really lock yourself in with the group, signal to a waitress and order a round of shots.)

This “group opener” works well because it sparks a lot of interesting reactions and ideas. And I guarantee, no one has ever asked them this question before—so it won’t seem like you’re trying to use some pickup line.

You just want a “female opinion” on this. Of course, once they react and you all start talking about it, you can slide yourself into the group and go from there.

Here’s another variation on the same tactic:

“Quick question. My friend Mike started dating this girl but on her Facebook profile, her status still stays ‘single.’ Mike thinks she should change it to ‘in a relationship.’ But he feels weird about telling her to change it. What do you think—does it really matter? Would you be offended if you were dating a guy but his Facebook status still said ‘single?’”

(Of course they’d be offended. They’re women! The point is, you’re sparking an interesting discussion, and now you’re a part of the group.)

If there is a certain girl in the group who is your “target,” never make it obvious. Do not pay attention to her at first. Ignore her. Wait until you are fully integrated into the group—hanging out with them, having drinks, involved in the discussion—and then make your move. Introduce yourself personally to the girl you like.

Next you want to isolate her: bring her onto the dance floor with you, or tell her you want to buy a round of shots for you and her, but she needs to choose the shots. This is your opportunity to say “let’s ask the bartender what he thinks.” Then you take her by the hand and bring her over to the bar area so that she can pick the shots. Now you have isolated her and can work your tactics.

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