Five Frames of Attraction with Asian Women


There are five frames of attraction that you need to understand to make an Asian woman attracted to you. The frame is actually the underlying meaning of the interaction. When two people interact, the one with the stronger frame will absorb the weaker frame. You have to consistently define your behavior as you interact with a woman. Usually when two persons interact, one person is emotionally reactive while the other one is not. The person who is usually emotionally reactive has less social power.

attract-an-asian-womanFirst Frame of Attraction: Playfulness

Attraction does not need to take itself too seriously. It is not the time to review the differences between Tolstoy’s past and latest work. It is not also the time to begin talking about topics that are depressing. Attraction is not the time to be vulnerable neither it is the time to think too deep.

It means that you do not have to give women a straight answer to every question that she throws at you. In fact, there is nothing powerful about giving a woman a straight answer. It only suggests that you are taking your interaction too seriously. You can demonstrate a little playfulness in answering her questions.

The same thing happens when you tease and neg women. You action shows that you do not take it so seriously. It means that you are not worried whether your interaction will work or not.

A woman is definitely turned off with a guy who takes himself too seriously. If you get turn down or rejected by one girl, it should not be a big deal. It is not something that you are going cry yourself to sleep.

attracting-a-filipina-womanSecond Frame of Attraction: Fun

The ultimate switch of attraction is fun. Having fun means having balls and you will surely get your way with women. Fun by definition is an emotional stimulation and a constant stream of good emotions. Fun is quite hard to explain and define but a lot is made in the community of value. She may seem to be having fun but it does not necessarily mean she is paying attention to your little story; it could be because she is just enjoying herself.

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You may wonder why some girls choose to hang out with guys who is obviously hitting on her and making sexual comments. You may think that he was playing a bad game when it comes to attracting the hottest Asian women. You may even ask yourself how a girl can have fun with a guy with low value.

Everything seems to be so wrong yet she kept on hanging on with the lewd and rude guy. Well, you have to realize that as long as she is having fun it really does not matter what you do.

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You have to picture this, you are out on a bar and talking to a very attractive girl and there are thousand and one distractions going on around you; but as long as she is having fun she will stay with you. If she is enjoying herself, it could also be your lucky night and get laid before the night ends.

asian womenThird Frame of Attraction: Indifference

Being indifferent means that you are not really attached with the outcome and you are not taking things seriously too. You are not also attached on making something happen. One of the most common problems that guys get into when interacting with women is that they start becoming reaction seekers.The first time you make a funny and cocky comment or tell a great story, girls would normally giggle and that certainly feels good especially if you are not use such kind of attention from women.

Fourth Frame of Attraction: Flirty

Attraction also means flirting. Flirting and teasing Asian girls is fun. It is something that girls love to do. As we all know, women want to get hit on.

They do not spend around three hours getting dressed up and applying makeup just to be ignored by men. They definitely want to be flirted with and to be teased. You have to let her know that you are interested in her and that you are interested as a man in a woman. You are not interested in her as a friend or a drinking buddy. When you flirt with her, you show her that you like her. You also need to show her that you guys have fun together and that you want to have sex with her.

Fifth Frame of Attraction: Dominance

This is the final attraction frame and it is all about being in control of yourself, your emotions and the way you interact with women. As much as possible you have to dominate the interaction socially and become the center of attention in the interaction, the group and eventually the entire room. In every aspect of communication, dominance can be displayed from the way you make eye contact, your body language and the way you address girls and other guys.

If you want to win the attraction game, you have to be naturally funny and have the ability to make girls laugh their pants off. As soon as you learn what type of man women would naturally respond to, you can learn to work your way towards becoming that type of man that will attract Asian babes.

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