Don’t You Just LOVE Hot Japanese Girls?

Who Else Loves Hot Japanese Girls?

I’ll never forget the first time I visited Japan about ten years ago, and the mind-blowing experience of hanging out in a nightclub in Tokyo and being literally surrounded by hot Japanese girls (who were not only gorgeous, but smiling and friendly!) Ever since then I’ve believed that hot Japanese girls are some of the sexiest women on earth. Hot Japanese girls have a combination of shy, cute “innocence” and super-exotic, sexy looks that turn me on like no other type of women. This video features one of the hot Japanese girls I’m talking about.

Don’t Screw Up With Hot Japanese Girls…

Let me give you a few examples of things you should NOT do when trying to pick up hot Japanese girls. These mistakes are commonly made by Western guys who don’t understand the Japanese culture and the mindset of the women. There are some subtle, and not-so-subtle, distinctions between hot Japanese girls and women of other backgrounds. Knowing these differences can be the key factor in determining whether you get ignored or shot down, or succeed.

1) Don’t try to “pick up” hot Japanese girls. The Japanese term for hitting on a girl is called “Nanpa” and it’s looked upon in a negative light. With Western girls, you can get away with walking up to them and blatantly flirting with them (especially in a bar or nightclub) as long as you know what you’re doing. (Meaning, you’ve learned some solid pickup methods from a program like Mack Tactics.)

In Japanese culture, however, it looks rude or desperate for a guy to “cold approach” a hot Japanese girl and start trying to blatantly pick her up. It will only make the girl feel uncomfortable and will probably result in a short, awkward conversation (and her excusing herself as quickly as possible). You’ve got to take a more subtle, laidback approach with interacting with hot Japanese girls, regardless of the environment.

2) Don’t come off as a “mama’s boy.” This is one of the ways in which you should distinguish yourself from Japanese guys, many of whom depend on their mothers well into adulthood to do their laundry, cook and clean for them, etc. These guys even need to get approval from their mothers before they’ll start trying to date a girl. As a Western guy, you want to project the sense that you’re completely independent, secure, and confident in yourself. Seek approval from no one.

3) Be funny and don’t take yourself too seriously. Japanese women are the “cutest” women on the planet, and love to behave in cute, girly ways. Show your “softer” side to hot Japanese girls, and you can melt their hearts. I don’t normally recommend giving gifts to girls in an attempt to win them over, but you can score big points with hot Japanese girls by giving them cute little gifts. (For some reason, they all love “Hello Kitty” merchandise.) Or, it can be as simple as learning how to make an origami heart out of paper and presenting it to them. Have a few cute tricks up your sleeve for when you interact with hot Japanese girls.

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5) Don’t be shy, and never look desperate. Shy guys, and guys who reek of desperation, are a turn-off to women from pretty much all backgrounds, and it’s especially true with hot Japanese girls. Play it cool. Capture their interest and curiosity by using the techniques in my guide to seducing Asian women, and get their phone number so that you can arrange to see them again (using text messaging).

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First Dates With Hot Japanese Girls…

A word of warning about going on first dates with hot Japanese girls: always be on time! Punctuality is BIG in Japanese culture; there is no such thing as being “fashionably late.” They’ll take this as a sign of disrespect…

hot japanese girls
Hot Japanese Girls Rule!

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