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The masters of picking up hot Asian women finally reveal their *black book* of secrets…

Who Else Wants To Learn The Sure-Fire Blueprint For Attracting and Dating Exotic, Hot Asian Women — Regardless Of Your Age, Your Looks, Or Where You Live?

If You’re Into Cute Japanese Girls, Hot Chinese Girls, Gorgeous Thai Women, Sexy Filipinas, Korean Stunners, Or Women From Any Asian Country…Here’s How You Can Sweep Any Asian Girl Off Her Feet And Into Your Bed…

From: Dean Cortez


beautiful asian woman

hot asian girl

There’s just something about hot Asian women that a lot of guys find irresistible.

I completely understand! If you ask me, Asian women are the sexiest, most exotic women in the world.

It’s easy to see why more guys every year are seeking beautiful Asian women to fall in love with, and perhaps marry…

But unfortunately, most men are flat-out clueless about how to meet these girls the right way, make them feel comfortable and curious, and push their “attraction buttons”…

If you’re ready to learn exactly how to talk to any Asian woman you encounter (in person, or on the internet)…

If you want to charm them, stimulate their imagination, and make them absolutely tingle with anticipation when you ask them on a date…then I’m about to reveal some extremely powerful secrets about Asian women which took me more than a decade to figure out…

I can promise you, once you start using these tactics with beautiful Asian women you are going to fast-track and accelerate every approach, every interaction, every conversation (and even every Internet chat!) towards romance and seduction.

Even With Asian Girls Who Are Shy, Or Don’t Speak Much English, You’ll Know Exactly How To Bond With Them & Create Sexual Attraction…

asian women

Many of the best Asian women for you to date are shy around men they don’t know. In their culture, guys normally don’t approach women and try to flirt with them. I’ve developed special tactics for these situations and simple conversational techniques you can use to make Asian girls feel instantly comfortable with you, and cause them to feel fast, deep attraction.

But before I explain how that works, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Dean Cortez and I’m the creator of Mack Tactics, the legendary #1 program for guys who want to take their skills and confidence with women to a “rock star” level.

I’ve shown thousands of men around the world the best ways to approach women…how to easily score phone numbers, dates, and “same night lays”…or how to land the ultimate girlfriend.

Personally, I’ve always had a preference for beautiful Asian women…and so I spent the past two years putting together the ultimate program on meeting, attracting, picking up and dating Asian women.

If you prefer sexy Asian women (as I do), you don’t want to miss the “underground” tactics I am about to reveal to you.

Maybe you’ve been to a country like Thailand, the Philippines or Japan, and you were blown away by how many beautiful young women were available over there…hoping to fall in love with a Western guy…

If you’ve ever been to Asia, I’m sure you would love to be able to spend more time there. (What guy wouldn’t?) But it’s probably just not possible due your work schedule, family obligations, or the expense of making the trip.

And that’s OK — because I’m sure you’ve seen hot Asian girls in your area. But you need to know the best places to meet them (usually it’s not at bars or nightclubs), and how to “connect” with them in a way that makes them feel attraction and curiosity.

This is not about your looks…

It’s not about your money…

But it is about understanding how hot Asian girls think, and knowing how to stimulate their “attraction triggers”…so that they will feel a powerful, undeniable, subconscious attraction towards you.

Once you learn these tactics, it’s going to mean:

hot asian girl

No more “freezing up” when you see beautiful Asian women that you want to approach. You’ll know the exact steps for approaching Asian women in a smooth, confident, playful way that makes them smile, and feel instantly curious to know more about you…

date Asian women

No more winding up in the “Friend Zone” with the hot Asian girls you like. From now on, you’ll project super-confident Alpha Male energy that makes hot Asian girls feel powerful sexual attraction and chemistry with you…

hot asian girls

You can forget about wasting any more of your time and hard-earned money taking women out on expensive dates that don’t lead to sex…

attract asian women

And you won’t waste time chatting on the Internet with the wrong Asian girls. (A lot of the Asian women you meet online these days do not have honest intentions…and that’s why I rounded up the top experts on internet dating to show you how to cut through the B.S. and make real connections with the right women.

