Teasing Asian Girls, Escalating & Being The Prize

tease-asian-babeThe Openers and scenarios explained in previous posts usually refer to meeting girls in situations where you have to work quickly—such as during the daytime. You don’t want to spend an hour talking to a girl you meet on a street corner or in a coffee shop. You want to Open her, plant seeds, get her contact info, and move on.

In other situations, however, you’ll have the opportunity to take things to the next level. If you’re out at night and meeting girls at parties, bars, nightclubs, etc., then it’s totally possible for you to take things to a sexual level that same night. You simply need to know the secrets about teasing Asian girls.

As a rule, if you sense that hooking up with her tonight is possibility, then you’ve got to try to make it happen. Never assume that getting her phone number is going to lead to sex in the future. When you contact her the next day, she could be completely busy and distracted with other things. She could have a boyfriend she didn’t mention. She might need to take a trip and she won’t be back for another month. You don’t know. The bottom line is, when you’re flirting with a girl and there is a chance that you can score with her that night, seize the moment.

This means you’ve got to escalate. In the first 5-10 minutes of the conversation, you can ask her questions and plant seeds about your positive qualities. From there, you need to start flirting with her, building her attraction, and leading things towards seduction. In other words, shift to a higher gear. Don’t stay stuck in “neutral,” chatting about jobs and tourist attractions and other bland topics. You want to get her feeling sexually attracted to you, and imagining all of the naughty fun she could have with you later.

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So how do you do this? Well, the basis of sexual attraction is sexual tension. I also refer to this as “Push-Pull.” Basically, it means making a woman feel attracted to you, but not giving her total validation. She wants you, but she’s not totally sure if you want her. And you’re placing obstacles in her way. She feels like she needs to work in order to get you attracted to her. You’re not the typical guy, who makes it completely obvious that he wants the girl and will do just about anything to have her.

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tease-asian-girlYou want to (gently) tease her a little, and turn the tables. Instead of letting women view you as a low-value guy who seeks approval from women, you need to be the PRIZE that women seek to WIN. You want to strike her as a guy of high value who has confidence and other options.

This means when you escalate from basic conversation to flirting with Asian women (especially the very attractive ones), you will gently tease them instead of trying to agree with everything they say. You use the art of Push-Pull, which means teasing a girl and making her feel that maybe she’s not quite up to your standards—pushing her away a little—and then “pulling” her back in by paying her a compliment and giving her ego a little boost.

This is very powerful stuff when you use it correctly. Remember, the last thing you want to be to women is ordinary and totally predictable.

The ordinary, predictable guy makes it obvious when he’s attracted to a girl, and she knows he is dying to get in her pants.

Ordinary, predictable guys stick with boring, “safe” topics of conversation, for fear of saying the wrong thing.

Ordinary, predictable guys don’t inject fun and a sense of spontaneity into the situation. They don’t give women the sense that anything can happen tonight.

And finally, ordinary, predictable guys don’t Qualify women. They’re too worried about not getting Disqualified.

You always want to make sure that the Asian lady you’re talking to is having more fun than she was having before you approached her. As long as she’s smiling and you’ve engaged her full attention, you’re moving in the right direction. But don’t get lazy. And don’t “tread water”…keep pushing forward, flirting and building sexual tension and attraction until she can no longer control her desire. At this point she’ll be giving you obvious signs that she wants you, and you can complete the seduction.

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