Category: Tips For Dating Asian Women

Tips to help you meet, attract and date Asian women who comes from various Asian countries.

The History Of Western Guys And Asian Girls

The History Of Western Guys And Asian Girls Ever since Western men and Asian women discovered each other hundreds of years ago, there has been a powerful mutual fascination. The first Westerners to experience the exotic allure of Asian women were sailors, adventurers, merchants and diplomats. (Legendary explorer Ferdinand Magellan, serving the Spanish crown, made the first documented visit to…

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How To Approach Girls

How To Approach Girls Your dating life — and sex life — are going to MASSIVELY improve if you learn how to approach girls. Most men, however, never figure out this aspect of the game. They don’t have any strategy whatsoever, and yet they keep going out to clubs and bars every Friday and Saturday night, trying to pick up…

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