Cute Japanese Girls

cute Japanese girl

There’s just something about cute Japanese girls that gets me instantly horny. In contrast with the general notion of treating every girl alike, it is a must for every guy to learn how different Asian girls from distinct cultures respond and interact with men.

Obviously, tailor-made clothing fits more comfortably than clothes you buy off the rack. The same principle applies to dating Asian women. Your success can be determined by how you “customize” your seduction tactics, depending on where she’s from.

You need to stay away from the usual Western way of dating and pickup, and equip yourself with the right techniques when you’re looking to date (or just bang) a hot Japanese chick.

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Some Facts and Myths about Cute Japanese Girls

cute Japanese girl

Japanese girls are different than any other type of Asian woman. They exhibit an enormous deal of uniqueness when it comes to accepting and establishing relationships. This rareness adds more to the interesting aura and engaging appeal of cute Japanese girls.

Moreover, this ultimately makes Japanese girls some of the most sought after women in the world. Being around cute Japanese girls is an adrenaline rush for many Western men, particularly those who are fond of beautiful Asian women.

cute Japanese girl

One sure way for you not to falter when it comes to Japanese women is to treat them with utmost respect. Apparently, Japanese women tend to take things slowly.

In contrast to other girls, you should first prove to them that you’re indeed worthy of their attention and affection. If you failed on this, you won’t stand a chance in getting anywhere with them. Be careful in trying to impress them, you might accidentally create an air of embarrassment, and that’s not good.

cute Japanese girl

Avoid sarcastic remarks. A lot of men fall for Japanese women because of their unique stature. They usually have petite body figure and silky white skin. Most importantly, you should also consider their amazing personality. They can be magnetically charming and delightful, and when it comes to intimacy, they are surely one of the best. There are also times wherein they can be extremely shy, this somehow creates an air of mystery and if you are up to the challenge, they will definitely make you wild.

cute Japanese girl

If you eventually decided to take your relationship a notch higher, it is equally important to understand the difference of Western and Japanese wedding ceremony.

In Western culture, weddings tend to be less intimate and solemn; this is due to the significant amount of people, over designed aesthetics, and unnecessary elements. Japanese women, on the other hand, prefer elegance and solemnity by achieving utmost simplicity.

They hate elaborate and loud scenes; this is in line with their culture which is basically being timid and introverted. So, make sure you could be able to respect and provide such ceremony. How can you deal with a lifetime commitment, if you can’t even handle that kind of ceremony? To make it simple, just don’t do something that will make them the center of attention.

My Top 10 Cutest Japanese Girls

Kurara ChibanaKurara Chibana,

one of the well-known Japanese woman living outside Japan. She was known after she joined the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant and won first runner up. Moreover, she also won Best National Costume for her ninja suit.

Anna TsuchiyaAnna Tsuchiya,

this half-American and half-Japanese is a renowned model, singer, and actress. At 25, she is a major star and a hot single mother. She often presents herself as a bad girl, which her fans love.

Yuina ItoYuina Ito,

immensely succesful singer and actress in Japan. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Hawaii to a Japanese father and a Korean-American mother. A genuine and alluring mix of races makes this girl a stunning beauty.

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reonkadenaReon Kadena,

is a famous advertising model in Japan that endorses video shops, vending machines, and some fast-food restaurants. She is known for her sensual dancing routines.

is a image model employed by various multinational companies. She has an enormous fan base in Japan that makes her extremely popular. She often advertises for clothing companies.


is a beautiful and funny Japanese woman who isn’t afraid to speak out her views and opinions. She is known for being tough and yet exceptionally sexy.

Namie AmuroNamie Amuro,

is Japanese singer who won numerous nominations and awards. She is known for revolutionizing the trend in tanned skin, tattoos and blonde hair in Japan. For this, an entire fashion style was named after her – Amaraa.

Aki HoshinoAki Hoshino,

a bikini model turned TV personality. She often appears on videos and high-end fashion magazines. She is endeared as someone who shows cleavage as much as possible without taking her shirt off.

WakaWaka Inoue,

also a bikini model turned TV personality. She is a regular star for variety shows and dramas. She is commonly called as “The Japanese Marilyn” because she has the same vital statistics as Marilyn Monroe. How about that?

Yoko Kumada Yoko Kumada,

is a famous model in Japan. She exclusively pose for men’s magazines just like MEGUMI They are the counterpart of playboy playmates but they don’t appear nude.

More Cute Japanese girls…

cute japanese girl

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