Dating Japanese Women

Tips On Dating Japanese Women

dating japanese womenSuccessfully dating Japanese women involves both your culture and theirs. Everything from a woman’s personality to habits to her expectations is greatly influenced by her background. If you are able to acknowledge and respect that she is different from you, this is a good start when your goal is to be dating Japanese women.

First, while Japanese girls are brought up to be respectful, this does not mean being submissive. It is important for you to not take her naturally quiet demeanor to mean she is fearful or meek. Nothing could be further from the truth. The average Japanese woman is strong and determined, but not loud or aggressive. The man who believes he is superior to women and wants to dominate someone is looking in the wrong place. In contrast, if you want an equal, begin by demonstrating you see her that way. You can ask her where she wants to go on a date, and what her opinion is on an interesting topic.

A second point in regards to dating Japanese women is to avoid being clingy. Even though the girl you are interested in may be petite and quiet, it is likely she is also quite independent. Wanting to know where she is every minute of the day and not giving her her space are turn-offs. Whether you consider it a sign of caring or curiosity, she will see it as pushy and demanding.

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A third point when dating Japanese women is realizing the cultural differences regarding physical affection. Unlike many Americans today, the Japanese frown on showing this kind of affection in public. You can demonstrate that you have class and respect by observing this tradition.

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…And This Is Really Important When Dating Japanese Women…

Another factor to understand when dating Japanese women is your goal is the Japanese focus on success. Her interest in your job or schooling does not mean you are dealing with a gold-digger. It is nothing more than the traditional belief that doing well in life is important. You do not have to be wealthy to attract a woman, but it is helpful if you know where you want to go in life and are actively pursuing those goals. While this is especially important if you are dating for the purpose of marriage, you should not take her interest in your career as negative even if you only want to date casually.

A man who wants to date Japanese women does not need to worry about clashes of cultures. Simply acknowledging and respecting differences is the key to making it an enjoyable experience.

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