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Asian Wedding Theme: Japanese Favor And Gift Ideas

Wedding is a very special day in our life. We want it as unique as possible, different from the common ideas of others’ weddings. One very rare example of a wedding theme that you can have for your own is based from the Asian culture. This theme is disseminating it’s popularity in the America. But the one very fabulous is the Japanese wedding theme. It is just the perfect one for you. Their ceremony is rich in tradition and very meaningful.

In this article, my main focus is the wedding favor, decors, and gifts. But to give you an extra package for your wedding plan and have a few background about this theme, I would be very happy to share them with you.

In Japanese culture, they call their wedding dress “shiro-maku”. It is made of silk with absolutely no decorations because of its name which means white (shiro) and pure (maku). It doesn’t really need to be Japanese in appearance. Using the fabric, silk, and accessories can add the right touch of an Asian elegance. Their hair I fixed in an elaborate hairstyle called ” bunkintakashimada”. Usually, Japanese women in their wedding are only using wig. But if your hair is long you are able to fix it into a round shape at the back, it would be great. You can use a chopstick or two to clip your hair or a gold comb that will complement the daintiness of your look.

Pearls go well with an Asian themed wedding, as well as brightly colored enamel jewelry.

During the ceremony, a white hood called the “tsuno kakushi”which means “hide the horns of jealousy”, covers the brides hair. This signifies that the bride is married willingly and vows to be a serene and pleasant wife despite any circumstances. But the hood is taken off during the reception to show the beautiful hairstyle.

For the food and beverages, hot tea is served before the meal. The menu can include rice, ramen or noodles soup, some vegetable mixtures, terriyaki chicken, tempura, sushi, and wasabi. These foods may not be good tasting for others’ palate for mostly they are spicy. You may choose foods that are palatable or anything that you prefer. Using of chopsticks is also a wonderful idea. For the centerpiece, a traditional Shoji style lanterns to hold the candles is romantic.

You can choose some eco-freindly wedding invitation cards. Since Japanese are so delicate to nature, they prefer eco-friendly items that are made of recycled papers and materials.

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Favors are also one important part in your wedding to thank your family and friends in sharing and spending their time with you in this very special event. You actually have a wide variety of choices of Japanese style wedding favors in the internet. You can choose to have silk fans, parasol (umbrella) wedding favors, a tea pot, fortune cookies, Japanese chopsticks, hand-painted bamboo sake cups, and a lot more. Wedding gift ideas for them will truly let them know that you appreciate their presence.

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This wedding theme idea is definitely one of a kind. Aside from that, the items, decorations, and favors are not very expensive compared to the other themes. So if you are excited in getting ready for this wonderful event, start clicking the right website that will definitely aid you in planning your wedding.

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