Using Asian Dating Services To Meet Beautiful Asian Women

asian dating services
Asian Dating Services Have Hot Girls!

The Internet has transformed the way that Asian women correspond with men from the West, and there are some incredible free Asian dating services that are helping millions of Asian girls and Westerners to meet each year. Prior to the Internet, men would subscribe to “foreign dating services” and receive brochures containing the names and pictures of Asian women looking for love. Then, the man would send a handwritten letter to the girl he was interested in, and hopefully begin a “pen pal” correspondence. Weeks would pass between each correspondence!

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Asian dating services are so much different today! The Internet has opened the floodgates to allow millions of women to interact instantly with men from the West. Many spend their days and nights huddled over keyboards in Internet cafes, searching for Mr. Right.

For some girls using Asian dating services, this means finding a man they can marry, love and cherish forever. But for others, it means finding a sucker who will fork over cash to support them and their families.

For a “scammer” who knows how to play this game, it’s not that hard to do; just as the Internet has made it possible for Asian women to meet men overseas whom they had no access to before, these Asian dating services have given hope to thousands of naive men who can’t score a date in their own country to save their lives.

As long as you have a decent-looking profile with one of these Asian dating services, you will likely be bombarded with emails and requests to chat. The tricky part is knowing how to distinguish the girls who have real potential from the ones who are only going to be a waste of your time. One of the reasons why men find themselves drawn towards Asian dating sites (such as and is that the girls on these sites seem so sweet, humble, and down-to-earth compared to attractive Western women with internet dating profiles. You’d be lucky to get a hot Western girl to reply to your email, since she probably gets a dozen a day; but on an Asian dating site, the tables are turned and you are the one in demand.

One thing that is essential to understand about Asian dating services, right off the bat, is that a lot of the women on these sites suffer from an “inferiority complex. While they may be beautiful in your eyes, they do not believe themselves to be attractive. This is because their definition of “beauty” is based on what they see on television, in magazines, and in Hollywood movies. The majority of girls who use these Asian dating services believe that light-skinned Western women are far more beautiful than they could ever hope to be.

What’s funny about these girls who use Asian dating services is that when they visit the West for the first time, they’re surprised to find that most Western women do not look like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, etc. Far from it! But when their only exposure to Western culture comes from our media machine, they naturally assume that our women are predominantly blonde, busty and gorgeous.

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A “Secret Tip” About Using Asian Dating Services…

When you strike up conversations over the Internet with girls who use Asian dating services, you will almost always find them to be insecure about their looks. As a result, in their profiles they will emphasize their other qualities. You’ll see a lot of girls describing themselves along these lines:

“Simple, thoughtful, caring and polite.”
“I’m not beautiful, I’m just a simple girl.”
“I am a little bit shy, naive, fair complexion, long hair. I am a simple but loving
person. I like to listen to music and hang out with my friends.”
“I’m just a simple but attractive woman, and I am loyal and honest.”
“Simple, caring, friendly, understanding and loving.”

As you can see, the word “simple” comes up a lot. You will almost never see a girl who uses Asian dating services boast about their looks. Many Western guys find this to be a refreshing change from the girls they normally meet in their own countries.

With Asian dating services, although the ultimate goal of most of the women is to find a man to marry, don’t think that these girls aren’t up for fun, casual relationships. If you actually travel to Asia and meet them, they will be thrilled to spend time with you. For a “simple” girl from a province, it’s a HUGE deal to have a foreigner visit her. If this happens, you can expect her to be very shy, and to bring along a “chaperone” on the first date. (Usually, this will be a sister or cousin.)

Follow the rules that are laid out in the Dating chapter of the my book “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women,” and everything should go very smoothly.

But if you are planning a trip to Asia, I would never suggest that you focus all of your efforts on one girl that you intend to spend time with. Meet a bunch by using Asian dating services. Line up a number of dates for when you visit!

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