Dean Answers Questions About Japanese Translator

David asks…

If I want to become a japanese translator what do I need to do?

Besides learning the language of course. I’d like to learn Japanese and then use it as a translator while I live in Japan.

Dean answers:

Learn the culture and customs along with the language….japanese history is extremely interesting and you will be suprised to learn that some of the things the western world thought they knew about Japan is incorrect….This is a disciplined and beautiful culture full of beauty and honor……. It’s a difficult language…but well worth the effort……

Joseph asks…

What would be the job prospects for a Japanese Translator?

after the ‘financial crisis’ would there be jobs available for english-german-japanese translators in Japan. first of all i would have to learn Japanese, so i am thinking in about 5 years time i could become a translator.

p.s in this BA (which i am considering) i would also learn spanish, would that be useful in Japan too?

Dean answers:

Tough field. I agree what it is best to master two languages and work only in those two. Trade fairs are the only place I can see something other than J -E being useful.

I also know that all Japanese are required to learn English from now Elementary school. But how many Canadians are fluent in French or Americans in Spanish etc etc etc.

Also of note. Translation jobs are 99% Japanese natives only. My co-worker passed 1kyu JPLT and his mother was Japanese (he was born in Washington state) he applied to a number of translation jobs and was turned down because he was not actually “native” Japanese. 1kyu JPLT is considered to be “native” level but apparently not enough.

Now, I personally think that interpretation is a lot easier because you can ask questions on the intent of the speakers as the interpreter. Straight translation lacks the tone etc to make the intent known. Also I find that listening is fairly simple compared to reading Japanese.

The only translator/ interpreter that I know who is not native Japanese has been in Japan for 20 years and was hired as a consultant for the olympic bid.

Richard asks…

Where can I find a reliable english to japanese translator?

Where can I find a reliable english to japanese translator that uses the english alphabet rather than japanese symbols? I’ve looked online and haven’t been able to find a good one so far. I need it for a cosplay character.

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Dean answers:


I’m Japanese and don’t think there is any reliable English to Japanese translator. I could help you out if you have any things you want to translate.

Paul asks…

Where can I find a japanese translator?

I plan on traveling to Japan ok maybe ummm next summer for about 2 months and I woud like to hire a translator for my trip. I would like to know where I can find japanese interpreters and if it would cost me a lot of money (about how much?) to hire a personal interpreter for 2 months. Thanks!

Dean answers:

There are agencies in Japan, who provide such translator/interpreter services on demand.
One is B-cause net, it is the biggest one, and has interpreters from nearly every language. They will charge you more for the service, however.
Another option is to put classified on Japan Times, GaijinPot and other sites.

Charles asks…

where can I find a english to japanese translator?

I want this tattoo that says Live Experience Learn & Laugh in japanese, but I have no idea where to get it translated from english into japanese(for FREE!!!) I keep running into these online sites where they charge. I don’t really trust an tattoo artist to do it for me b/c I wouldn’t want him to draw a different symbol that means something else. It would really be nice if I can find a translator that is accurate. Can anyone help me? Please & Thanks

Dean answers:

Google free translation & go there.

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