The Truth About Dating Asian Women

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If you’re on this website I’ll assume it’s because you find yourself drawn towards Asian women. You probably admire beautiful women of various races, but when it comes to females of the “Asian persuasion,” your pulse starts pounding a bit quicker.

Perhaps you’ve dated Asian women before. Or, you might be curious about exploring this exotic side of the dating pool. If you’ve come to believe that these females are among the most beautiful, feminine and sensual human beings on this planet, then I say “join the club!”

The challenge is that for most men, landing a beautiful Asian girlfriend (or being with as many of these women as you desire) is often easier said than done. If you live in the Western world, you may feel that it’s challenging to find single Asian women in your area, because they don’t seem to hang out in the same places that you do.

Or, there might a good number of Asian women in your area, but you aren’t exactly sure how to approach them, start conversations, and get them interested in you. You may worry that cultural differences will get in the way, or that Asian women might feel intimidated or uncomfortable if you were to randomly approach them. Perhaps the Asian women where you live tend to stick with people of their own ethnicity, so trying to approach and introduce yourself might be awkward for both of you.

Then there are the guys who have joined dating websites and are corresponding with Asian women overseas. Chatting with Asian women on the Internet can be incredibly easy—and super addictive! (A lot of the girls in Asia are constantly in the Internet cafes, seeking foreigners to correspond with—and many of them, as I will explain later, have less-than-honest intentions.)

If you’ve been chatting with Asian girls online, perhaps you’ve identified some sweethearts that seem like they would be an ideal girlfriend or wife for you—but you haven’t actually made a trip to see them yet. Maybe such a journey is financially out of reach for you; your work schedule won’t allow it; or you’re reluctant to travel to a faraway foreign country. So what you need at this point is some honest, practical advice and information before you proceed any further.

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hot asian womenInternet dating is an amazing resource, by the way, but you can’t spend too much time typing on a keyboard with women who live on the other side of the world—and who may be corresponding with six other foreigners at the same time. You’re going to have to go meet these women at some point. This program will show you how to do that.

Then there are readers of this website who enjoyed my Mack Tactics program and are now confidently making approaches whenever they come across beautiful women. They’ve used Mack Tactics to “turbo charge” their social lives and now have a variety of options available to them. But they prefer Asian women, and want to learn specific tactics for meeting them and perhaps landing a gorgeous Asian girlfriend.

Because the reality is, while many of the techniques I teach in Mack Tactics are universal—applicable to all women, anywhere in the world—there are some distinct differences when your goal is to build a connection with an Asian woman, whether it’s in your own country or overseas. There are mistakes you’ll need to avoid; cultural issues you’ll want to be aware of; and things you’ll need to do differently to increase your chances of success.

If any of these situations apply to you, this website has got you covered. You are sure to find a wealth of information and techniques that will help you achieve your goals.

And if your goals involve taking a trip to Asia for the first time…well, prepare to have your mind blown. The cutie you’ve been chatting with on the Internet might get pushed to the back of your mind once you actually walk the streets, malls and nightclubs of Asia, where there are literally cute women everywhere who dream of being swept off their feet by a foreigner!

With such an unbelievable number of options to choose from, you might forget about finding a girlfriend altogether and just play the field! (You’ll want to take lots of pictures, by the way, because there is no way your buddies back home will believe the stories you tell when you get back.)

dating asian womenAnd then there is another category of men: the occasional tourists who have been overseas and experienced first-hand the sheer number of beautiful, available women in Asia. These guys have their favorite vacation spot (usually, Thailand or the Philippines, the most “user-friendly” countries for foreigners), and they save their money and count the days until they can make their next visit. These guys tend to lose interest in Western women altogether, and I really can’t blame them.

But these guys don’t have the means to live in Asia or spend more than a few weeks a year there. Often, their time away from Asia starts to feel so lonely and depressing that they decide they want to find an Asian bride overseas, and bring her back to their home country. Rather than getting out and meeting new women in their area, they spend their spare time on the Internet, chatting with girls on the Asian dating sites.

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If you’re a guy who has only been meeting and communicating with Asian women over the Internet, it’s time for you to get out there and start visiting the places where you can meet Asian girls in your area. Unless you live in some remote town where you simply don’t have any access to Asian women, you’ve got to start checking out your local options. I’ll explain the best ways to do this.

This website is the most thorough, comprehensive, and helpful guide ever assembled on meeting, attracting, and building relationships with Asian women—whether you choose to do it on your home turf, abroad, or both.

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