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About Dean Cortez

My name is Dean Cortez. I’m a best-selling author and dating coach. I’ve written a series of books that are designed to help men unleash their inner “Alpha Male” and become more confident and successful with women. My books and programs include Mack Tactics, The Bad Boy Blueprint, and How To Approach Women.

I’ve always been particularly attracted to Asian women. I’ve been living and working in Asia for years, so this works out quite nicely. I have visited many Asian countries, and I’ve dated and hooked up with literally hundreds of Asian women from every background you could imagine—from airline stewardesses, to college students, models, famous actresses and strippers.

Does this make me a “player?” The girls might tell you that I am. (The popular expression when I’m in the Philippines is that I’m a “butterfly”—always moving from one flower to the next. I playfully tell them “No, I’m a helicopter.” I move much faster!)

But whether the girl was from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo or Manila, I’ve shown every one of these Asian babes a great time—whether it was for one hot night, or spending two weeks with them on an exotic tropical island in the South China Sea. I don’t lie to them about my intentions. The truth is, I’m not ready to settle down (though some of these girls have been so gorgeous and sweet that I’ve been tempted).

Personally, I still feel there are too many good times with amazing women to be had…and one thing you’ll learn about these girls is that they can be very jealous. When they attempt to “lock me down” (or start nagging with me jealous accusations), that’s usually my cue to gracefully end the relationship and move on to the next.

It’s the endless options in Asia that enable a man like me to enjoy his bachelor status to the max. Back in my home country of America, most men my age got married long ago—and not because they fell madly in love with that one wonderful, perfect woman who they wanted to grow old with. It was because basically, they were tired of not getting laid and so when they found a woman to be with (usually through random luck, not because of their charms or efforts), they quickly threw in the towel and vowed to be a faithful, committed boyfriend and then husband.

Anything to keep from having to go back to the singles scene, where they found dating to be confusing and depressing…

I started feeling attracted to Asian women many years before I made my first trip to “the source” overseas. One of my first girlfriends, when I was in high school, was a beauty from the Philippines. My friends at the time, who were preppy white guys from the Northeast United States, didn’t understand why I’d go for a girl like that. As a football-playing jock, I was supposed to be dating the blonde-haired cheerleader-types with names like “Britney” and “Buffy.” But there was always something about slim, sexy Asian girls — whether they were light-skinned Chinese, Korean or Japanese girls, or brown-skinned Filipinas with long, silky black hair—that captivated me.

I had numerous Asian girlfriends throughout college and afterwards. My longest-term relationships were with a Japanese girl when I lived in New York City (4 years) and a Filipina when I lived in Las Vegas (3 years). My love of Asian women was a big reason why I started traveling to Asia, and eventually moved myself, and my business, over to that part of the world.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to do this, and to be living in these times; prior to the Internet, I never would have had the ability to live overseas and operate my own business from anywhere in the world.

But, don’t think that my “game” isn’t equally sharp when I’m back in the U.S. I still spend a lot of time in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York—where there are a ton of cute Asian women, and these techniques are still highly effective.

From “Mack Tactics” To Dating Asian Women

Here’s the other interesting thing about my personal history, and the reason why I bring a unique perspective to this table. As I mentioned earlier, several years ago I wrote a popular book called Mack Tactics which teaches guys how to upgrade their skills with women, and become more confident and successful with dating.

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Much of the advice I give in that book is about understanding what really attracts women to men. And it’s often not what you’ve been led to believe.

(Women have “attraction switches” that any guy can learn how to flip—and it has nothing to do with your looks or the size of your bank account. In a nutshell, it’s about projecting the right masculine qualities that all women love, and knowing how to create sexual attraction instead of just being the “nice guy” that women just want to be friends with.)

I originally started learning these techniques by hanging around guys who were incredible “naturals”—who never had to worry about meeting girls or getting laid, because they seemed able to charm any woman they came into contact with.

These guys came from different backgrounds. Some were tall and handsome, others were very ordinary-looking. Some had highly successful careers; others were barely able to pay the rent. Yet they all had terrific instincts when it came to flirting with women and generating attraction.

