If you’re interested in dating Asian women, here are some tips to help you become more successful. (Note: These Asian dating tips apply if you’re in an Asian country, as well as in Western countries where there are Asian women to be found!)

Asian Dating Tip #1: Be Well Groomed

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This is an essential, but often overlooked, Asian dating tip. Making yourself attractive to Asian women begins with being properly groomed. Asian girls, by nature, are extremely hygienic people. When you’re out meeting Asian women, or on a date, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed. Wear long pants, not shorts. Shoes, not sneakers or sandals.

You can’t go wrong with a clean-shaven look and a good haircut. And staying well-groomed goes beyond the hair on your head. If you have thick body hair, buy a pair of clippers and trim it down—or if you really want to look (and feel) smooth, have those parts of your body waxed. I also recommend picking up a small pair of clippers that can be used to trim the hair in your nostrils and ears, as well as your eyebrows.

(This might sound “feminine” to you, but women love a guy who is well-groomed—and remember, they’re used to being around Asian guys who have very little body hair. While a hairy chest looks masculine, no woman is turned on by thick hair on your back and shoulders, or sprouting out of your nose!)

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Asian women also have a very keen sense of smell, and your smell is an indicator about your general level of cleanliness. If she detects any unsavory odors, you can forget about getting intimate with her later on.

Buy some decent cologne and use it (but don’t overdo it). If you’re clueless about cologne, just go to the mall and ask a saleswoman to recommend a good scent for men. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quick Asian women will be to notice your pleasant smell and compliment you.

Asian Dating Tip #2: Stay fit.

Obviously there are many reasons for you to exercise, watch what you eat, and stay in shape. But when it comes to being successful at Asian dating, this is particularly important because of what it says about you. Men who stay in shape obviously care about, and value, themselves. This is an Alpha Male characteristic. Men who allow themselves to grow huge beer guts obviously do not value themselves so much—and if you don’t seem to care about yourself, what does that say about your ability to care for a woman?

The genetics of Western men give them a natural ability to build muscle, particularly in their arms and shoulders. It’s not so easy for Asian men to build up their physiques. Take advantage of this, and put in the effort to develop an upper body that women will notice. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day. Hit the weights a few days a week and get plenty of cardio exercise, and work on giving your torso a “V” shape so that your shoulders are a good deal wider than your waist.

Asian women generally prefer men with lean muscle over hulking, square-jawed types. (Think of a professional soccer player vs. a professional wrestler.) When a guy’s muscles are too “pumped up” they might find it strange or intimidating, because these types of men rarely exist in their culture.

Asian Dating Tip #3: Be the decision maker and problem solver.

You’ll find that younger Asian women are generally not good at problem solving or coping with emergencies. This is because in a typical Asian household, the parents take care of everything for them (especially for the girls). The kids often lead very sheltered lives. It doesn’t matter whether they are rich are poor. The rich kids will be spoiled and pampered by nannies; the poor kids usually don’t ever venture beyond their neighborhood, and grow up lacking “real world” experience. They don’t have any of the social sophistication that we do as Westerners; we’re used to meeting new people from different backgrounds and trying new things. The worldview of an Asian girl who comes from a poor upbringing will be extremely limited.

The result is that as they get older, they aren’t equipped to deal with problems and will often “freak out” when they can’t figure out what to do. Something that you would consider to a minor annoyance—such as your car breaking down, losing your cell phone, etc.—can reduce an Asian woman to tears. This is when they will turn to you.

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And, as I explained before, it’s important for you to be the decision-maker when you’re with an Asian woman. You don’t need to always ask for her input or suggestions when it’s time to make plans for next Friday night, or to decide where to eat or which movie to see. If you bring her to a restaurant where she isn’t familiar with the cuisine, order for her. Asian women appreciate if when you can be counted on to make good decisions. And they expect you, as a man, to be calm and strong when problems arise. This is perhaps the most important Asian dating tip of them all — always make her feel safe, secure and comfortable in your presence.

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