Explore the World of Asian Bar Girls

Let me give you some rules to keep in mind if you do choose to explore the world of hot Asian bargirls.

1. Bargirls these days spend a lot of time on the Internet, looking to find foreign boyfriends who will support them. Amazingly, there are tons of lonely men out there who will start sending money overseas to these girls without ever meeting them. These girls will normally have two, three or more guys sending them money every month. Of course, each guy believes that he is her exclusive boyfriend and that she is faithfully waiting for him to come visit her.

The heaviest concentrations of bargirls are in Manila and Pampanga/Angeles City (Philippines) and in Bangkok and Pattaya (Thailand). If you meet a girl on the Internet who is in one of these locations, you’ll want to ask about her job. Most women in these countries who you’ll meet on the Internet have no job at all. But if she tells you she works in a bar in any capacity (i.e. she says she’s a waitress), then it’s a safe bet that she is a bargirl and is sleeping with customers on a regular basis. If you feel that this isn’t necessarily an obstacle, and you can still have a normal relationship with this sweet young woman, keep reading.

2. She’s been in “the game” longer than she lets on. Bargirls will never tell you honestly how long they’ve been working. They’ll say they’ve been in the bar for a week or two, or maybe a few months. Usually, the reality is much different. It’s common for a girl to work in one bar for a year or two, and then switch to another bar. When she moves to the new bar, she “resets” the clock—so that even if she’s been in the game for four years, she’ll tell you it’s only two weeks because that’s how long she’s been at her current bar.

Naturally, men are excited by the idea of scoring a “fresh” girl who only recently started working. They think these women aren’t hardened yet and would make suitable girlfriends. The truth is, even if she truly did start working in the bars a week ago, that’s enough time for her to have learned how the game works—and for her to view foreigners as walking ATM machines. Plus, the fact that she went to work in a bar in the first place is a red flag—because this usually means she has little to no education (or job prospects), and comes from a poor family that depends on her for support. If you enter into a relationship with her, guess who is now obligated to keep her family fed?

3. Don’t try to be the “white knight.” Despite what you may assume, they have not been forced into their job. The downfall of many men who’ve fallen for bargirls can be attributed to the “white knight” syndrome: they think that their sweetheart never wanted to do this for a living, and hates their lifestyle, and they’re only doing it in order to survive and support their families—and now the guy becomes determined to “rescue” them from this cruel existence.

The reality is that girls who go to work in the bars become addicted to the lifestyle. Every night is a party. They get to put on a sexy outfit and dance with their friends onstage all night, while foreign men drool over them and offer to buy them “ladies drinks” (when you buy a drink for a girl in these places, it’s roughly three times the price of a normal drink. She keeps a percentage of the drink cost as a commission).

The bar gives them the opportunity to interact (and hook up) with foreigners whom they would never encounter back in their province. On any given night, a guy might stroll into the bar, fall in love, and give a bargirl a lifestyle that would be unthinkable to her before she started this job. It’s not uncommon for men to propose marriage within weeks of meeting a bargirl, give her huge sums of money to help her family, and then bring them back to their home countries. It’s the equivalent of winning the lottery for her, and for the large network of people back in her province who depend on her for money. (Which could very well include her local boyfriend, who will be more than happy to let you bang his girlfriend as long as your money is flowing back to him.)

4. They are habitual liars. Their definition of the “truth” is telling you what you want to hear. I don’t really blame them for it; their crazy lifestyle makes this necessary. They’re hustling to make money for their families. They know that by playing the innocent, shy girl, they stand to get more money. But they will think nothing of going with another dude when you’re not around. These women don’t think about tomorrow; it’s all about living in the moment. They have no assurances that their latest foreign boyfriend is going to stick around. And so, they’re always looking for a better “deal.”

5. If she works in a bar, she is having sex with customers. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. It’s her job. She would not be able to keep a job with the bar if she consistently refused to go with customers.

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6. Asian Bargirls don’t see anything incongruous about linking money and love. They believe that giving money to them is an expression of love. But the Western guy, viewing the relationship from his perspective, thinks that the two are mutually exclusive: you either love a man for his money, or you love him for who he is. And so they try to restrict the amount of money. The girl resents this.

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7. Don’t get involved with their families. Buying a rice farm. A tired cliché. “When you’re in the Philippines, money is all relative. The more money you have, the more relatives she has.” When she talks about her “family,” it’s nothing like the Western family you imagine. This is a huge, extended family located in a remote, dirt-poor province you’ve never heard of. There, the men are not expected to work; they while away their days drinking and playing cards. The girl you’re chatting with is the support system for a whole extended network of bums. They constantly text her phone with requests for money—which she dutifully sends to them, earned from her sexual encounters with foreigners like you in the bars and clubs.

This is from a posting on a message board about the Thailand bar scene:

“They help men live the illusion. Show me a Thai bargirl who doesn’t have a boo-hoo story about sending money to her poor family, a sick buffalo, a parent’s gambling debts, or some other financial disaster and I’ll . . . well, I don’t know what I would do because I’ve never seen such a girl. Instead of feeling like he’s paid for sex, the man now feels somewhat noble. He’s helped her with her financial problems. It allows him to believe that the dinner, the conversation, and the sex were all real. Two people met, shared a great time together, and for what is for him a relatively trivial amount of money he was able to be a hero. A good Thai prostitute knows not only how to stroke a cock but she’s a master of stroking egos as well.”

As the saying goes, “You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl.” I don’t say any of this to condemn bargirls as a whole, or pass judgment on their lifestyle. Virtually all of them come from very poor backgrounds and have little education, so their prospects for a good job or a career are practically non-existent. Some of them genuinely are sweet, loving people who would be doing something else if they had the opportunity.

But here’s my point. The “working girls” who rent themselves out to foreigners represent a miniscule percentage of the huge number of women available to you. In Asia, you will have endless opportunities every day to meet beautiful, educated, sincere women who would never think of setting foot inside a bar (or wearing a bikini onstage in front of a crowd of drunk, leering foreigners). I strongly advise that if you’re looking for a serious relationship, use the information in this program to meet and succeed with women who aren’t in any way associated with the bar lifestyle. You will stand a far greater chance of long-term happiness. (And would you really want to admit to your friends and family back home that you met your sweetheart in a go-go bar?)

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