Dean Answers Questions About Singapore News

Charles asks…

What are good news and information web sites for the Singapore Stock Exchange?

Also is there any fundamental analysis software or sites available for this market?

Dean answers:

Apart from the sgx website itself, there’s:
Business Times online

Yahoo Singapore Finance page:

CNA Finance (you have to sign up for this one)

SIAS website (again, you need to sign up)


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Paul asks…

Would you agree that BUSINESS students in Singapore lack of interest in world news?

I am doing a study on Singaporean youths and how politically apathetic they are. I have heard that especially the business students are ignorant about the on-goings in the world. What are your views on this?

Dean answers:

I think that some may be busy and some other factors. Personally, I think that since Singapore is a technologically advanced country, even you can watch news and receive news updates on mobile phones, it would be hard missing anything about news update. Even if you are eating in the coffee shops, you can also hear those aunties discussing about what happened in the news. Well, its also a form of receiving news updates free.

Daniel asks…

shld ppl who assault bus drivers be caned 24 strokes?(yahoo singapore news)?

assault on bus drivers up

says yahoo singapore
yahoo singapore news

Dean answers:

I think that would depend on the severity of the assult and the extent of injuries the bus driver sustained. If its serious, then yea 24 strokes is justifiable. If its not, then it might be too harsh.

After all, i think that singapore’s legal system on the laws of punishment, is somewhat of a retribution style. You kill some one, then ur life is forfeited. You whack some one, u get caned.

I firmly believe that once the accused has violated the declaration of human rights (though SG never signed to the declaration), all his rights has been forfeited thus leaving him at the mercy of the court of law.

Also, many facts of the incident must be brought up… Like why the assult started. How it started.. Etc..

Thus its hard to determine whether 24 strokes is justifiable..

David asks…

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is there any interesting news in singapore these days!?

i have to speak in class about interesting news in singapore ! plz i need it today

Dean answers:

GST Offset Package, the fugitive M Selamat still at large, what will happen to singapore if the rice and soya bean shortage get out of hand?, Singapore Flyer as the current hip, Elton John coming to Singapore, the coming F1 night race with nearby hotels placing a hefty room package deals, new farm stays at Kranji, the coming Great Singapore Sale, the coming of the fourth university

William asks…

How can I add customized news feeds on “singapore diabetes” to a site?Please advise.Thanks.?

I have used google alerts to find news relating to “singapore diabetes” but would like to be able to automatically display the results on my website for others to see instead of gettiing it through email.
Is there any service that can do this?
Would there be any copyrite issues I should worry about?
Appreciate any advise.

Dean answers:

GoogleAlert is a product that will provide an RSS feed for your Google Alerts.

Feedster, IceRocket, Pubsub, and Technorati provide similar services for blogs, news, or a combination thereof.

You can then use something like FeedJumbler which can combine these feeds and generate something that can be copy and pasted right into your site.

As far as copyright, redistribution of links and headlines usually fall under fair use, especially because they point back to the original source. Displaying the headlines shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve included links to all the services mentioned in the sources below.

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