Can dating beautiful Asian girls be all its set up to be?

| December 17, 2012

Can dating beautiful Asian girls be all its set up to be?

Many Asian women are just plain gorgeous with high cheek bones, lovely eyes and incredibly beautiful black hair trailing down their narrow backs to their perky rear-ends. But, is their inner beauty equal to their outer beauty? In some cases the answer is a resounding, YES. But, sadly there are also many hard- hearted Asian women who are looking for a relationship with connections to better their lives…Period.

Some men are fine with that. They see the arrangement as a sort of quid pro quo. She gets her upwardly mobile position in life with the financial means to support her wants and he gets a cute woman who will satisfy the man’s need to be the big man with the little gal. Is that rude? Yes, it is rude to the 9th Degree! But, it is also true among many beautiful Asian women who choose to date non-Asian men.

Ironically, many Western men advertise in magazines for Asian girlfriends and brides because they think the women will be subservient, but the reality is that the woman tends to hold the reigns of control in such a situation. She knows what he expects and she also knows how to get what she wants so she knows how much to give to get it.

According to a PEW Research Center Survey, 37% of Asian women elect to date or marry non-Asian men due to certain perceived advantages to dating culturally Western men. Some of those perceptions include:

Western men earn a better living so they are able to afford the financial upkeep of a marriage with a stay at home wife and provide for the family. In some cases, the marriage is brokered to include safe passage to her family so they can relocate to a non-Asian country.

Western men, particularly Caucasian men, provide an upward movement in the social ladder for Asian women who want to get out of the lower levels of society.

Western men are believed to be more kind toward their partners than Asian men and the women are also led to believe that they will have more control within the relationship.

Non-Asian men who want to date Asian women will have considerable ease meeting these women if they are financially set in life and can provide for her an upward lift in society. If the man is viral and particularly attractive it will be even easier for him. But, if a guy is just looking for a subservient wife, he may want to reconsider that plan.

Asian women are smart and they know what’s what. If she sees your game she will go somewhere else. The last thing she wants it to be a girl who satisfies some Asian-girl fetish you may have. She is looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement. If you are the guy who can provide what she wants, then you may just have the gonads to get your needs satisfied, too.



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