Author: Dean Cortez

Dean Cortez is an international playboy and the creator of "Mack Tactics," which is widely considered to be the #1 system ever created for creating attraction with women and achieving your ultimate dating life.

Dean Answers Questions About Philippines Food

Joseph asks… do you think food in Philippines is better than food here in America? do you think food in Philippines is better than food here in America? why? Dean answers: To answer this seemingly generalise query…. Most Filipinos have extreme taste buds than most Americans which means if the food is sweet then filipino cook it really very sweet…

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Dean Answers Questions About Philippines History

Chris asks… Philippines History? Specially when the U.S took over the Philippines after Spain was defeated. Or the imperialism of America to the PH. Can you provide me a lots of info pls! Dean answers: Victors write history. I suggest you look it up in the U.S. Congress Library, or other official web sites of US agencies. For a version…

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Dean Answers Your Questions About Yahoo Thailand

Thomas asks… What happenes if you ask a question on Thailand yahoo answers? At the bottom of the paige with all the flags and countries, when I clicked Thailand everything was in Thailand language, what would happen if I asked a question there in English? Dean answers: You might get a violation notice for using the wrong language if reported…

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Dean Answers Questions About Japanese Translator

David asks… If I want to become a japanese translator what do I need to do? Besides learning the language of course. I’d like to learn Japanese and then use it as a translator while I live in Japan. Dean answers: Learn the culture and customs along with the language….japanese history is extremely interesting and you will be suprised to…

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