Millions of men from America, England, Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries are online right now trying to find a girlfriend in Asia. But rarely does it ever turn into a legitimate “real world” romance. (More often, theg uy ends up getting played for a fool…)

But this program is also going to to show you how to navigate the tricky world of meeting beautiful Asian women online — and give you proven tactics that will ensure you don’t waste your time on the wrong girls, and instead focus on attracting the Asian girls who are honest, loving and right for YOU.

Hot Asian Girls Are Ridiculously Easy To Meet, Charm, And Date When You Use These Bulletproof Techniques…

This revolutionary program is brought to you by the seduction masters at Mack Tactics, the #1-rated system for guys who want to turbo-charge their “game” with women.

Every program created by Mack Tactics is the result of years of in-depth research, and gathering and testing hundreds of techniques from the world’s top dating coaches and pickup artists.

As the founder of Mack Tactics, I’ll tell you honestly that I’ve always loved hot Asian women. I’ve dated many Asian-American girls, and during the years I’ve spent living and working in Asia I’ve been with hundreds more — from models and actresses, to college students and strippers, to airline stewardesses and simple (but amazingly beautiful) women from the most remote provinces of China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand…

Whatever your goals with Asian women are, you need to know this: the differences between the various Asian cultures is huge. That’s why this program contains specific techniques for approaching & talking to Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Thai girls, Filipinas, and many others…

(Trust me — whether you’re trying to score with a sexy Chinese girl or a hottie from the Philippines, their “turn ons” and “turn offs” are completely different from the way you would seduce a woman from your own culture…)

Whether your goal is to date a variety of Asian girls or find your perfect lifetime partner, you need to be properly prepared with the right knowledge and techniques. This is where “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” lays out the ultimate blueprint for your success.

hot asian girls

“Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” is the only program that cuts through the myths to tell you precisely what YOU want to know. This program begins with a 167-page book, which is absolutely jam-packed with information including:

meet japanese women Which country has the Asian women that are a perfect match for you…and how you can be the perfect match for them.

single japanese women The 7 things you must NEVER say to an Asian woman.

hot chinese women “Flirting Phrases” to use in different Asian languages (you won’t find these in any language course!)

dating japanese women The conversation tactics you NEED to use to build a connection with an Asian woman — quickly, effectively, and without fear of rejection.

asian singles A collection of “sure-fire” approaches that will break the ice every time with Asian women, and make them curious to know you.

chinese women dating The cultural differences between various types of Asian women (this is absolutely essential if you want to land a hot Asian girlfriend!)

thai girls The perfect technique for taking Asian girls on a first date. You’ll spend barely any money and get awesome results.

marry asian woman Sexual Escalation Tactics: Stay out of the “Friend Zone” with Asian women and learn how to make them crave you sexually.

dating japanese Where to find attractive, available Asian women in your city/town (these are places you would not suspect) — and how to “connect” with them in a way that feels comfortable and natural.

asian models Internet Dating tactics to meet an endless supply of single Asian women. And not just girls who live in Asia — I guarantee there are sexy Asian women living near you who are looking to meet a man. Some of them migrated to your country recently, which makes them virtually the same as the Asian women you would meet overseas…learn these quick tactics, and you can line up dates over the Internet anytime you want.

date chinese womenInsider travel reports from top pickup artists who’ve traveled throughout Asia and figured out the best ways and places to pick up Asian women.

These are just a few of the game-changing tactics you’ll learn in the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book. But this is only the beginning of what you’re about to receive…

For A Limited Time, If You Order Now We’ll Also Give You These Five Bonuses For FREE. This Is Nearly $250 Worth Of Explosive *Underground* Material…

pick up asian women

BONUS PRODUCT #1: Advanced Dating & Attraction Tactics (value: $39.99). In this special report, an expert on seducing Asian women shares with you his full arsenal of tactics & techniques for attracting and sleeping with hot Asian girls. (By the way, this guy works a regular job in the U.S. He doesn’t have much money. He certainly doesn’t have movie-star looks. But he’s figured out a system for hooking up with Asian women that works like a charm. He’ll explain how to build a new lifestyle so that you will literally be surrounded by beautiful Asian girls who compete for your attention!

pick up asian woman

In this exclusive video coaching module, Gambler — the top pickup artist in the U.K., and the legendary founder of PUA Training (which runs worldwide seminars that teach guys how to become massively successful with women) gives you more than 60 minutes of tips on how to approach and pick up girls — “stealth seduction” style. This means you will never get blown off, and you will always know what to say next, to guide the conversation towards a successful seduction. (Gambler’s seminars normally cost well over $1,000 — and this video gives you a free front-row seat as he explains the secrets of “Stealth Seduction” — and applies them on a scorching-hot girl!)

asian bargirl

BONUS PRODUCT #3: “How To Approach Women: The Complete Audio Course” (value: $49.97).

