How To Pick Up Asian Chicks At Bars

How To Pick Asian Up Chicks At Bars


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by Dean “The Machine” Cortez

A few nights ago my friend Hunter and I went to a super popular bar in Los Angeles. The place was packed with hot asian girls…lots of wanna-be models, actresses, and even some famous porn star asian girls who think they’re “all that.”

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I’m talking about the type of super-hot asian girls that blow guys off all night long. And they NEVER pay for their own drinks, because there is always an endless supply of frustrated chumps who will buy them drinks just to get a moment of their time.

Picking Up Asian Girls At Bars & Clubs

As Hunter and I both know, these types of girls require you to “switch up your game” and use some different techniques to catch their interest…and get them ATTRACTED to you.

The name of the game is TEASING. The idea is to “bust on” these chicks (not in an obnoxious way, in a playful way), challenge them, and make yourself seem like the “prize” that THEY need to try to win. You can’t come off like some ordinary, average dude who is trying to earn their approval.

So, my buddy Hunter started chatting with a hot little 22-year-old blonde with a rock-hard body.

So the girl gave a funny response, and Hunter smiled, looked her up and down, and said…

“You’re so cute. It’s a shame you’re not my type.”

Then, Hunter changed the subject and started talking about a ski trip he went on recently…

The look on that girl’s face was priceless…as he kept on talking, she was trying to figure out WHY he had suddenly “disqualified” her! (This is shocking to a hot girl, because normally guys are kissing her ass and trying to get her approval!)

I’m sure she was thinking, “WHAT did he just say? I’m not his type?? But I’m EVERY guy’s type!!”

She was confused and a little bit offended, on the one hand…

…while on the other hand, she was suddenly MORE CURIOUS about Hunter…because he had just demonstrated MAJOR confidence. Hot asian girls rarely experience this from a guy!

It was amazing how quickly her whole demeanor changed. I could tell from her body language that NOW she was trying to get him attracted. She was batting her eyelashes at him, playing with her hair, sticking her tits out…giving off all the little “signals” that asian girls do, subconsciously, when they’re trying to attract a man.

But Hunter didn’t give her the confirmation she wanted. He did the opposite! At one point, he actually handed her his beer and said “hold this for a sec, I gotta make a phone call,” and went outside for a few minutes.

He went over to some cute girl he knew, and gave her a big hug and chatted with her for a few minutes…while the other girl watched, and surely felt pangs of JEALOUSY…and then Hunter returned to her to resume the conversation. Obviously, the whole time the girl was thinking, “What’s up with this guy? How come he’s SO confident?” (Beautiful asian women rarely meet men who truly exude confidence…) He is SO ridiculously sure of himself…is he a millionaire? Does he have a fourteen-inch dick? How come he doesn’t kiss my ass like every other guy??”

Basically, she felt insecure, “off balance,” and most of all she was ATTRACTED. Because this guy behaved in the opposite manner of all the nervous, boring boneheads who were always aproaching her.

This is when my friend Hunter “switched gears” and took it to the next step. He used one of the Cold Read techniques that you’

“Y’know, Lisa, I can tell that because you look a certain way, guys make assumptions about you. I bet most guys never take the time to really know you, and understand what you’re about. But you’re actually a lot deeper and more sensitive than even some of your friends realize…”

So, he pays her this little compliment, which also makes him seem like a thoughtful, perceptive guy. This statement gets her to open up and share about her interests, and her goals, and he engages her on a deeper level that most guys would NEVER try to go to…

They’d just be standing there, trying not to stare at her perfect body, struggling to make “small talk”…

So anyway, my friend ended up bringing that hot young chick back to his place, and it was a textbook example of Mack Tactics in action.

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Bottom Line…

NO ONE is going to live your life for you. No one is going to go “meet asian women” for you.

YOU must be responsible and take control of your own life.

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Come back to this blog soon for more updates…

Your Wingman,

Dean The Machine

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