Dating Filipina Girls

filipina girlsFilipinas. In some texts that’s how Filipinos call their nation. It is also the plural form of how their girls are referred to ethnically. Any social butterfly hovering over the dating scene cannot miss Filipinas. It’s their distinctive look, their warm personality, their clever wit and their big heart – qualities that foreigners cannot help but love.

The Filipina Look

There is a joke of a legend in the Philippines. God created man from grains of rice. In his first attempt, he failed to produce enough heat. It was half-cooked. Those became the whites. In his second attempt, he overcooked it instead. Those became the blacks. In his third attempt, he did it carefully and learned from his previous two attempts. The result was a well cooked breed of human beings. They became the Filipinos.

Charming story. In reality though, Filipinos, and for that matter Filipinas, have a wide range of variations in skin complexion. Owing to its colorful pre-colonial history and to the colonial entry of the Spanish, the English, the Japanese and the Americans into their shores. It is these variations that fascinates foreigners about the Filipina. To the eyes of many foreigners especially western men, Filipinas always stand out in a crowd.

Filipina State of Mind and Spirit

As complex as their ethnic mixup, Filipina girls also have their own character with respect to range of social issues. Among them are as follows.

Religion in Dating

filipina girlsTo the majority Catholic Filipino families, religion is not so much an issue. You don’t have to convert to their religion if you marry them. However to the Muslims in the south and some other Christian denominations scattered in the archipelago, it is indeed a big issue. If you don’t belong to the same faith, well you can try, but why choose the complication. For reasons other than pure love, it would be not worth it.

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Politics in dating

Filipina girls are one of those what they call Asian male order brides. The Filipina’s view of white guys and Americans is they are liberals. It would disappoint them very much if they found out that the man they are dating are some conservative nuthead who will tie them and control them into a rigid set of beliefs, even if it’s similar to their own.

What Filipinas Love about Westerners

Now we are going to talk about some realities about the Filipina psyche that might be a shock to some western men. While the stereotypical Filipina girls are true, more often than not, they are not true all the same time. Below are some real points on what is it about western men that Filipinas actually like.

The Dollar

As ugly as it may sound, the truth is most Filipinas come from poor families. Poverty in the Philippines is pervasive. That’s why foreigners to many of them are walking dollars. They see them as a way out of their predicament. That does not mean though that they want to con you into marrying them. In many cases they will tell it straight. Filipinas are usually candid and sincere. When they tell you they are poor and living in horrible conditions, although it can be exaggerated for selling effect, to a western standard, they are most probably telling the truth. Many foreigners, who marry Filipinas even if money was the first consideration, will end up falling in love with her even more after marriage. That’s because Filipinas are naturally good at home and with kids.


Filipinas love western guys because of what they see on Hollywood movies. Lively cities, great landscapes, cool people, interesting culture, magnificent landmarks – all that stimulates Filipinas into having a general good regard for white and Americans. Emulating or invoking these stimulants in any way will give you the good advantage in courting Filipina girls.

The American Dream

filipina girlsNo other country is more popular to Filipinas than the USA. Most of them though know it only as America. It is a lasting testament to the success of the cultural indoctrination project the US had on the Philippines. That’s not official information though, but how else can you explain the almost God-like regard of Filipinos in general of Americans. There is virtually no Filipino in the Philippines that don’t want to go to America at the slightest opportunity.


To Filipinas, white complexion is good, fashionable and most preferable. The popularity of whitening cosmetics in the Philippines is a proof to that. Again a by-product of a colonial mentality. If a Filipina likes a foreigner of other complexion , it would be for other reason than the color of skin.

Racial Overhaul

Filipinas takes pride on how pretty and handsome are children when mixed with their blood. Proof to that is the dominance of mixed-races in the Philippine entertainment industry, even in sports. Filipinas believe that no matter how ugly they may be, they will certainly have a beautiful child if they marry a white guy, especially those with blue eyes. To them it’s good racial propagation.

Dating The West

Filipina girls are not monolithic when comes to dating western men. For factors ranging from economic status to level of education, the attitude of Filipinas in dating westerners varies.

The Poor Filipina

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This is the kind of Filipina that sees a westerner as a way out of poverty, as an economic salvation. This is also a substantial majority in Filipina girls as Asian girlfriends.

The Better Living Filipina

These are educated girls that are trapped in a so-so economic situation in the Philippines and see a man from the west as sure-fire way to a better life. The stark difference between these girls and the previous is that they are more sophisticated and thus less submissive.

The Green Card Girls

This kind of girls are professionals or sub-professionals that are, like the second group, trapped in an unmoving state of living and sees a citizenship in another country, most probably the USA, as a way out. These are otherwise smart and proud girls who out of desperation is willing to cling to a knife just to better their economic situation and that of their family.

The Educated Butterflies

These are the successful professionals. They have no illusions of dollar salvation and the American Dream or any dream is always tempered with intellectual realism. They can be acutely aware of the difficulty of finding opportunities in the Philippines, and they know better conditions can be found abroad. But although it may not be apparent, they are not free from the colonial effect described in the previous section.

The Global Filipina

The global Filipina is the expat Filipinas. They are well-off, well-educated, sophisticated and sometimes even well-travelled. They are intelligent and proud and will not budge to any westerner’s challenge. They believe Filipinos to be equal with anybody just like all the other nationalities. The best way to get to them is to not think of them as Filipinas but just an ordinary girl.

The Filipina Perspective

Filipina girls though unique and distinct, are as human as all the other girls. They are susceptible to the conditions around them as the others are. Although they may react, respond, adopt or rationalize differently from girls of other cultures, like them they too like to be taken care of, to be listened, to be loved. Failing to understand to understand that and getting trapped in their peculiarities would be a sure recipe for failure in connecting with them.

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