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by Dean on March 8, 2011


Joseph asks…

do you think food in Philippines is better than food here in America?

do you think food in Philippines is better than food here in America? why?

Dean answers:

To answer this seemingly generalise query….

Most Filipinos have extreme taste buds than most Americans
which means
if the food is sweet then filipino cook it really very sweet
if it’s salty then it’s really salty
if it’s sour like the sinigang then they cook it really sour
if it’s spicy then they need it really hot
etc etc etc

there are lots and lots of salty and sweet food in the Phils

example jollibee taste saltier than McDonalds
filipino ice cream taste more sweeter than the US ice cream
filipinos add tabasco for their pizzas
if they have soup they’ll add more pepper
they also have kakanins like the biko already rich in sugar for it carbohydrates using rice as the base product adding caramel
they have this supposed to be healthy dessert like halo halo but most people add sugar in it
etc etc etc

notably whenever you eat in filipino restaurants they have a handy seasonings on the table or if you ask from the waiting staff they give it to you readily.

Filipinos prepare their own “sawsawan” ignoring the risk of health problems.

That’s the reason why heart problem is the number one rate of mortality and morbidity in the phils.

In fairness one healthy food in the Phils is the fresh fish cooked as tinola but shouldn’t be salty.

Donald asks…

Is there a company that delivers Filipino food from the Philippines to the US?

I miss eating Filipino food, and the FIL-am stores here dont have anything that resemble Filipino food, is there any company that delivers food to the US from the Philippines.

Dean answers:

Clink on the link below

Have a nice day !

Michael asks…

Is it illegal to buy stocks of food in the Philippines?

I’ve hear that it is illegal to hoard food in the Philippines. However, I would like to know if it was illegal to buy large bulks of canned food or large amounts of food?

Anyways any info would be helpful.
When I mean stocking I mean canned foods. I am not talking about stocking up on rice. I don’t need rice to eat. The reason I am asking is because there seems to be an issue with people hoarding rice.
Also can anyone tell me the difference between “hoarding” and “buying bulk”. What is legal and illegal regarding buying food in bulk?

Dean answers:

The legal definition of hoarding is stated in RA 7581.

Have a nice day !

Republic Act No. 7581

Click on the link below to download the RA 7581.


John asks…

What’s the difference between the food in the US and the Philippines…….?

What’s the difference between the food in the US and the food in the Philippines? No rude answers please or I’ll report them (or I’ll kick your a$$) Don’t think you can be rude and get away with it.

Dean answers:

Food in the usa is higher in fat and cholesterol

George asks…

What dog food should i give my labrador? I need something affordable, and i live in the philippines.?

I am feeding him country value right now, its like 45 php. But his crap is quite big and stinky. is there another kind of dog food in the philippines that i could substitute it with. something affordable.

Dean answers:

Can you find Canidae out there? Great dog food and it’s also affordable.

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