Handling Jealousy of Asian Girls

jealous_asian_girlBeautiful Asian women (more so than Western women) can be extremely jealous, to the point where it becomes totally irrational. If you bring an Asian girl to your hotel or home—or even to a restaurant—don’t be surprised if she asks you if you’ve brought “other girls” there. They will always ask you about your past relationships and want to know why you broke up with your ex.

The correct response is to either completely deny, or deflect. When asked if you’ve brought other girls back to your place, or the place you bring her on a date, simply tell her no. Even mentioning other Asian women is a sure way to get yourself entangled in an uncomfortable conversation that won’t make you look good.

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If she tries to pry about your past relationships, deflect. Keep your answer positive and concise, and change the subject: “I was in a relationship for a while, and she was a very nice girl but we decided it was best for us to end it.” (Then change the subject.)

I’ve found Filipina girls to be even more jealous than the rest. Some of my relationships with Filipinas felt like constant tests: instead of texting my phone to say “hi, how’s your day?”, the text message would always say something like “so how’s your other girl?”

jealous asian ladyIt was as if they expected me to constantly profess my total loyalty—and this was often with women I’d only known for a few days! No matter how acceptable my answers were, this type of behavior went on and on, to the point where I had to break it off with them.

I remember one stunning Filipina girl that I started dating. I was enjoying some of the best sex of my life with her, and I wanted to be on my “best behavior” (for a while, at least) in order to keep things moving ahead smoothly. I spent every night with her for a two-week period. I gave her no indications that I had any other women in my life. Then one day I came down with food poisoning. I was terribly sick and shitting my brains out. In my condition, I didn’t want her staying over at my place. When she texted me to ask if she could come over, I politely replied that I was very ill, and trying to get some sleep, and I’d see her tomorrow. (Which was all true.)

For her, this was a deal-breaker. She was convinced that I had another girl at my place. She wouldn’t listen to any other explanation. I never saw her again. Sure, I could have asked for her forgiveness the next day, and could have probably patched things up, but when a woman shows that side of her, I no longer want anything to with her. (I was sick, for God’s sake, and instead of expressing concern she used it as an excuse to start giving me shit about cheating on her…)

Don’t indulge this type of childish, petty behavior. I don’t care what country the girl comes from. If you’ve got some confidence and game, cut these head-cases loose and move on to the next possibility.

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