Dean Answers Questions About Thailand Hotels

Ken asks…

Thailand hotels?

Are there any cheap places in Bankok to stay for a month such as B&B. Anywhere cheap?

Dean answers:

Try this place i stayed in new siam 2 a couple of years ago very clean and down a quiet street, if i was you i’d book up 3-4 nights then look around down kao san road and haggle face to face if your staying a month you’ll get it much cheaper, have a great time.

Richard asks…

Phuket thailand hotels – Can you please suggest clean budget family hotels Close to beach ?

Can you please suggest in Phuket – either in Patong, or Karan, or Kata beach
We are a fmaily with little children so are looking for hotel that is walking distance to Beach, Resturants, and shoping

Dean answers: is the only way to go when booking rooms in Thailand. Unlike other online reservation companies, this company really does get you a lower price than the front desk will ever give you. They have thousands of properties online, you can search by city and areas within the city, each listing has it’s location on a map, and user reviews. When you view their listings click on the box to show from 1 to 5 stars, then just start scanning through the pages for the lowest prices. You’ll often find some 3 star properties going for less than 1 star, so look through them all. Or you can have them listed by user ratings if you aren’t as worried about price as you are about good reviews.

It really is awesome, you should go look at it now: each stay they give you points which are a percentage of the hotel price, and then they will also give you another 500 points to write a review of the property. You can then redeem those points with hotels they have anywhere in Asia.

There is another one, or something like that. Some people will tell you they use them, but I’ve never had any luck. I just stick with Agoda, and for flights.

Chris asks…

Is it just as cheap to walk into hotels in Thailand than to book?

im booking my flights to thailand in the next few days but i am not booking hotels as i want to travel around and see where that takes me/////….

will i be spending way too much buy not booking???!

Dean answers:

It’s usually better to book ahead (even if it’s just a day or two before) than to walk in.

At least you’ll be sure of the availability and prices are cheaper online than walk in rates. At least you’ll get to “preview” a place with photos and maps etc. Plus you don’t want to troll around Thailand dragging your luggage looking for a place. Another point to remember is a lot of the top guesthouses in Bangkok are booked out in advance so chances of walk-in is virtually zero.

All in all – you’ll pay a bit more as internet gives you cheap last minute discounts but for the convenience and comfort factor – I’d book ahead.

But hey if you’re a free spirit and thrive on spontaneity then by all means…..

Have fun!

Joseph asks…

What are some really nice beach front hotels in Ao Nang Krabi Thailand for a really good price and great beach?

I dont want to pay too much but I want a hotel on a really nice beach with a beautiful scenery. I heard Ao Nang in Krabi Thailand was the perfect place for scenery. Anybody been there before that can recommend an awesome hotel?

Dean answers:

I have stayed at the AoNang Beach Resort and it cost about $50 a night including breakfast.

The resort is well located and very comfortable.

Go to to book. I have always used Asiarooms and found the prices very good.

George asks…

How much a night should I expect to pay for hotels/rooms in thailand?

I am going in Jan for 3 weeks to koh samui,krabi and phuket.I want nice hotels/rooms about 3* upwards.

Just a rough estimate to help us to budget 🙂

Thanks for your time

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Dean answers:

You pay for the room not how many people are staying – I would budget for about 1500 – 2000 baht per night for a good air-conditioned room with en-suite bathroom, fridge, tv and fully serviced. The longer you stay the better discount you can negotiate – its normal for Thais to barter and they will find it strange if you do not try and cut a deal – even if you have to accept one free night every 10. If you over budget – dont worry – I’m sure you can find something to spend your money on. Take a look at tripadvisor its indepenent reviews from people like us – sign-up and help someone else.

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