Tips on Dating Japanese Women

Tips on Dating Japanese Women

dating japanese womenThere are a lot of foreign men who dream about dating Japanese women because of their shy and quiet personality. Most Western guys see Japanese women as submissive, soft-spoken and very timid. Japanese women prioritize their men; and would love to serve and please them too. Now let’s talk about reality. It is true that Japanese women are soft spoken but that is when you are in public with her. Japanese women as the submissive type is a little bit of exaggeration. It’s not in a Japanese woman’s nature to confront or debate with you in public-they would find this deeply embarrassing-but behind closed doors, you will certainly know it if your Japanese girlfriend is upset about something.Japanese women can be wonderful partners; they can also be stubborn, strong-willed and temperamental. There are some tricky parts when it comes to dating Japanese women, you may find this article very useful because of the insights and tips about their culture.

Be the decision-maker.

Your Japanese girlfriend would expect that you make the decision most of the time. This is very much different from what Western guys are used to doing, because more often foreign guys would seek the opinion of their partners. When you’re dealing with Japanese women, you’ve got to flip this. Just spill out your plans and preparations to her. This is what she expects of the man in her life. Once you’ve spent time with her, she’s not going to silently go along with whatever you suggest every time. She will voice out her opinions too.

If it is time to get intimate with her, you must take the lead so that she would follow.She won’t make the first move. Once she thinks that you are good enough for her, be ready for a little surprise because she might just be too eager to have intimate moments with you.

Japanese women are not big on P.D.A.s (Public Displays of Affection).She feels a little uncomfortable when you kiss, hug or hold her hands when there are other people around you. Unless she’s already shown you that she is comfortable with this, spare her the awkward feelings and save the physical stuff for you’re alone with her.

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It is very important that you must be always on time.

You have to remember that Japan is the most effecient and highly organized society around the globe. Make sure that you arrive on time if you want to have a second chance on dating Japanese women. I’m talking right on the dot. Japanese women are inclined to assume that you do not give her much importance. Japanese women do not believe in being fashionably late.

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Make sure that you look good and smell good too.

Japanese women believe that being clean is a positive trait that they should be proud of. Japanese women would always want to heve the beautiful aura when you go out with her in public, that means being presentable from head to toe.

Make sure that you get the mesage across that you are a good and responsible guy who is always organized.You’re not going to score any points by behaving like you don’t know what you want out of life. Your Asian girlfriend particularly Japanese women would not constantly seek the purpose of their lives. You can start your conversation by talking about your school or talk to her about your ambitions too. It is a must that you have a game plan if your really want to impress her.

For Japanese women, her house is a reflection of her real personality; you need to show her that you are an organized person.. Never invite a Japanese woman into your home (or any female, for that matter) unless it’s extremely clean, most especially your bathrooms. Women will almost always ask to use your bathroom to “freshen up.” If you want to gross out your date, show her your filthy bathroom.

In doing these things, you have a big chance of success to create a positive impression about yourself. Cultural differences are really not an issue as long as you are open to learning each other’s customs and traditions. You can simply follow these things if you want to be successful in dating Japanese women.

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