In this two-hour audio course (in mp3 format), Dean Cortez breaks down how to make the “perfect approach” in any situation. In Volume One, Dean explains how to recalibrate your attitude and mindset so that you will be fearless with women, neutralize your “approach anxiety,” and make approaching women a fun new part of your lifestyle — whether it’s at bars and nightclubs, or during the daytime. You’ll be ready to approach beautiful women any time, any place!

Then, in Volume Two, Dean digs deep to reveal the specific tactics & techniques that the world’s top seducers use to “break the ice” with women (and even groups of hot girls) and engage them in “strategic conversations” that lead to seduction.

date asian women

BONUS PRODUCT #4: “101 Romantic Ideas” (value: $29.97). Asian women love a romantic, thoughtful guy. In this bonus book, best-selling relationship expert Michael Webb gives you 101 creative ways to surprise and delight your lover. These ideas are the perfect way to melt a girl’s heart and make her cherish and love you forever…

date asian woman

BONUS PRODUCT #5: “The Internet Action Pack” (value: $59.97). For this bonus, we’ve included not one…not two…but three special reports that contain insanely powerful methods for meeting and seducing women online. You’ll get…

“Insider Internet Dating: The Recon Profile Method” which explains a killer tactic for creating the “ultimate profile” that women will be drawn towards — and will guarantee that your emails get a reply. This is the exact technique that the author of this report used to pick up 398 women online!

We’ve also included “The Facebook Pickup Method” by online seduction guru Derek Lamont — your guide to using, the world’s most popular social networking site, to meet an unlimited, endless supply of hot women.

And finally, the seduction masters at Mack Tactics have pitched in to give you “Dating Asian Women Online” — which is specifically geared towards helping you meet Asian women on the Internet. You’ll learn how to instantly identify the girls who are only going to waste your time, and the ones who have potential — whether you’re looking for some fun casual sex, or a long-term relationship.

meet asian girls

BONUS PRODUCT #6: ADVANCED PERSUASION & CONVERSATION TACTICS TO USE WITH WOMEN (value: $39.99). This e-book explains how to incorporate the most advanced persuasion methods to turbo charge your conversations with women. You’ll learn how to use the “Cold Read” technique that psychics and palm readers use to amaze people with their “powers of perception”… and how to use this clever trick to make women think you can “read” their minds! You’ll also learn an arsenal of special approach & attraction techniques, and ways to use “Power Phrases” and “Teases” to make her feel sexually turned on…without even consciously knowing why!

meet asian women

BONUS PRODUCT #7: MYSTERY GIFT (value: ???) I’m not done giving away free stuff just yet. When you purchase the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” program today, you’ll gain access to even MORE cool, free stuff that will help you with your attraction and dating game. I told you that this was the complete package, and I’m holding true to my word. These extra secret bonuses will only be available for a limited time…if you come back tomorrow and see that this offer has changed, please do not e-mail me. There’s nothing I can do to change it!

So now you’re probably wondering how much this package of books, videos and bonus materials is going to cost you…because I know you’d love to know exactly how to seduce the hottest Asian girls, but you aren’t looking to spend a fortune…

And here’s where I can make you a pretty amazing discount offer — but only during this introductory period. (Once this period ends, the program will be sold for its regular price.)

Right now you can get Secrets of Dating Asian Women, along with the bonus package — with a 60-Day, 100% money-back guarantee — for only $97 $69 $47.

We invite you to test-drive this entire program, try out these tactics, and if this program does not get you BIG RESULTS within the next 60 days, just email us and request a refund.