They seemed to possess the “magic key” that made women want to sleep with them—while most other guys (myself included, at the time) were struggling to talk to girls, paralyzed by insecurities, and wasting our time and energy on bad relationships with the wrong girls.

At the same time that I was studying their tactics and techniques, an underground movement was forming on the Internet. It was known as “the seduction community.” Thousands of guys around the world were gathering on websites and participating on message boards which were devoted to the “craft” of picking up women.

Guys would post their questions and talk about their experiences “out in the field,” and the “pickup artists”—the guys who considered themselves experts in the art of seduction—would give their tips and write about their latest conquests. Sometimes this meant successfully picking up a “perfect 10” at a nightclub, or stealing a girl away from under her boyfriend’s nose.

I spent years studying this material and developing methods of my own, and I became a guru in my own right when I published Mack Tactics. This book contained a powerful step-by-step blueprint which guys could use to make themselves more confident, attractive and successful with women—from achieving the right mindset and attitude, to mastering different techniques for approaching girls, starting conversations, and getting phone numbers and dates.

Some guys used “the Tactics” to enjoy one-night stands with girls every time they hit  the bars and nightclubs; others used their newfound skills and confidence to find the perfect girlfriend.

The book spawned a website,, which to this day continues to offer new programs and resources for men who want to turbo-charge their dating lives. For virtually any situation you find yourself in with a woman, there is a typical response (which is how the average guy will behave), and then there is the “Mack” response—which means showcasing your confidence, charm and personality to increase her attraction instead of making her lose interest or blow you off. It also means knowing exactly how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that inevitably come up when you’re trying to build a romantic relationship with a girl.

And so, this website you are now visiting is very different from other guides to Asia and its women because it combines elements of “pickup”—such as approaches, conversation tactics, dating tips, and seduction strategies—with detailed information about Asian cultures and the specific “attraction triggers” of Asian women. If you want to know where to go in Thailand to get laid for cheap, or how to plan your beach holiday in the Philippines, there are plenty of other resources for that. This book is designed to show you how to be successful with Asian women on every level.

While the experience of writing Mack Tactics made me a recognized expert on pickup and seduction, and I enjoyed flings, casual sex and relationships with women of all backgrounds, my special fascination with Asian women has always remained. By the time of my first book’s publication, I’d already made several trips to Asia. My first trip was to Japan, to meet my then-girlfriend’s family. That experience altered me forever. I’m no stranger to big, exciting cities—I was born in Manhattan, New York—but the pace, energy, and excitement of Tokyo stimulated me like no other place on earth.

And the women! They were everywhere, staring at me, smiling at me…for the first time in my life, I felt like the “exotic” one. If you’ve never visited Asia (and assuming you are not a rock star), I’m sure you have never experienced the sensation of walking into a nightclub, or strolling at the shopping mall, and literally having hundreds of attractive women give you flirtatious looks and smiles. It’s like being in the shoes of a hot young Hollywood celebrity…everywhere you go.

As mind-blowing as Tokyo was, it’s not the most “user friendly” scene for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Japanese. So living in Japan wasn’t an option for me. But once I discovered other scenes, like Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, I began to imagine myself as an expat. The cost of living in those countries can be extremely low, and virtually all of the women you encounter in the cities speak some English—certainly enough for you to get a phone number and a date!

The Philippines became one of my favorite places to spend time because culturally, it’s the most Westernized of Asian countries. English is taught in the schools, and Filipinos have a fascination with all things American. Yet the cost of living is a fraction of what you’ll pay in the West.

Also, due to the different eras of Philippine history during which it was colonized by other countries (including America), there has been a lot of cross-mixing of races. This is why unlike in countries like China or Japan, where women generally have the same basic physical characteristics, the women of the Philippines can vary dramatically as far as their physical features. Some have strong “oriental” features; others have Caucasian or Spanish blood and are taller and fair-skinned.

(By the way, these are the only women you’ll see working as actresses or models in the Philippines—this is the “look” that Filipinos admire, which is why Caucasian men are in such huge demand. They love a light-skinned baby!)

