Loving Every Inch: Physical Characteristics Of Asian Women

hot filipinaObviously, beautiful Asian women have distinct physical traits that make them quite unlike the women of our own culture. They also have certain beliefs about their appearance that you may find surprising!

Ironically, sometimes the features we love most about Asian women are the features they consider to be “ugly” and want to change.

I’ve found this is often true with women in the Philippines, who tend to be critical of their own looks. Over there, unless a girl has the exact “look” that Filipinos revere—tall with flawless pale skin—she will often believe she is pangit (ugly). Even if to foreigners, her dark skin and petite figure makes her absolutely adorable!

They do not accept compliments well. Tell one of these girls that she is pretty, and she will avert her eyes and say “no I’m not.” Or, “no, I’m pangit.” (Even if this is a girl who would get hit on left and right by American millionaires!)

A lot of foreigner guys find this quality of Asian women endearing, since it’s the opposite of how beautiful Western women carry themselves—as if they are goddesses who won’t stoop to talk to any guy who isn’t sporting six-pack abs and a Ferrari. Filipina girls tend to be shy and insecure, but secretly they love it when a guy tells them how beautiful they are.

The cool thing is, you can say this to a girl you just met! I’ll start chatting with an Asian salesgirl at the mall and make a remark about how beautiful she is. A hot Western girl might assume I was some creep trying to hit on her. An Asian girl will give me the “shy smile,” look away, and tell me she’s not pretty…but inside, she’s flattered and touched.

hot asian ladiesTheir Skin

Asian women tend to avoid the sun, since they want to keep their skin tone as light as possible. They also fear getting wrinkles. (A great idea for a gift is to buy your girl a trip to the spa, so she can get a facial and get her hair and nails done. This is always a big hit.)

By the way, since many Asian women don’t want to get darker—as it implies low status and poverty—be sure to ask about this before you plan to take a girl to the beach. When guys visit the Philippines or Thailand, they’ll often want to meet a girl who they can take to one of the beautiful beach areas—such as Ko Samui in Thailand, or Boracay or Palawan in the Philippines.

I’ve known guys who shelled out for plane tickets and a hotel to bring their honey to a spectacular white-sand beach—only to have the girl want to stay in the hotel room the whole time, because she didn’t want to get darker. This isn’t true of all Asian women—some love lying out in the sun and swimming all day—but it’s something to find out about before you plan your beach holiday.

Their Eyes

Surprisingly, Asian singles tend to be self-conscious about one of the physical traits that foreigners find most attractive: their exotic, narrow eyes. Actually, one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Asia is widening the woman’s eyelids so that her eyes look more “Western.”

Their natural eye color is always brown. You’ll occasionally see women with striking blue or green eyes—but these are colored contact lenses. The girls think that this looks cool and stylish; in my opinion, it looks freaky and weird.

Their Lips

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Asian women can also be self-conscious about their lips, which tend to less “plump” and full than those of the Hollywood actresses and supermodels they look up to. Lip injections are the second-most popular cosmetic surgery in Asia. Personally, I would never pay to have my girlfriend alter her eyes or lips to look more Western. You probably feel the same way. If your girl complains about her features, a solution is to take her to the department store and visit the cosmetics counter. Have one of the cosmetics girls give her a “makeover.” Some expertly applied eye shadow, lipstick, etc. is sure to make her feel more beautiful.

Their Breasts

Here’s another body part which many Asian women are self-conscious about, due to the influence of Western media. A lot of Asian girls wish they could have big breasts like the American sex symbols (most of whom have implants).

I’ve known Western guys who’ve bought fake breasts for their girlfriends. Bangkok, an international Mecca for cosmetic surgery, is a popular place to have this done—for a lot cheaper than what you’d pay at a top clinic in the West.

If you decide to bestow a new pair of artificial juggs upon your Asian sweetheart, just be warned: nothing stands out in a crowd like a cute girl showing off a pair of big fake tits. (And believe me, she’ll want to show them off.) Expect her to get hit on constantly. While it may sound appealing to be the envy of every guy when you’re out with your surgically-enhanced Asian girlfriend, you may find yourself getting very annoyed with all the attention she receives from men—especially when you’re not with her.

Their Ears

Once you’ve gotten to know an Asian woman and you’re enjoying an intimate conversation, whispering something sweet into her ear is a very seductive move that will send tingles up her spine. It’s a very intimate act. I’ve found that Asian women love to be whispered to; maybe it’s because it reminds them of the secrets and gossip they exchanged with their friends when they were younger.

This is also a cute way to exchange “secrets” with her and enhance the sense that the two of you share a special bond. And, since Asian women virtually always have pierced ears, a lovely pair of earrings is always a good gift idea.

sexy filipinaHer Hands

In most Asian cultures, hands are considered to be a “map” of your health. If an Asian women inspects your hands and seems to be “reading” your palm, it’s not because she is trying to predict your future. She’s trying to get a sense of your overall health, and how healthy you will be in the future.

As with darker skin, rough hands are associated with lower-class people. Smooth hands are associated with the wealthy and social elite. Booking your girl a manicure at a high-end nail salon is always appreciated. She’ll probably choose clear nail polish, since red nails are associated with lower-class girls (i.e. hookers).

A final note: if you decide to take the plunge and buy your girl an engagement ring to wear on her hand, make sure it’s of high-quality gold. A silver ring is a sign of a marriage that is destined to fail. For the stone in the wedding band, choose a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire. These stones signify wealth and long life.

One guy I know made quite a romantic and creative gesture: he found out the birthstones of her closest family members (father, mother, brother and sister) and included those stones into her wedding ring. This symbolic inclusion of her family said to her that she was embracing not only her, but her family. This got an excellent reaction, as you can imagine.

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Her Back

Asians believe that this body part is the channel for “chi”: our life force. This is why you’ll notice that Asian women tend to have excellent posture and walk with poise. They are taught that a straight spine, and keeping the energy centers of the body “open,” are important for one’s health. It’s a big reason why Yoga and Tai’Chi are very popular among Asian people. If your girl practices one of these disciplines, a great way to bond with her is to have her teach it to you, or accompany her to some classes. Just as she cares deeply about her own health and “life force,” so should you. Stand up straight, soldier!

Her Feet

I’m a sucker for an Asian woman with a pair of beautiful, toned legs and high-heeled shoes. Asian women are crazy about shoes—maybe even more so than Western women, since they’re shorter than Westerners and want to add extra inches to their stature.

Taking your girl to the mall and letting her pick out a pair of high-heeled shoes is an excellent move. (You will be paying for them, of course.) If the girl puts up a cute little protest and says “no, it’s ok, I don’t need any,” I always tell her that it’s a gift for both of us—because I love it when she looks and feels sexy. This always get a great reaction! She picks out a pair of shoes, and we’re both happy.

Note: I realize that as I discussed these physical features, I’ve provided you with a bunch of gift ideas which will also help you how to get an Asian girlfriend. If you’ve read my other books about attracting and seducing women, you might be thinking, “Hey, isn’t buying gifts for a woman a bad thing, because it shows that you’re trying hard to impress her?”

Well, it’s true that I normally counsel guys against buying gifts for women (unless they’re in the “serious relationship” stage). With beautiful Asian women, I take a slightly different approach. I don’t spend a lot of money on any woman. But, with Asian girls I’m more open to buying them small gifts here and there in the early stages of the relationship, because this is ingrained into their culture. They expect there to be a sense of “courtship,” and this means buying her little things now and then.

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