It’s that simple. No hassles, no questions asked. We ask that you please delete the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” book from your hard drive — but you can keep all of the bonuses. (It’s our way of thanking you for giving this program a try.)

Obviously I wouldn’t be able to make you this offer unless I was 100% confident in the quality and power of this material. By the way, the guys who received “preview copies” have already sent me rave reviews, along with some stories that are too “X-Rated” for me to share with you here ;)

So, right now you’ve got a decision to make.

You can keep hoping to somehow meet the hot Asian girls you want to be with…you can continue trying to meet and date Asian women in the “usual” way, and waste endless amounts of time, energy and money…pursuing girls instead of making Asian girls pursue you

Or, you can make this small investment to ensure consistent, long-term success with all the fun, sexy, high-quality Asian women you can handle. (Really, you can’t put a price tag on all of the sexy, loving women and fun times you’ll enjoy with Asian girls once you learn these methods.)

Act Now, And You’ll Receive EVERYTHING In This Mega-Package…

dating asian womanSECRETS OF DATING ASIAN WOMEN, the massive book that explains everything you need to know about meeting, attracting, dating & seducing hot Asian women — whether you are visiting Asia, want to meet Asian girls in your area. This 167-page book covers it all, and explains how to overcome any challenge or obstacle that is standing between you and the Asian women of your dreams.

meet asian girls Stealth Seduction, a one-hour coaching video hosted by the infamous pickup artist known as “Gambler.” You’ll have a front-row seat at an actual PUA Training seminar (which guys around the world normally pay thousands of dollars to attend) as Gambler provides live demos that explain the “stealth” way to pick up women.

filipina dating How To Approach Women: The Audio Course, in which Dean Cortez explains how to overcome any any challenges you face when you want to approach girls and start conversations.

hot asian girls The Internet Dating Action Pack, which contains three special reports: “How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook,” “Insider Internet Dating,” and “Dating Asian Women Online.”

date asian women 101 Romantic Ideas, the ultimate resource whenever you want to do something sweet, unexpected and super-romantic to melt a woman’s heart and make her feel bonded to you.

sexy asian girls Advanced Persuasion & Conversation Tactics, our crash-course in how to ignite your interactions with women to create fast sexual attraction…

hot japanese girl Plus some Mystery Bonus Gifts to complete this package of exclusive bonuses!

Minutes From Now, You Can Download The Complete SECRETS OF DATING ASIAN WOMEN Program, Plus More Than $250 In Free Bonus Products. Here’s What To Do Next…

Order now and you’ll be directed to a secure web page where you will download all of these products straight to your computer. You won’t pay shipping costs or have to wait for delivery — it’s all instant and easy.

All purchases are processed through, which has processed millions of secure online transactions (over 10,000 every day and growing!). Clickbank also protects you with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Yes, we guarantee absolute 100% satisfaction for EVERY customer.

beautiful asian womenProtection #1: If within 60 days you decide this program isn’t for you, just erase the “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” e-book from your hard drive and email us for a 100% refund. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.

hot asian girlsProtection #2: Even if you request a refund, we want to thank you for giving this program a try. You’ll get to keep ALL of the Bonus Products, free of charge!

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meet asian women

Click here to try “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” totally risk-free for the next 60 days.

pick up asian girls

dating asian women

If you’ve come this far down the page, then I know you’re serious about taking action and HANDLING your dating life.

And this is the clear line that separates the winners from the losers.

Action is the real key to making it big in this world full of dreamers and talkers.

Anyone can say they want to get a hot girlfriend.

Anyone can dream of being with beautiful Asian women.

But the rewards come only to those who actually DO SOMETHING, not just talk about doing something.

You can elect to grab the keys within your reach now, or continue living your life as usual.

I think the choice is clear…

asian dating

Your Wingman,

hot asian women

P.S. Why waste another weekend thinking, “if only I could find the right girlfriend…”, or “why are all the Asian girls I want to meet so hard to talk to, or stuck up…(actually, they’re none of those things — they’re HOPING to meet a guy who knows how to talk to them and flip their “attraction switches”! It’s all in the book…)

P.P.S. You’re about to get the ultimate system for dating Asian women, along with bonus products worth hundreds of dollars, all downloaded straight to your computer. And remember, it’s all completely risk-free.

