Top 15 Most Beautiful Filipinas

top 15 beautiful Filipina15 – Real Name: Michelle Gaspar Madrigal
AKA: Michelle Madrigal
Born: November 4, 1987
Occupation: Filipina Actress
Special Notes: In the reality tv show, “The Survivor Celebrity Edition”, she became more popular because she has shown the televiewers that she can withstand pressure and will fight for what she believes in. Her strong personality adds to her sexy appeal.

beautiful Filipina14- Real Name: Isabelle Diaz Daza
AKA : Isabelle Daza
Born: March 6, 1988
Occupation: Filipina model, host and actress
Special Notes: She is the daughter of the Philippines’ Miss Universe, Ms. Gloria Diaz. Beauty and brains runs in her genes. Finally, she moved out from the shadow of her mom, when she appeared in the magazine cover of Preview and became an ambassadress for a particular clothing line.

beautiful Filipina13 – Real Name: Jessica Maitim
AKA : Jean Garcia
Born : August 22, 1969
Occupation: Filipina actress both for film and tv
Special Notes: Who would have thought that this sexy woman is already past her 40’s? Younger guys drool over the beauty of this popular and sexy actress.

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12-` Real Name: Maria Julia Amorsolo Valdez
AKA : Eula Valdez
Born: December 11, 1968
Occupation: Filipina actress (TV, film, theatre) and singer
Special Notes: The oozing sex appeal of this Filipina beauty will put women her age to shame. The luscious lips and doe –shaped eyes add to her mysterious appeal. Her beauty and sexiness seem to be timeless.

11- Real Name: Ara Marie Cristine Reyes
AKA : Cristine Reyes
Born: February 5, 1989
Occupation : Filipina actress
Special Notes: If you are in the Philippines, you would see her sexy and beautiful body as one of the many billboards in the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila. Her pearly white teeth and flawless skin would make many wives and girlfriends feel insecure when their men stare at one of her billboards.

10- Real Name: Jennylyn Mercado
AKA : Jennylyn Mercado
Born: May 15, 1987
Occupation: Filipina actress (TV and film) ,singer and model
Special Notes: This single-mom stay in shape by engaging in sports such as Muay-thai. She is one hot momma and even single guys fall for her.

9 – Real Name: Georgina Wilson
AKA : Georgina Wilson
Born : February 12, 1986
Occupation : model, VJ
Special Notes: She is a Filipina-British model. She has beautiful body and feels comfortable wearing bikinis. Georgina endorses all sorts of beauty products and you will probably buy boxes of these skin products so that your Asian wife or girlfriend would possess a skin like hers.

8- Real Name: Lourdes Virginia Moran Poe
AKA: Lovi Poe
Born: February 11, 1989
Occupation: Filipina actress and singer
Special Notes: Her billboards are all over Edsa which makes traffic more tolerable. This sultry actress and singer have evolved from performing teen roles into a sexy young dramatic actress. She possess beautiful eyes and “morena” (brown skin) skin makes her very Filipina.

7 – Real Name: Solenn Marie Adea Heussaff
AKA: Solenn Heussaff
Born: July 20, 1985
Occupation : VJ, actress, TV host, model, singer, fashion designer, painter and professional makeup artist
Special Notes: She is a French-Filipina. Her beauty is captivating and she was first seen on national TV in the Philippines as one of the contestants for the reality tv show “The Survivor Celebrity Edition”.

6- Real Name: Angelica Panganiban
AKA: Angelica Panganiban
Born: November 4, 1986
Occupation: Film and TV actress/comedienne
Special Notes: She started as a child actress and when she blossomed into young lass, she decided to take on sexy roles. Eventually she became one of the most sought after sexy comedienne. She is always on the list of men’s magazine’s sexiest women.

5- Real Name: Marianne Rivera Gracia
AKA: Marianne Rivera
Born: August 12, 1984
Occupation: Filipina movie and TV actress, model and singer
Special Notes: Although she is a serious actress and she never posed for any men’s magazine cover, a lot of men still find her sexy and she is consistently in the top5 list of FHM. Her dad is Spanish hence her mestiza features are very dominant.

4- Real Name: Angelica Colmenares
AKA: Angel Locsin
Born: April 23, 1985
Occupation: Filipina film and TV actress, model
Special Notes: From teeny-bopper roles, she became a dramatic young actress. She is also one of the top endorsers of beauty and skin products. Every woman will envy her flawless skin and toned body.

3- Real Name: Samuelle Lynne Acosta Pinto
AKA: Sam Pinto
Born: December 11, 1989
Occupation: Commercial model and TV actress
Special Notes: Although she is not the typical sexy woman who possess D cups; her beautiful face exudes a certain appeal that a lot of guys find to be very sexy. It means that guys can finally see beyond flesh and natural beauty can be considered as sexy too.

2- Real Name: Anne Marie Ojales Curtis-Smith
AKA: Anne Curtis
Born: February 17, 1985
Occupation: Film and TV actress, model and singer
Special Notes: She started out in teenage roles and as she mature in age, she began to take on more daring roles. She is the first Filipino to have over a million of Twitter followers. Her lips set her apart because it is very much like Angelina Jolie sans the cosmetic surgery. Her father is an Aussie hence her foreign sounding last name.

1- Real Name: Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado
AKA: Iza Calzado
Born: August 12, 1982
Occupation: Model, TV Host, Film and TV actress
Special Notes: Her finely defined features exude elegance and class. A lot of gentlemen would agree that by looking at her face, it seems that you are taken back to romanticism era. She worked hard to achieve her shapely body, who would have thought that she used to be an obese young little girl? Her svelte figure will definitely say so much about her lifestyle.

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