Dean Answers Questions About Pattaya Thai

by Dean on March 6, 2011


James asks…

What is the cost of delivering a baby in pattaya thailand for thai lady?

Dean answers:

There are 2 hospitals I heard were the better ones. Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital and the Pattaya International Hospital.

The Bangkok Pattaya hospital is related to the Bangkok Hospital chain. Http://

Here are the prices for different Obstetric services at the Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok.


Basic package starts at 38,000 baht.

The website is a useful site for things around Pattaya. Lots of links about almost everything in Pattaya.

Good luck

Paul asks…

In Pattaya, why do so many thai women hang out around the beach front at night?

That is where a lot of strange foreign men hang out and It seems to me the thai women would want to get away from all the foreign guys that are trying to exploit them.

Does the government not provide shelter for these thai women?

Dean answers:

I think you know the answer to your question already,they would rather be a million miles away but
they have to play with the cards they are dealt,thats life!

Ken asks…

Where can my thai girlfriend learn computer skills in pattaya?

I would like to buy her some basic computer lessons, does anyone know where to go?

Dean answers:

Behind Tukcom there is a place called “Pattaya2U Acadamy” it’s a computer school shop, they have classes from basic skills all the way up to advanced (it’s next to the parking garage for Tukcom).


Thomas asks…

Where can I get a Thai passport made for my girlfriend in Pattaya?

Is there a government office?

Dean answers:

No office in Pattaya. Here is a list of mobile units also here is the Thai government website dealing with Thai passports

Robert asks…

What the Thai locals think about the murder of two Russian tourists in Pattaya ?

Is it still safe to go to Thailand ?

Dean answers:

Where that all thing happened is pattaya,and pattaya is not the whole thailand.
U can be safe,if u go to the right place and don’t try to involve with the forneiner mafia mob. That’s it.

It’s like everywhere in the world, dangerous and harrasment can happen everywhere,everytime.
If u go to the right place,contact with the right people,do the right thing,so your life’s safe.

What thai think about those two russain girls?

Some thai people think the 2 girls are prostitute (there are many russian prostututes in pattaya),and had tried to settle the business by their own. But the russian mafia can’t let them did that. That’s why the muder happened.

But some thai people think another thing (especially the police)

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