I’ll explain in more detail later. For now, a few important notes before we jump into the good stuff…

#1. When I talk about “Asian women” I am referring to women from the Far East, aka “The Orient.” Most Western guys think the “Asian” label only refers to Japanese or Chinese women, but it actually includes over 40 distinct nationalities and ethnic groups ranging from the more numerous Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese and Filipinos to the less well-known Hmong, Lao, Sri Lankan and Indonesian races.

Mostly, I’ll be talking about common denominators that Asian women share. In my experience, while the women from these various countries all have interesting distinctions and unique qualities, when I talk about “Asian women” I have to speak in mostly general terms (although I will provide some specific insights into the different countries and ethnicities in Asia).

#2: Most of the comments and observations on this website refer to Asian women who either live in Asia, or were born and raised in Asia and now live in a Western country but have retained their traditional cultural values. English is a second language for these women. With Asian women who were raised in your country, you would approach them the same way you would approach a Caucasian woman. Clearly, the longer an Asian woman has been in your country, the more she will assimilate into your culture and become influenced by it. So, the information in this book is most useful with women who have not been heavily influenced by your culture and are still very much “Asian” in every sense.

#3. This website will inform you about all types of Asian women, but mostly we’re going to focus on hooking you up with the good ones—the women you’ll want to be in relationships with. Are all Asian women graceful, lovely, kind-hearted angels who want to fall in love and stand by their man forever, through good times and bad, sickness and health? Hell no! There are ruthless, cold-hearted gold-diggers and scammers out there, as well as millions of women from the poorer regions of Asia who are mostly concerned with trying to hustle their way to a better life for themselves and their families. If that means deceiving a foreigner into marrying them, so be it. (He will think it’s true love, but he won’t realize the truth until it’s far too late.)

One of the purposes of this website is to help you avoid the wrong Asian women. In any third-world country (and especially in their nightlife or “red light districts”) you are bound to encounter women who are hardened hustlers who will lie, cheat and steal beyond anything you’ve ever encountered in your own country. Looks can be very deceiving in Asia—far more so than in the Western world. That petite, “shy and innocent” exterior you are drawn towards might easily conceal the heart of a cunning scam artist.

The Benefits Of Dating Asian Women

I believe that whether you plan on heading overseas, or you want to meet Asian women in your area, this is ultimately about a lot more than just picking up girls or finding a mate to placate your loneliness. If you’re going through a period in your life where you haven’t been intimate with a woman in a while, and you wish you had someone special to share your life (and bed) with…well, you have a right to feel bummed out about it and want to improve your situation.

As a man, the life you are leading right now is unnatural. You are being denied one of your most basic needs. As human beings, we’re meant to socialize and be with people. As men, we’re supposed to be intimate with women on a regular basis. We need it!

(And as much as it sucks to have no woman at all, a lot of the married guys I know are even more miserable…so this is all about choosing wisely!)

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The right Asian woman is going to make you feel great about yourself. This leads to a newfound sense of self-confidence and energy, which you can channel into all kinds of other areas. You see some extreme examples of this over in Asia—I’m buddies with guys who in their 70s and living in the Philippines or Thailand, and they have the vitality, energy and attitude (not to mention the beer-drinking capabilities) of men who are 40 years younger—because they have love and intimacy from a beautiful younger woman. If those guys were living in America at their age, I am convinced they’d be in the grave already.

In a nutshell, this website is designed to help you understand Asian women better so that you can not only win their hearts, but enjoy healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships with them. You will learn the best ways to meet and build connections with Asian women—whether you’re in your own country, or overseas—and guide every situation towards the result that you want (instead of dealing with frustrating rejections or winding up in the “friend zone” with the girls you want to be with.)

You might want to play the field and date a variety of sexy Asian women. Or, your goal may be to find the one perfect mate to spend the rest of your life with. Either way, I’m going to give you the knowledge and techniques to make it happen.

It’s like the old expression says: “Give a man a fish; he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish; he’ll eat for life.”

This website is your guide to mastering the art of dating Asian women so that you never go hungry again. You’ll eat for life—or until you carefully select the one extraordinary Asian woman who deserves you, as much as you deserve her.

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How you use these powers is up to you…but however you choose to use this information, I guarantee you’re going to have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Your Wingman,

dating asian women

dating asian women
Learn The Secrets Of Dating Asian Women

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