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Every year, more men from Western countries are seeking out single Asian women to date and marry, and there are many reasons why Asian singles are so popular. Here are a few:

Asian Singles are spiritually grounded.

Many single Asian women observe a religion and take it seriously. Whether she worships God, Buddha or whomever, religion tends to give Asian women a sense of calmness and inner peace that many Western women lack. Asian singles don’t need to do constant “soul searching” and fret about what is lacking in their lives. For the Asian woman, a loving partner, a happy, healthy household, and the love of her family and God is enough.

Asian Singles have a hardworking nature.

Single Asian women typically start helping out their families from a very young age, waking up early to help out with house-hold chores. This is a dramatic difference from the way children are typically raised in Western countries. Also, Asian singles believe in working hard in order to provide a better future for their families.

This is evident in immigrant communities throughout the Western world; they’ll work 24 hours a day if it means being able to send money home and enabling family members to migrate there and join them. These people respect the value of hard work — and Asian singles from this type of background are not going to turn into a spoiled “princess” once you marry them.

Asian Singles take great pride in their appearance.

Even if they’re only stepping out to shop for groceries, Asian singles always want to look presentable. Going to the salon is a ritual. They feel it’s important to “stay sexy” for their man. This is a far cry from the way many Western women behave once they’re married and no longer need to worry about landing a husband. They start packing on the pounds, and would rather wear sweat pants and baggy shirts than the short skirts and tight-fitting jeans that sexy Asian singles prefer.

(If you’re still wondering why Western women have negative things to say about Western guys who marry Asian women…can you say jealousy?)

Asian Singles can genuinely love an older guy.

In America, once a guy begins to feel “old” he believes that his dating options are limited to women his own age. I’m not just talking about guys who have reached retirement age. Even guys who are in their 30s start to think that women in their 20s are “out of their range!” Which is crazy to me…

In Asia, it’s perfectly normal for older guys to be with younger women (and I’m not just talking about the girls who can be “rented” for the night). A 40-year-old Westerner is considered young by many of the local ladies in Asia! In fact, if you’re under the age of 40, some Asian women will rule you out because they feel you’re not yet mature and responsible enough for a serious relationship!

When you’re in some Asian countries, it’s common to see men dating beautiful Asian singles who are 20 years younger than they are (or even more). The age difference isn’t even an issue. At first, it can be jarring to see so many middle-aged (or elderly!) men strolling hand-in-hand with their sexy, much younger girlfriends…but as long as these men treat them with respect, it can all work out blissfully. I know of many examples.

I should add, however, that relationships with Asian singles that involve drastic age differences are obviously going to encounter difficulties in the West. (For one thing, the old guy is going to face constant competition from younger, fitter men hitting on his lady.) These types of relationships do work better if the couple is living in Asia. But in the West, older men can still enjoy love and happiness with a significantly younger Asian woman—as long as both people entered into the relationship because of love, and not due to other motives.

This is because Asian singles see older guys as being more mature, responsible, wiser and more financially stable than guys their own age. In their culture, elders are respected because of this (whereas in America, sadly, the elderly are often pitied or even ridiculed).

Hopefully, no matter your age, you take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance. If this is the case, you won’t have an “expiration date” with Asian women, and the relationships you have with significantly younger women can be absolutely genuine. They will respect your maturity, your life experience, and the fact that you can provide a secure, stable home. This is what they are looking for ultimately. They consider the flashy, handsome guys their own age to be irresponsible “playboys” who don’t take relationships seriously.

If you’re over the age of 35 and you’re willing to get on a plane and travel to Asia, you will find that Asian singles look at your age in a totally different way than they do in Western countries. I remember when I visited Asia for the first time and went to Indonesia and Thailand. I was in my mid-twenties. The women treated me like a rock star…it was mind-blowing to have thousands of beautiful young women staring at me and smiling everywhere I went, hoping that I would approach them!

But there was a flip side. Some girls considered me “too young” to take seriously! (Even if they were only a few years younger than I was.) I remember meeting one incredibly hot Indonesian girl at a nightclub, and despite my best efforts, she turned me down because she said I wasn’t old enough for her! (I was 26; she was 22.)

When’s the last time a beautiful girl in your country, who was actually younger than you, said you weren’t “old enough” to date her?

Well, this super-sexy Indonesian babe, like many other Asian women, was looking for an older guy who they felt was capable of a serious relationship. Sure, they might go out and have fun with guys their own age, but at the same time they’re looking for boyfriends and husbands who are older. And they will love these older men passionately!

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In the “foreigner-friendly” parts of Asia, as long as you’re presentable, respectful and single, you will literally have hordes of younger Asian women wanting to meet you and be with you—whether it’s for one amazing night, or for the rest of your life. And the better you take care of yourself, the greater your options will be.

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Asian Singles make a man feel like a MAN.

This is the biggest reason why so many men feel compelled to be with Asian singles. The pure femininity of Asian women encourages the man to play the masculine role in the relationship, and she loves him for it.

Plus, their petite size makes a man feel physically big and strong, even if he isn’t a big “hunk” by Western standards. (On the other hand, you’ve got to have some bulk these days to handle the “white whales” in America. I read somewhere that the average weight of an American woman has reached 169 pounds—the size of some NFL defensive backs!)

In short, Western women make us feel small; Asian women make us feel big. Does this mean that we are insecure and need to have our egos stroked? No. It means that Asian women allow us to feel like the masculine beings we were born to be. They love us for our masculinity, instead of making us suppress it.

As I said before, our genetic programming plays a big role in our attraction to Asian women. As men, we are attracted to women who embody femininity. We want to be their protectors, and we naturally mesh with Asian women because they desire a man who is strong, secure and able to provide for them and protect them.

Again, it’s a whole other story in the Western world. The idea that men and women are equal, as far as career opportunities and salaries, is perfectly okay with me. But feminists have taken it a step further and promoted the idea that there is no difference between men and women. They believe that women don’t need men for anything; women can work and support themselves, and if they want children, they can get artificially inseminated.

Has this attitude made us a better, more progressive society? I would say “no.” Divorce rates are through the roof and rising every year. I’m hard pressed to think of a single marriage I know of between two Westerners in which both people are genuinely happy and fulfilled—emotionally, sexually and otherwise.

Instead, we have millions of men who think they need to conceal their masculine traits and be softer and more sensitive in order to attract women. Once they land a girlfriend (or a wife), they surrender control to her and work their asses off to keep her living in the manner she is accustomed to.

Ironically, these so-called “modern, independent” women are often quick to quit their jobs and abandon their careers as soon as they have a husband to support them. The difference with Asian women is that they take pride in managing the household and being a homemaker, and they respect the man’s role as the protector and provider.

Western women seem to get increasingly bitter — demanding control over their man, but at the same time constantly nagging him and “testing” him, as they try to force him to show a backbone. They do this because they are in an unnatural relationship which runs counter to the way we’ve been programmed as human beings! I do not believe that any female truly wants to be with a male who is submissive and follows orders. (This is why “nice guys” who kiss women’s asses find it hard to land girlfriends, while the “bad boys” get laid all they want.)

Women never feel safe and secure with a weak, submissive guy. Yet Western women have been conditioned to believe that it’s right for them to “wear the pants” in their relationships. This only results in a lot of anxiety, confusion and misery for both people. (Hence, the skyrocketing divorce rates.) With relationships between Western guys and Asian singles, there is a clear distinction between the masculine and the feminine role — and this is necessary for long-term happiness.

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