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Learn more about Filipina girls and the beautiful women of the Philippines.

Mack Tactics Approach to Dating Asian Women

Here’s the other interesting thing about my personal history, and the reason why I bring a unique perspective to this table. As I mentioned earlier, several years ago I wrote a popular book called Mack Tactics which teaches guys how to upgrade their skills with women, and become more confident and successful with dating. Much of the advice I give…

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My History With Asian Women

As for me, I’ve been living and working in Asia for years. I have visited many Asian countries, and I’ve dated and hooked up with literally hundreds of Asian women from every background you could imagine—from airline stewardesses, to college students, models, famous actresses and strippers. Does this make me a “player?” The girls might tell you that I am….

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Understanding Filipina Culture

Here’s an “insider” perspective on some interesting points about Filipino culture. By gaining a better understanding of their culture and how Filipinos like to eat, drink and be entertained, you’ll be better prepared to meet (and date) beautiful Filipina girls. 1. Try eating “balut” This popular snack is actually a boiled duck’s egg with an 18-day old chick inside. The…

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FAQ’s about Beautiful Filipina Girls

FAQ’s about Beautiful Filipina Girls Well, they are known worldwide for their natural beauty and sweetness to everyone. Many beautiful Filipinas are considered as among the most beautiful women of the world. Beautiful Filipinas have won local and international awards on beauty contests. Like, Miss Universe Pageant. They are not only beautiful, but are also really a delight to be…

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