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Learn about dating Thai girls, and meeting Thai women in Thailand. Our experts answer questions about Thai girls from Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chang Mai and other areas of Thailand.

Loving Every Inch: Physical Characteristics Of Asian Women

Obviously, beautiful Asian women have distinct physical traits that make them quite unlike the women of our own culture. They also have certain beliefs about their appearance that you may find surprising! Ironically, sometimes the features we love most about Asian women are the features they consider to be “ugly” and want to change. I’ve found this is often true…

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Mack Tactics Approach to Dating Asian Women

Here’s the other interesting thing about my personal history, and the reason why I bring a unique perspective to this table. As I mentioned earlier, several years ago I wrote a popular book called Mack Tactics which teaches guys how to upgrade their skills with women, and become more confident and successful with dating. Much of the advice I give…

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The best way to Use Hot Pickup Lines for Asian Girls

The best way to Use Hot Pickup Lines for Asian Girls   Have you had the unfortunate encounter of utilizing pickup lines for Asian girls and not ending up a winner due to the fact the girl turned you down? Do you feel fantastic pickup lines in fact exist inside the identical way that not useful pickup lines do? Do…

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Dating Thai Women

Dating Thai Women Dating Thai women does not have to be difficult. One element in gaining and keeping a Thai woman’s interest is demonstrating positive characteristics that you really should have anyway. One characteristic is manners. While good manners are usually appreciated by American women, they are absolutely essential when spending time when dating Thai women. Bragging, crude language, and…

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