Do Asian Women Prefer Western Men?

asian womanThe short answer is that yes, many do—and I’ll give you some reasons why. Just keep in mind that beautiful Asian women don’t necessarily have any of these preferences. They might simply be looking for a loving man to share their life with, regardless of his ethnicity. I have found, however, that most Asian women do have at least one of the following preferences…

Western guys are bigger and more physically masculine. I’m not saying this makes us “superior” to Asian men in any way, but it’s a fact that Western men are, on average, significantly taller, larger and stronger than Asian men. We also have hairy bodies, while Asian men have very little body hair. Western women see these qualities as signs of masculinity and virility. Many Asian women feel the same way once they’ve dated a Western guy; they love the feeling of being held and protected by a strong man (and they love playing with our chest hair, too).

Because Asian women tend to be so petite, you certainly don’t need to be over six feet tall and have bulging muscles to feel like a “big man.” Even a regular-sized Western guy feels big when he walks around in Asia.

Note: In the Philippines, if you’ve got a belly a lot of Asian girls won’t hold it against you. They actually like it! It’s a sign that you’ve got money and can afford to keep yourself well-fed. Filipino guys hanging around on the street will often hike up their tee-shirts and show off their guts, to show off the fact that they’re “healthy” and well-fed.

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single asian womanWestern guys have a “movie star quality.” Hollywood movies are hugely popular in Asia. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are practically as well-known overseas as they are in the United States. If you’re a relatively good-looking white guy, you’ve got a certain built-in appeal because women in Asia associate your “look” with the actors they enjoy watching. (Obviously there are handsome black movie stars as well, but the actors I just mentioned are the ones that are especially popular in Asia.)

By the way, I’ve noticed that Japanese women seem particularly interested in black guys. I think it’s for a few reasons. One, the girls have all heard how “well endowed” black guys are, and are curious about it. Second, many African-American rappers and athletes are heroes to young Japanese people. Just by being black, you are “cool” in their estimation—and if you have a bit of “bad boy” swagger, even better. The girls love it. While there are tons of young Japanese guys strolling around in hip-hop fashions and trying to act “black,” they have to respect the real thing!

I should also note that while black men have a ton of options for women in the Philippines, they will encounter Filipina girls who only want to hook up with light-skinned men—because they want to have light-skinned children. This isn’t because they’re prejudiced against black people. It’s because in the Filipino culture, dark skin is an indicator of poverty and low social status. Light skin is symbolic of higher status, wealth and beauty. So, a girl from a low-status family probably won’t care whether you are white or black—but a high-status girl with light skin is probably not going to want dark babies. Of course, there are exceptions. I’m just letting you know how it usually is.

Western men are less chauvinistic. Some Asian women feel limited by the confines of their culture and by the expectations that Asian men have of them. A modern, educated Asian woman who wants to pursue her own career and interests may not have those opportunities where she comes from. Certainly, not all Asian women in today’s world want to play the role of the stay-at-home wife. If she believes that Western men are more understanding of women who want to be independent and pursue careers, she’s going to want to be with this type of man.

sexy asian ladyWestern guys don’t believe in “arranged” marriages. In many Asian cultures, arranged marriages are still common. Basically, her parents get together with an Asian guy’s parents and they decide that their kids are going to be married for the good of both families. Romance doesn’t enter into it; it’s more like a business decision. But a lot of Asian singles are looking for true love and romance, and they’ve seen enough Hollywood movies to know that Western guys are looking for the same type of thing.

They yearn for romance, excitement and adventure. The future can look dull and bleak for an Asian woman who hasn’t managed to land a husband by her mid-twenties. By the age of 25 a single Asian woman is considered “over the hill!” It becomes a lot more difficult for her to find a husband in her own culture if she is divorced, widowed or has a child, since Asian men see these women as “damaged goods.” She fears growing old alone and is probably stuck in a dead-end job. These women, who aren’t considered “perfect prospects” by Asian men, can be some of the best possibilities for a Western guy. She will be absolutely thrilled to meet a nice, stable foreign man who can offer her happiness, romance and a break from her monotonous routine (work, go home to her parents, sleep). Also, these women are far less likely to play games with you or give you the run-around. If you’re willing to commit to them, they will commit to you fully and passionately.

She might want to emigrate to a Western country. Virtually every Asian woman who is trying to meet guys online is hoping to find a husband who will take her out of her country. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s only looking for some guy who can get her a Green Card. But, building a new life in another country will definitely high on her list of goals.

Her perceptions of what life is like in the West may be naive, based on what she’s seen on TV and in the movies. (Obviously, we don’t all live in sunny California in a big house with a front lawn.) But if she comes from a poor province in the Philippines or China, she knows that moving anywhere in the West will give her a better lifestyle and a chance to help her family. Or, she may have a college degree or a career—such as nursing—that will earn her much more money in a Western country.

She wants to be a member of Western society. Many Asian women of this generation are addicted to Western-style foods, fashion and pop culture (movies, music, etc). The traditions and attitudes of their own country may seem “stuffy” compared to the independent, free-spirited lifestyle that Westerners seem to have. If she comes from a communist country, she may desire to live in a society that encourages people to think for themselves.

She wants to have kids with Caucasian physical features. This a big motivator for a lot of Asian women. Caucasian kids are generally larger and stronger than Asian kids, and again, they love that light skin. During my time in the Philippines I’ve had numerous women (whom I didn’t know that well!) ask me to impregnate them. They didn’t care if I stuck around to raise the kid. They just wanted a “half-half” (a white/Filipino child), which they consider to be beautiful.

hot asian womanNeedless to say, I didn’t grant this request. But it goes to show you just how powerful their desire is to have light-skinned children.

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And one more thing that a lot of Asian women believe (and I hope it’s true in your case):

Western guys are better lovers. Apparently, it’s true what everyone says about how the penis sizes of black, white and Asian men measure up. Ethnographic studies out have found that on average, black males have the largest penises, followed by white males and then Asian males. Of course, being good in bed isn’t just about size. It’s about being sensitive to the woman’s desires and making sure she has as good a time as you do. Western guys tend to like “pleasing” women in bed. Asian guys generally aren’t as concerned about that. It’s more of a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” type of deal.

So, when you get hot Asian women into bed, spend a lot of extra time with foreplay and really drive her wild. Then make sure you give her at least one awesome orgasm. (If you come first, go down on her or do whatever you need to do to give her an orgasm.)

If she hasn’t been with a Western guy before, this could be a first for her—and you’ll totally blow her mind! I’ve given many Asian women their first orgasms. A lot of them had slept with Asian guys but had never reached a climax. They hadn’t even masturbated before. (For some reason, most Asian girls think that masturbating is somehow wrong or weird—until you show them how do to it! Then, they love it…)

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