Dean Answers Questions About Bangkok Airways

by Dean on March 7, 2011

Steven asks…

Is Bangkok Airways the same price to book a flight at the airport?

Dean answers:

They normally have a few different fares to most of their destinations and the cheapest fares often sell out. You can book tickets online up to 24 hours before the flight. I’m not sure if the price is the same at the airport or not, you can call them at this number to find out:
Ticket /Reservation : 66 (2) 134 3888-89 (Ticket), if you’re in Thailand the number to call would be 02 134 3888-89.

Ken asks…

What is name of business class cabin on Bangkok Airways routes?

Dean answers:

They call it both business class and also “blue ribbon” class.

Paul asks…

How many pounds can you bring on Thai Airways from Bangkok to Phuket?


Dean answers:

The luggage allowance for Royal First Class is 40 kg. (88 lbs.); for Royal Executive Class passengers: 30 kg. (66 lbs.); and for Economy Class passengers: 20 kg. (44 lb.).
Royal Orchid Plus Gold Card members are entitled to check an additional 20 kg. (44 lbs.). Royal Orchid Plus Silver Card members can check an additional 10 kg. (22 lbs.) of luggage.
Infants (not occupying a seat) are allowed 10 kg. (22 lbs.) excluding one fully-collapsible child stroller, pushchair, or infant-carrying basket.

Each passengers may hand-carry one piece luggage the sum of whose dimensions (length+ height + width) does not exceed 115 cm. ( 56 + 46 + 25 cm) (44.85 inches, i.e. 21.5 x 18 x 9.75 inches) and which does not weigh more than seven kg. (15.4 lbs). Pieces exceeding these dimensions must be checked in at the Check-in counter prior to departure. A woman is allowed to carry a purse as well. (what the hell’s up with that?)

Thomas asks…

thai airways for bangkok to samui?

i have looked online for 2 adult return flights from bangkok to samui and i came up with :

Thai airways- $340

Bangkok airways- $495

Is Thai airways definately cheaper and does this seem like a real quote for 2 adult returns?

Dean answers:

Is that quota each or for both of you and is it round trip or one way. If it’s for both of you round trip it’s ok, if each it doesn’t sound right. Thai airways just started flying to Samui so maybe they are having a promotion.

Mark asks…

Besides Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways, is there another airline that will go from Bangkok to Phuket?

Dean answers:

A number of airlines fly to phuket, but thai air and bangkok airlines are the best. No frill airlines include nok air, air asia, 1, 2 crash. Remember weight limits are limited on those no frill airlines.

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