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Learn more about Filipina girls and the beautiful women of the Philippines.

Dating Asian Women Tips: Which is the Best to Date

If you are one of those Western guys who want to date beautiful Asian women, you will surely find these dating Asian women tips very useful. A lot of guys from Western countries end up marrying Asian women from different parts of Asia such as Philippines, Japan, China and Thailand. Despite cultural differences, Western guys still find Asian women to…

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The Phone Game: How Get an Asian Girl’s Info

“Hey, do you have email?” That’s it. Say those five words. When she says “yes,” tell her to give you her email address because you want to email her later regarding something you talked about during the conversation. (The gift you need to buy, the phone you’re going to shop for, a restaurant or tourist attraction she recommended, etc.) Say…

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How to Date Filipinas

Filipinas are, in my opinion, some of the sexiest, most fun women in the world. They’re flirtatious, romantic and very interested in meeting Western men. Essentially, the Philippines is a mix of three cultures: Asian, Spanish and American. The Spanish colonized the Philippines for 500 years, followed by 48 years of American occupation (from 1898-1946). This influence is reflected in…

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Do Asian Women Prefer Western Men?

The short answer is that yes, many do—and I’ll give you some reasons why. Just keep in mind that beautiful Asian women don’t necessarily have any of these preferences. They might simply be looking for a loving man to share their life with, regardless of his ethnicity. I have found, however, that most Asian women do have at least one…

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