Dating Vietnamese Girls

There are approximately 1.6 million single women in Vietnam, with that sheer number, how can a man regardless of stature nail a date with a Viet girl? Well, the first thing you need to do is to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge on how to effectively deal with a Vietnamese girl; you don’t want to go wrong on this, isn’t it?

The Sophisticated Beauty of Vietnamese Women

Hot Vietnamese girlThere has been a popular certainty that Vietnamese girls are one of the most beautiful women in Asia especially those who are coming from Hanoi and the capital city of Saigon. The fact that these girls have fine-looking aura, slim body, long black silky hair and expressive eyes, makes them gorgeously perfect from top to bottom. When it comes to their personality, they exude a great deal of faithfulness and an honest heart. They are popularly known as being caring and respectful to their relationships. These alluring features make them one of the sought after women in Asia. Also, they make you one of the luckiest men in the world. The days of Vietnam’s ancient thinking are merely gone, Vietnamese women are rapidly modernizing their dating perception, increasing the possibility for them to consider a date with a foreign man. It is becoming very common for Vietnamese girls to migrate to the United States or Europe to study; this trend contributes to the Westernized characteristics that Vietnamese girls often adopt such as being fond of modeling and acting. Truly, Vietnam is home to Asian singles who are undeniably beautiful.

Why date a Vietnamese girl?

Hot Vietnamese GirlSomeone might already told you that Viet women are one of the most beautiful girls in Asia, but you’re still not that convince to make your moves on them. Well, these are the reasons why you need to stray away from your hesitations and convince yourself that they are definitely worth it.

1. Widely known for beauty. They present an irresistible charm and attraction that will make you magnetize. Their great deal of feminism is extremely impressive.

2. Viet girls are keenly romantic and affectionate. They do not just possess the exquisiteness of physical beauty but they also have the delightful personality that compliments it. These splendid qualities make men inevitably for fall them. They don’t cast spells; it’s merely innate on them.

3. They prioritize their family, money is only secondary. This is a widely-know trait not just for Vietnamese but to the whole of Asia. They exert a great deal of importance for their family and willingly to make sacrifices for their sake.

4. Viet women are monogamous. They usually don’t adhere to the Western way of multiple dating. They are willing to commit in a serious relationship. They exert a lot of effort in keeping their husband happy and contented.

5. Nagging is not part of their personality. Western women are quite known for being demanding and most often being a faultfinder. Asians, specifically Vietnamese are understanding, patient and most importantly they are supportive of your own endeavors. You don’t have to worry about your career when you’re with such woman.

6. They are positivist. Regardless of stature and existence of poverty, Asians are also known for being joyous and unwelcoming of negative vibes. Moreover, they love laughing. So be sure to gather your best laugh lines.

7. They are excellent home keepers. They see to it that the house is well-kept and in order. Also, they practice the traditional household set-up wherein the husband is the provider and the wife takes care of the family especially the children. You just have to worry how to earn for them.

8. Viet women are well-educated. This applies not just on Vietnamese girls but to the whole of Asia. They value the importance of education. So, you really don’t need to be troubled by stupid conversations.
How to court a Vietnamese girl?

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How to court a Vietnamese girl?

hot Vietnamese girlUnlike in Western dating culture, when everything seems to be happening like a bolt of lightning. In Vietnam, courting is usually long that can be metaphorically compared to the next sighting of a full moon. But don’t be weary, there’s always an exception, right? learn how to rightfully court one of the most beautiful Asian women.

1. Being acquainted. This is a typical “friendly encounter” with a group. Take note of the word “friendly”. This simply means that you would traditionally treat her as a mere friend, therefore, public display of affection such as kissing and holding hands should be avoided. You don’t want to falter at the beginning do you?

2. Cautious dating. In this stage, the two of you are already going out without a bunch of people. However, this doesn’t mean that you can fast-track to the end goal. You should also be discreet and tactful in this stage. Vietnamese girls commonly avoids being too fast as this will convey a negative connotation on their image. A familiar Asian trait of being “hard to get” is typical, it is a way for them to determine sincerity. That is why it is fairly important to be patient.

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3. Announcing the relationship. In Asia, there is a popular notion that “You don’t only court the woman. You also court her family”. It is disrespectful to publicize a relationship without informing the girl’s family and asking for their approval. It is an ancient custom that you have to deal with.

4. Engagement. If the two of you decided to be married, engagement usually takes long; it may even reach to several year before the marriage. Respect and patience is highly vital in this stage as you may need to seek the hand of the woman from her parents. This is an act of being courteous.

Beautiful Vietnamese Woman

Attractive Vietnamese Women

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