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Sexual Escalation: How to Seduce Asian Women

When it comes to seducing Asian women there are some very real cultural differences which you need to be aware of. There are also some adjustments you’ll need to make to your “game,” especially if you’ve learned any of the popular systems or methods for picking up women. One big difference is that in Asia, it’s just not as acceptable…

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How To Push/Pull Asian Women

In my years of being a dating coach for Love Systems, it’s become clear to me that one of the easiest and best ways to attract beautiful Asian women is to use “Push/Pull.” The guys I know who are the best with women – at bars, on the street, or with social circles; it doesn’t matter – are all “Push/Pull”…

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Qualifying Asian Women

When “Qualifying” Asian women, you ask questions or make statements that “test” her in a playful way. You are sending the message that you’re not sure if she measures up to your criteria—and you’re giving her the chance to show you why she deserves to be with you. Examples: “I have to say, Hiroki, you’re very cute…but I hope you…

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