How To Attract Hot Asian Girls

hot asian girls
I Love Hot Asian Girls

If you want to attract hot Asian girls, you’ll have to switch up your tactics a bit; seducing Asian women requires some extra finesse and understanding of their culture. Here are a few very important rules to remember when interacting with the hot Asian girls you’re looking to date.

Date Hot Asian Girls, Tip #1:

Don’t give her any indication that you’re a “player,” a “playboy,” or only interested in casual flings.

Hot Asian girls will frequently assume that as a Western guy, you’re only interested in sex. They’ll test you and make comments, playfully accusing you of being a “playboy” and asking you about your “other girls.” But they take this stuff seriously. If you give her the impression that you’re a player, she may lose interest.

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You don’t need to state your desire to get married and start a family right away, but you need to express to her that you have a serious side that values honesty and commitment. A lot of hot Asian girls these days are “liberated” (they love shows like Sex & The City as much as white women do), and they’re up for one-night stands and casual dating. But they want to feel that this relationship can go deeper—that you have the capacity to love one woman and commit to her.

Just don’t expect a “casual dating situation,” where she is one of the girls you have sex with on an occasional basis, to last long. What she’s really looking for is a guy to get serious with. I’ve found that after a week or two of casually hooking up, Asian women tend to start getting jealous and insist on spending more time with you, or they’ll cut you off completely because they know it isn’t going anywhere. They don’t handle the “casual” thing particularly well. This just means that you’re going to have to offer her some commitment and reassurance, or else stop seeing her and move on to the next. If you want to play the field over in Asia, and you’ve got some “game,” you can do so to your heart’s content.

Date Hot Asian Girls, Tip #2:

You should have a good relationship with your own family.

Never speak about your family to her in a disrespectful way. If you have a rift with one of your siblings or parents, make sure you heal the relationship before you bring your girlfriend to meet them. If she sees that your family does not respect you, she will lose respect for you. If they make her feel welcome, she’ll be thrilled and feel that much more bonded to you.

Date Hot Asian Girls, Tip #3:

Have some karaoke skills.

In all of my travels, I have yet to meet a person in Asia who doesn’t get love karaoke; even those who don’t sing will happily spend hours listening to others belt out songs. Birthdays, weddings, holidays…in the Philippines, especially, every social gathering involves singing. Every night of the week, into the wee hours, thousands of karaoke joints — from high-end, Japanese-style clubs, to tiny hole-in-the wall dumps — blare music.

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Karaoke is a huge part of Asian culture and social life. Most Westerners feel embarrassed about their inability to sing well—but this never holds back an Asian person! Even if they’re completely tone-deaf (and many are), they’ll sing their hearts out. You don’t need to be Frank Sinatra on the microphone. Figure out a few easy songs that are within your vocal range, practice them at home, and make these your “go-to” songs whenever you’re out at the karaoke joints.

Two of my favorites are “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton, and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis. These songs are slow and pretty easy to sing, yet Asian women find them deeply romantic. (Asian women go crazy when you sing famous, mushy love songs—don’t attempt to do hard rock, or, God forbid, rap.)

The mere fact that you’re willing to grab the microphone and give it a try will win you big points with her. And if you do have a nice singing voice, you’re as good as gold. The girl you’re with will be the envy of every other woman in the place, and she’ll beam with happiness.

If you want to take your “karaoke game” to the next level, buy a karaoke player and hook it up to your TV at home. This gives you the perfect reason to throw parties and invite some hot Asian girls over.

Own some high-tech gadgets and understand how to operate them. Hot Asian girls, in general, have an affinity for gadgets—particularly cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, etc. The more sophisticated Asian women understand that being “computer literate” is essential for succeeding in today’s business world. So, you can score points with hot Asian girls—and have common interests to talk about—if you come across as a tech-savvy guy. Of course, being handy with computers, webcams and taking digital pictures is also necessary if you’re going to take full advantage of Asian dating websites — which are incredible resources for meeting tons of hot Asian girls.

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