“Your Book Showed Me How To Avoid The Scams And Find The Real Thing.”

“I was doing the internet chat thing with girls in Asia. Long story short, I found out that she had several other “internet boyfriends” sending her money from different countries! I then used your lessons to meet a beautiful Japanese girl who lives in my city. The stuff you say in the book about Japanese women is totally spot-on…it helped me to understand her and make our relationship stronger.”
- Danny, UK

“Your Advice On Approaching Asian Women Is Pure Gold…”

“I took my first trip to the Philippines and I couldn’t believe how beautiful and nice the women were! There was one gorgeous girl in particular who I saw working at the mall but she seemed shy and I wasn’t sure how to talk to her. I read your chapter on ‘Approaching Asian Women” and found the perfect way to break the ice with her. Now she’s my girlfriend. Your advice on approaching Asian women is pure gold!”
- Ed, Nevada

“GREAT Pointers On Meeting Asian Women, No Matter Where You Live.”

“I’ve always been attracted to Asian ladies, but you won’t find these cuties at the bars in my town! They don’t really seem to hang out at night. But your book gave me some GREAT pointers about where to find Asian women no matter where you live. I’m now dating three girls (Thai, Filipina, Vietnamese) and I know the ‘secret spots’ to meet plenty more! My friends are begging me show them my secret ‘goldmines’ — but for now, I’m keeping them to myself! Sorry guys! Lol…”
- Dennis, Connecticut

“I’d Been Learning ‘Pickup’…But Attracting Asian Girls Was One Of My Sticking Points. Now I Know Exactly How To Talk To Them.”

“I’d been studying ‘pickup’ for a while…but there are LOTS of hot Asian girls at the clubs and attracting them was always one of my sticking points. I had a tough time ‘opening’ them. I didn’t know if it was because they were shy, or maybe it’s their culture??…I needed some help with it. Your program kicks ass, dude. I used the approach and conversation tactics to get three phone numbers at the club last night. I have a date with a SMOKING HOT Chinese girl tomorrow and now I know exactly where to bring her and how to handle every step…”
- Jesse, Los Angeles

“Your Insights Into Asian Culture Helped Me Understand This In A New Way.”

“I’ve been visiting Asia for many years and had relationships with a lot of women, but I always got the WRONG women who were mostly interested in what was inside my wallet. After reading your book, I started meeting a new level of girls. The pickup techniques in your book are brilliant (obviously Dean you have spent a LOT of time in Asia perfecting this stuff!!) but it was the insights into their culture that helped me understand these women in a new way.”
- Mike, Georgia

“I Vowed To Never Marry Another Woman In My Country…”

“After nearly 25 years of marriage (and a divorce that nearly ruined me), I vowed to never marry another woman in my country. But for a guy my age (52), options are limited to women who have a ton of baggage and totally ridiculous expectations. I’d been told that Asian women are the way to go. Thankfully I read your book BEFORE conducting my internet search. I was able to weed out the women with dishonest intentions and find a woman who is honest, sincere & loving. She’ll be joining me in Ireland soon.”
- Jim, Dublin

“I’m Looking Forward To Using Your ‘Facebook’ Opening Line Again Next Weekend At The Asian Club In My Town…”

“I’m color-blind when it comes to beauty. But I have to say that some of the straight-up most EXOTIC and prettiest girls I’ve seen are Asian. Dean, I’ve read all of your books and when you said you were over in Asia working on an ‘Asian Women’ project I was extremely curious. Well i just finished reading the book and it’s f*****g awesome. I’m looking forward to the weekend so I can go back to the Filipino club in my town and use your ‘Facebook’ opener again to hook up…”
- Scott, Las Vegas

“Dean, How Can A White Guy Know This Much About Seducing Asian Women?”

beautiful asian women

“Dean, I figured your product was mostly for white guys but your other books are awesome so I bought this one…DAMN bro you really understand asian girls and how to smooth-talk them and make them HORNY for you!! i am using these tactics in hong kong and getting laid like crazy. i can’t believe a white boy like you knows all this stuff ;)
- JK, Hong Kong


hot asian girls

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