Dean Answers Questions About Asian Hairstyles

Charles asks…

I need help looking for nice asian hairstyles?

I am a 16 year old korean male.
I want to have nice, thin, STRAIGHT, layered medium length or long hair.
I’m looking for that type of asian hairstyle but I can’t seem to find any pictures I like.
I would want the hairstyles of some of the korean drama celebrities but I have no idea what their name is.
Can anybody please show me nice pictures of asian hairstyles?
It can’t be too long because my parents hate long hair.

Dean answers:


try youtube for asian hairstyles
this chick’s blog has pics of korean celebs such as big bang dbsk rain super junior lee jun ki etc. Look at left hand side for names.

You should know your korean.

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James asks…

What are some types of Asian hairstyles?

I would like to know the names of the ones that are popular today.
For example:

I like those kind of hairstyles that are very thin at the bottom and maybe puffy-ish at the top c:
Can you tell the names and descriptions?

Thank you!
Also what do I tell my stylist?

Dean answers:

She has the pictures in her description box for the video :

She has pictures in her bio:

Watch the links i gave you might help with the description your gonna give your stylist.

Asian hair website, theres different hairstyles for every season of the year if you go down:

Richard asks…

What are some asian hairstyles that would look good with a round face?

Hi. . . right now I’m trying to get a new hairstyle but I don’t know what would be a good one for me. I am asian (Vietnamese/Chinese), and by the question, you probably could tell that I have a round face. If you could help me, that would be great!!!!

Dean answers:

In my opinion, curly hair will be better. Somewhat shaggy is also help.

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Thomas asks…

What are some popular Asian hairstyles ?

okaays , well i was hoping if any … ANY of you guys know some real pretty Asian hairstyles . I want the hair to be medium length , bangs on the side , kinda wavely .. I am going to get a haircut as soon as possible when i pick best answer . (:
I need to save them to cut my hair . (normally i go to a salon)
well , if you have any pictures or etc , answer! , i will also answer your questions too . What’ chu waiting for ? cheer me up !

Dean answers:

Get the HairCut like this

If you can dye it do it A Really Blonde or Chocolate brown or Black.

Then use Extensions and flat iron it tease the top part and leave the bottom part straight. Straighten the bangs to the side.(:

Mark asks…

I would like an Asian women hairstyles But dont know what suits me?

i cant find much on the search engines and most are the same either curly or straight
I have Medium/Long hair with copper streaks and have a side Fringe and long overdue for a haistyling
the haircut i had before was a mullet and now its grown out weird
i like asian hairstyles but cant figure out what??
Im indian aswell =)
any tips that will be helpful please

Dean answers:

I’m Asian, do you like my hairstyle? I can create 7 different styles a week, takes about 2-10 mins. To hair down to my knees.

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