How To Pick Up Girls, Step By Step

How To Pick Up Girls, Step By Step

Before we talk about the specific of picking up asian girls, let’s start at the topand discuss the importance of looking your best. Here are some quick words of wisdom to help you look and feel your best just in time for your next romp.

Work Out

Going to the gym for an hour a day will take the edge off better than any kind of drink or drug you could ingest, and it’s good for you. Being a regular at the gym will result in you looking and feeling better, and consequently you’ll be more attractive to .

Elevate The Way You Dress

Asian girls notice how a guy puts himself together. Regardless of what you might assume, asian girls are not in perpetual pursuit of their next makeover project. If you need help picking out some fresh new threads that will suit your body type and personality, simply ask a cute salesgirl at your local department store. She’s there to help…and hey, striking up a conversation with a sexy salesgirl is never a bad idea..

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Your hygiene regimen should not just consist of dousing yourself in deodorant and cologne. Those two work best in conjunction with an actual shower, so be sure to take one.

Location, Location, Location…

Wherever you decide to go for a night out, try to arrive early enough so you can obtain some real estate. A table, a corner of the bar or whatever else you can get your hands on will prove to be a cherished asset in an overcrowded nightspot where the bump ‘n’ grind is a trip to the bar, not just a cheesy dance move.

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This will be your “safe zone” where you can feel in command of the situation. You can make trips out onto the dance floor or to other parts of the venue to meet asian girls, and you can always bring them back to your spot for a drink. As the night progresses, stock your table with a few fun asian girls that are fun to hang out with. They’ll serve as a “magnet” to attract other asian girls to your table. The REAL players are all sitting down and looking comfortable and relaxed — not standing around watching everyone else have a good time.

Now that you’ve marked your territory, you need to get a feel for your surroundings by doing a few laps around the venue. Pay careful attention to the body language of the asian women who catch your eye. (For a full explanation on how to “read” female body language, read the Mack Tactics e-book.)

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The right amount of liquid courage can do wonders for your self-esteem, take my verbal skills to seemingly amazing new heights and put your joke-telling abilities on par with Jerry Seinfeld. But too much of a good thing, as in trying to relive Motley Crue’s hard-drinking glory days, will have a markedly different effect. Your inner strife will come funneling out like Niagara Falls and your amusing comments will be lowered to a drunken blather, so if you’re going to drink booze, don’t go over the line.

Make The Effort

Whether your end goal is to score her phone number, a tour of her condo or a hand in marriage, you’re going to need to put forth the necessary effort. The other option is another evening on your own tracking down your ex-girlfriends on Facebook. So get off your butt and get to work.

If you see something you like, wait for an opportune moment — like her standing at the bar next to you or taking leave of her 18 friends for two valuable minutes — to seize it and tell her. You’ll have to get past your “approach anxiety” in order to start seizing these opportunities. If you suffer from particularly bad approach anxiety, read the book Mack Tactics to turbo-charge your confidence around asian girls.

When she is within earshot and can hear what you’re saying, you can make a comment about the environment…her cool necklace or tattoo…or some dorky-looking dude at the other end of the car who’s been checking her out. Whatever yoru comment is based on, just make sure she understands what you are referring to.

While you’re at it, dispense with all the flash and half-truths nightlife is notorious for. There’s no need to lie about your vintage Ford Taurus or exaggerate the amount of zeros in your salary to increase the perceived size of your penis. Honesty might open more doors (and legs) than you think and also sends a subtle, yet discernible message that you are confident enough to not have to embellish.

Be A Man Of Mystery

Asian women are intrigued by a man with mystique. Convey this aura by not revealing too much of yourself at once. Don’t introduce yourself by name right away. Open her, use some of the conversational techniques in the Mack Tactics guide, and jack up her interest and curiosity before you tell her your name. Keep her guessing — if she asks you what you do for a living, blow it off with a joke. (“I’m a lion tamer.” “I’m an ass model.” “I’m a professional gigolo.” Etc.) Then direct the spotlight back to her by asking her a question. You can reveal personal details about yourself in small doses. Save some for the first date, too…never let her think she has you TOTALLY figured out.

Next tip: don’t try to spend the entire night hanging out with her. It’s important to frame yourself as the “prize” she wants to WIN, and one way to do this is to step away and go do other things. Socialize with other people. Maybe even introduce yourself to another woman (to introduce some jealousy!). Being a challenge will leave her wanting more.

YOU Have To Make It Happen!

Willpower and persistence aren’t enough to compel a woman to fork over her phone number, or drop her panties. The bottom line is, it’s up to you to make things happen and lead her down the right path. Remember, you’re not going to a bra burning rally; you’re going to a club, where most of the asian women are expecting you to approach them — not the other way around. Don’t be timid. Go for it. The strategies I’ve laid out in this article (along with the techniques that are taught in the “Mack Tactics” book) require you to show some BALLS. You’ve got to be pro-active! If the thought of approaching asian women freaks you out, you seriously need to ask yourself: what’s the worst that could happen?

You aren’t going to score with a hottie every time. Occasionally, even the best pickup artist winds up at a late-night diner wolfing down cheeseburgers with his buddies.Don’t get unrealistic expectations, and never beat yourself up if you suffer through a bad night where the conversations simply won’t go your way. There’s always tomorrow!

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