How to Date Filipinas

hot filipinasFilipinas are, in my opinion, some of the sexiest, most fun women in the world. They’re flirtatious, romantic and very interested in meeting Western men.

Essentially, the Philippines is a mix of three cultures: Asian, Spanish and American. The Spanish colonized the Philippines for 500 years, followed by 48 years of American occupation (from 1898-1946). This influence is reflected in their love of all things American—notably its music, movies, TV shows and fashions.

Singing karaoke (it’s referred to “videoke” here) is practically a national pastime in the Philippines. They love American pop music, particularly love ballads from the 1980s and 1990s and the latest hit pop songs of today.

Frank Sinatra and Elvis are particularly revered by adult men. (“My Way” is the most popular song for them to sing, and they take it seriously; there have been incidents of people being shot in karaoke bars for butchering this signature Sinatra tune!)

The Spanish influence is seen in their love of singing, dancing and the dominance of the Roman Catholic church (you’ll see old Catholic churches throughout the country). This means using birth control is generally frowned upon, and divorce does not exist in the Philippines. It’s one of only two countries in the world where this is the case. (The only way to legally terminate a marriage is to receive an annulment from the church.)

While poor families having seven or eight children (or more!) may seem crazy to you, it’s part of the culture—and having lots of kids is a form of insurance for the future. In many cases, the young mother hands off her children to her family for them to raise, and she goes off to work in one of the larger cities in a bar, restaurant or hotel—or goes overseas to seek work in places like Hong Kong to work, where thousands of Filipinas are employed as domestic helpers. These women send practically every cent they earn back to their families. Eventually, they return home to their province in the Philippines and their children, once they are old enough, will work to support their elders.

dating pinayFilipinas find Western men highly attractive, and unlike Thais—who have a fierce loyalty towards their country, and their king—it is the dream of virtually every Filipino to migrate to the United States someday. Many have family members who have taken jobs overseas (which is known as being an O.F.W., “Overseas Foreign Worker”) and send back money to support their families.

The women of the Philippines tend to be shorter and darker-skinned than the more Oriental-looking women of Northeast Asia (which includes Vietnam and Thailand). Filipinas with Spanish blood tend to be taller and lighter-skinned than their Malay-Polynesian counterparts, which gives them higher social status. Women with this mixed blood and lighter skin are known as “meztizos.” They’re easy to spot; every local television show and advertisement you see in the Philippines features women with fair complexions, while skin-whitening products are the most popular cosmetics.

You’ll be amazed to find that in a tropical country that consists of over 7,000 islands, with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, many Filipina beauties don’t know how to swim and avoid the sun whenever possible—for fear of getting darker, which connotes low status and poverty.

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Unfortunately in the West, most of the news you hear about the Philippines is regarding natural disasters—typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc., and in recent times terrorist groups have gained a foothold in the southern Philippines. These are some of the reasons why Thailand has been far more successful at marketing itself as an “Asian paradise” and attracting tourism. But if you’re willing to explore what the Philippines has to offer, and you practice common sense, you won’t have any problems. The bad stuff you hear about on the news generally happens in the more remote parts of the country, nowhere near the areas you’ll be visiting (Manila, Angeles City, Cebu, and the beach islands, which include Boracay and Palawan).

Although Americans colonized the Philippines in the past and maintained military bases there into the 1990s, today you’ll find far more Europeans and Koreans living there. This means that if you’re American, you’re considered to be quite special and exotic. In general, the Philippines has nowhere near the number of foreign visitors that Thailand attracts. If you’re looking to meet girls, this is a good thing!

As a foreign visitor, the biggest benefit that the Philippines has over Thailand (and other Asian countries) is that nearly all Filipinos speak English. They learn it in school. Their level of fluency varies, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a Filipino who can’t speak enough English to assist you. And of course, this makes it easy to communicate with the women.

Philippine girls, by nature, are very friendly and hospitable. If you’re a decent-looking foreigner, you’ll receive friendly looks and smiles from women everywhere you go. They are very approachable, and are happy to give out their phone number. You can literally go to the malls (in Manila, you’ll find some of the most massive malls on the planet) and spend all afternoon chatting up girls and getting numbers. Then, you’ll find yourself corresponding via text message. Filipinas absolutely love texting (sometimes to an annoying degree), and use this form of communication mainly because making phone calls is too expensive. So, if your text messaging skills aren’t sharp, you’ll start developing this ability after a week in the Philippines!

When you text a “good girl” to arrange to meet her, she will usually want to bring along a friend (i.e. a “chaperone”) to accompany her on the first date. There’s no need to bring your girl to a fancy restaurant—in fact, she may not even like the food they serve. The vast majority of Filipinas exist on a very simple diet consisting of local food, and a meal always includes rice. Their idea of a “special” meal is to go to a fast-food restaurant. The perfect place to bring them on an evening date is to a videoke bar/restaurant. All of these date options are extremely cheap—beers cost roughly $1 US, a meal is a few dollars, and singing a song on the videoke machine is a few cents.

Because of their love of Western culture and their ability to speak English—and the simple fact that there are millions upon millions of young, attractive single women—the Philippines is, in my opinion, the best country in Asia for meeting women and finding a girlfriend/wife (if that is your goal). If you just want to play the field and have fun with a variety of girls, you can certainly do that as well.

Just don’t mislead the girls about your intentions. If you’re not looking to get serious with a girl, there’s no need for you to sweet-talk them and tell them that you want to be committed and faithful to them. Most of these girls are so eager to be with a nice foreign guy that you can set up the parameters of your relationships. If she starts acting jealous and childish (which Filipinas often will), constantly texting your phone to see what you’re up to, don’t take the bait. Tell her you’re busy (don’t give an explanation) and that you’ll text them when you are free.

Filipinas will ask you questions right off the bat to try to determine whether you’re looking for a serious girlfriend, or if you’re a “butterfly” (a guy who jumps from girl to girl). They’ll ask if you have a girlfriend or wife, and they’ll want to know how many times you’ve been to the Philippines, how long you are staying, where you are staying, etc. The more “experience” you seem to have with the Philippines, the more they will suspect that you are a butterfly. After being with a ton of Filipinas and putting up with a lot of jealousy, I’ll sometimes tell girls I meet that I do have a wife back in America! This isn’t true, but it gives me an excuse to cut off contact with a girl if she gets too clingy. The fact that I have this “wife” never discourages these girls from wanting to be with me. I actually think it stirs up their jealous/competitive instincts, and makes them want me even more.

Just imagine meeting a hot 21-year-old girl in your own town, telling her that you’ve got a wife, and she still texts your phone ten times a day because she’s desperate to hook up with you? That’s what I call “a nice problem to have.”

Filipinas are hot-blooded, passionate, and love to dance, sing, enjoy life and be affectionate with their man. Your Filipina girlfriend will want to hold your hand whenever you’re out in public together—she’s proud to be with you, and wants the other girls to know you’re “taken.” They also take pride in keeping a clean household, love to cook, and are extremely family-oriented.

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For these reasons, and others, you can find yourself a great partner if you select the right Filipina. The key is to choose wisely. I would not suggest meeting a Filipina over the internet, deciding that she’s “the one,” and commit yourself to her without first spending some time in the Philippines seeing what other options are available. I’m sure you’ll find that the options are endless—whether you’re in the bustling metropolis of Manila, or chilling out on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with your Filipina honey ko (translation: “my honey”).

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